7 More Chinese Ships Escorting Fishing in Disputed Waters with Japan

In my post “230 Chinese Fishing Boats Fish in Disputed Waters with Japan” yesterday, I said, “It is fishing season now. China sends a fishing fleet of 232 boats escorted by coastguard ships to the areas around the disputed Diaoyu Islands (known as Senkaku in Japan).”

At that time there are 6 coastguard ships there protecting Chinese fishing boats. Japan protested and told Chinese vessels to leave the area as it regards the Diaoyus as its territories. Chinese coastguard ships, however, told Japanese coastguard ships to leave the area as China regards the Diaoyus as Chinese territories.

I said in that post, “Such protest repeats every year since 2012 when China sent a fishing fleet of 1,000 boats to fish in the disputed waters”.

Perhaps due to Japan’s protest, according to Hong Kong’s Singtao Daily’s report three hours ago, China has sent 7 more coastguard ships there to challenge Japanese coastguard ships. Japan found that 2 of the coastguard ships sailed within 12 nautical miles around the islands, which Japan regard as its territorial waters and lodged a second protest with Chinese embassy in Japan. Such protests, Japan knows, are useless as according to Japanese statistics, Chinese government ships have entered the waters 22 times this year. Japan’s first protest this time has only caused China to send 7 more coastguard ships to the area.

Source: Singtao Daily “13 Chinese coastguard ships sailing near the Diaoyu Islands” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


3 Comments on “7 More Chinese Ships Escorting Fishing in Disputed Waters with Japan”

  1. Joseph says:

    Japan was the one who provoked China in the first place in 2011. The then Japanese administration’s weak and panicked response to Shintaro Ishihara’s provocation only paved the way for Abe to be prime minister. Most likely Ishihara was on US payroll. The US did recommend him for high administration position in Abe’s government if the economic backlash with China was not so damaging. The Diaoyu island incident was only quieted when the American ordered Aquino to make unilateral move against Chinese fishermen on SCS, thus igniting long and painful conflict that Obama hoped to destroy China’s reputation. Ironic that the American would hope that the PCA arranged ruling would be the crown of American ‘historical’ victory to contain China. A cheap scheme to ‘prove’ that America was still ‘mighty’. Instead it became the pinnacle of China’s victory, a historical symbol of China’s re-emergence, backed fully by ASEAN, its traditional allies in the region that the American thought still under its armpits. The SCS conflict proved was the American has no actual strength to fight China. All the American did on SCS was ‘playing poker’, hoping they can bluff with the ace cards they did not have.
    China’s next move is strategically sound, taking the offensive to the enemy. So far China did nothing but defending itself from assault by the American and Japan. The new Diaoyu offensive has clearly gave the Japanese a new headache. And it’s about time. Japanese economy could not take another hit. If planned successfully, China would regain Diaoyu without hostility. And that would be a text book Sun Tsu victory, winning a war without a battle. Now that the American had proven themselves that they have no ship to oppose China, China could discount American intervention on East China Sea, meaning that the Japs are on their own. So far, the American lame attempt to ‘help’ Japan was to create new enemy for China by pursuing THAAD in South Korea, discounting the animosity the Korean has toward Japan.


  2. Steve says:

    I believe China is stirring the surrounding waters of Diaoyu island in retaliation to Japan’s provocation in the SCS prior to the Hague PCA Award and accusing China of stoking tensions in the region. China maybe hoping that Japan’s coastguard ram a Chinese fishing boat or water cannon spray or some form of physical intimidation by the Japanese. If it does, the war demons of the Diaoyu islands will escalate into a military confrontation..


  3. johnleecan says:

    China’s restraint is really amazing in the face of Japanese aggression and twisted facts. Shameless Japanese!