China slams Japan minister for ducking Nanjing massacre questions

Japan's Defense Minister Tomomi Inada speaks at a news conference at Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's official residence in Tokyo, Japan, August 3, 2016. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Japan’s Defense Minister Tomomi Inada speaks at a news conference at Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s official residence in Tokyo, Japan, August 3, 2016. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

China on Friday accused Japan’s new defense minister of recklessly misrepresenting history after she declined to say whether Japanese troops massacred civilians in China during World War Two.

Tomomi Inada, a 57-year old lawmaker known for her revisionist views of Japan’s wartime actions, took up her post on Thursday and repeatedly sidestepped questions at a briefing on whether she condemned atrocities committed by Japan.

China consistently reminds its people of the 1937 massacre in which it says Japanese troops killed 300,000 people in its then capital.

A postwar Allied tribunal put the death toll at 142,000, but some conservative Japanese politicians and scholars deny a massacre took place at all.

China’s defense ministry, in a statement on its microblog, expressed “indignation” over Inada’s comments, and said there was ironclad evidence of the Nanjing massacre.

“Her open denial of the … facts is simply an attempt to cover up Japan’s history of aggression and challenge the international order by reviving militarism,” the ministry said.

“We must point out that facing up to history is the basis for resolving historical problems,” it said.

“If history is denied, China-Japan relations have no future.”

Inada told reporters on Thursday that whether Japan’s wartime actions should be described as an invasion “depends on one’s point of view”, and said she thought it was not “appropriate” for her to comment on the matter.

Inada has called for a revamp of Japan’s war-renouncing constitution to ease constraints on its military operating overseas. She has been a regular visitor to Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine for war dead that neighbors, including China and South Korea, see as a symbol of Japan’s past militarism.

Inada has also questioned whether Japan forced women from Korea and other countries into military brothels.

Relations between the neighbors, haunted by the legacy of World War Two and conflicting claims over a group of East China Sea islets, have been strained in recent years as China’s military modernization has rattled Tokyo.

(Reporting by Michael Martina; Additional reporting by Tim Kelly and Nobuhiro Kubo in Tokyo)

Source: Reuters “China slams Japan minister for ducking Nanjing massacre questions”

Note: This is Reuters report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.


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  1. Admiral Nagano says:

    Imperial Japan is back. Them squat-legged fish-eyed sons of the rising sun is back. And it’s only been 70 years since that murderous General Tojo and his barbaric Imperial Japanese troops ran amok all over East and South East Asia before the Russians and Chinese dealt them a bloody and decisive defeat in China. And now, they have a war-mongering neocon Hillary Clinton wannabe to start another world war together with that Imperial Japanese miltant b*st*rd Shit-zo Ape. No wonder the Emperor wanted to resign.


    • Admiral Ho says:

      Haik! China was the only country that psychotic Tojo and his barbaric horde failed to subdue. Unlike the other South East Asian countries, China was neither defeated nor conquered by the murderous nips. It stopped them in nips in Burma and in central China and was getting better in the art of war increasingly dealing defeats to the increasingly frightened imperious nips such as in Changsha. Pity the war ended too soon.

      But never fear, now Beijing and China has a chance to avenge the murder of 25 million Chinese by the unrepentant barbaric nips both pimps and prostitutes. Chance to wipe the slate clean and Shit-zo Ape and his grandchildren and children off the face of the earth. Including and especially that Yasuku (nia-ma) shrine.


      • Abdul Rashid says:

        The best victory is one that strikes fear into the heart of the enemy; One that takes the fight right into their loved ones, in this case that infamous Yasukuni shrine housing all the Japanese war criminals.

        Hasn’t Beijing, Pyongyang, Seoul and Taipei ever thought of sending a suicide bomber to that object of scorn by today? Ironic that radical Islam should have the answer to that Japanese war and criminal worshipping militant rulers’ disrespect and insensitivities to non Japanese deaths caused by their criminals in that Yasukuni pig-house. Just rpomise to take care of his or her family for life and you will find your hero to give that black eye back at the arrogant Japanese leaders.


  2. Joseph says:

    If Japan’s invasion of China ‘depends on one’s point of view’, then China could actually invade Japan at any time. ‘Point of view’ is always open to interpretation. Japan’s former ally, the NAZI Germany also said that their invasion of neighbors was not invasions according to their point of view, but merely a unification of Europe. The American invaded and occupied Japan in 1945, but apparently the Japs did not consider it an invasion, ‘depending to one’s point of view. For a ‘modern’ society, the Japs are still thinking like samurai. In the Bakufu period, when.a castle was conquered, the samurai must either submit or commit seppuku. The Japs always fancy themselves as ‘honorable’, but just like the American always win only in the movie, the Japs only committed seppuku in the samurai movie. For all those comfort women issue that the Japs always failed to address, now the Japs chose a mama-san to be a defense minister. This way, a nation of prostitutes can deny forcing women from other countries to be prostitutes. No wonder the American always feel free to rape 13 years old in Japan, although the occupied Okinawan has rather different ‘point of view’ to the mainstream Japs. In all its existence, Japanese women always serve as the prostitute role, be it their princesses or their common peasants, depending only the class of the society. Even their class women are taught to serve drinks to men as ‘proper education’. Even their emperors were always fed on Shogun’s women who prostituted themselves to keep their family in power. If all women in their countries have prostitute role, how could they comprehend that women from other countries have any different status than them.


    • johnleecan says:

      This is very true. Majority of Japanese men look down on women, thinks women should serve them like maids and prostitutes and regards them as low class citizens who should not have any rights. If you have met other people who say otherwise, most probably they are talking about a small percentage of young Japanese men they’ve met. But when this minority group reach middle age, then you’ll see most shift in attitudes.

      Have you seen Japanese women and even foreign women being molested in public and most Japanese just look away, like it’s a normal thing? If you report it to the police, the police will laugh and say it’s absurd.

      Japanese people are a sadistic, brutal, inhumane race. They ought to be eliminated. If you think only Japanese men should be eliminated, think again. Japanese women will defend their men because they are taught this way from generations to generations. Japanese women like Tomomi Inada, look forward to being abuse and molested because this is how they’re taught to please their men.

      It’s no use for China to keep on expressing their indignation towards Japanese comments. Chinese government agents should pass around information that Japanese products shouldn’t be imported but not make it an official government policy. Make sure the public understand not abiding by it might bring bad karma. Same goes for those stupid Chinese nationals who are thinking of visiting Japan. Make sure they understand after coming home, it might be detrimental to their health if they visit Japan.

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  3. Fre Okin says:

    Ms Ugly with a horrible hairstyle and oversize glass. A non government reporter should ask her if Hiroshima was ever nuked by US. If she say yes (of course), ask her to give proof. Not denying that it did not happen, but to make this woman feel the pain of her denial Jepun did to China by making her recollect painful memories. Same questioning with regard to Comfort Woman issue.


    • johnleecan says:

      Like I’ve stated before, China should now tell the whole world that the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing were just staged in Hollywood. A collusion between USA and Japan. The atomic bombing never happened.


      • Fre Okin says:

        Basically the Japanese government under LDP, the descendant of Imperial Japan is the source of all the lies poisoning Japanese people with their textbook manipulation.

        Hiroshima people should start a project to commemorate the Hiroshima Bombing Together with Pearl Harbor Bombing, Nanjing Massacre, Comfort Women, Bataan March etc to Make Sure Japan Apologize for her war crimes.

        It is up to the people in Hiroshima to take the lead to apologize on Japan’s behalf. This way people will not see Japan as always thinking she is victim while other victims are conveniently ignored by this dastard LDP government, now Hiding under an Unqualified woman as Front to soften her nasty militaristic behavior.

        The way Japan behave under Abe and her appointed Inada as Defense Minister, denying genocide crimes against others, one have to question whether these people are really Japanese at all. Japanese people have a sense of shame, deep sense of shame with their humble bow. Inada and Abe will never do that to apologize for Japan’s crimes against humanity, so they are not really Japanese at all in their soul. They are fake Japanese, just like the cosmetic perfumes to deceive the public their rotten soul.


      • Hla Tien says:

        There was no atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Japanese observation of the so-called “anniversary” of these events is just pure humbug and theatre. What hypocrites … after killing more than 40 million innocent people in East and South East Asia, they stage this Hollywood styled act to brainwash the world they are peace-loving peaceniks for 70 years.

        Leopards don’t change their spots. Any surprise unrepentant militant grandchildren of Japanese war criminals are now back leading and running their country?

        No, it’s all a sham. Hiroshima and Nagasaki never happened.

        If that militant grandson Abe of that japanese war criminal Kishi continues to cause provocations to China and escalate tensions, the cities of Japan should truly and fully be vaporized this time. Ms Inada can shout “banzai!” all she like when her hometown and her parents hometown and her children’s hometowns are all razed to the ground and its air and waters poisoned. It is us who will truly shout “banzai!” then.