Hague Ruling, Great Obstacle to Improvement of Sino-Philippine Ties

Former president of the Philippines Fidel Ramos speaks with the press at the Philippine Consulate General in Admiralty on Tuesday. Photo: Sam Tsang

Former president of the Philippines Fidel Ramos speaks with the press at the Philippine Consulate General in Admiralty on Tuesday. Photo: Sam Tsang

Philippine President Duterte has sent former president Ramos to mend ties with China but he has difficulties to disregard Hague ruling. China wants to mend ties through Ramos but it can never accept the ruling. Can they find a middle ground? It tests Chinese and Philippine politicians’ wisdom as both sides earnestly want to mend ties.

China wants good neighborly relations with the Philippines to remove a latent obstacle to its very important relations with the ASEAN. The Philippines wants to exploit the rich fish and energy resources in the waters claimed by it but controlled by China. Before China’s utter rejection of the ruling, the Philippines had the illusion to exploit the resources alone with US help, but its illusion has been thoroughly broken by China’s resolute denunciation of the ruling. China, however, wants to share the resources with the Philippines from the very beginning, but was rejected by the Philippines before the ruling.

Now, Ramos dare not go to Beijing for fear that he cannot get what Duterte wants. He does not want to be disgraced by the failure of his visit, while China is encouraging him.

In its report “China ‘open to dialogue’ with Philippines: foreign ministry”, SCMP quotes Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying as saying that China would welcome Ramos to visit China as a special envoy to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

According to SCMP, Hua said,“China and the Philippines are traditionally good neighbours. Both nations should make joint efforts to improve bilateral ties and resume dialogue to ensure Sino-Philippine relations are on a healthy and stable track.”

As the US cannot help the Philippines get what it wants or give it any substantial economic aids, the Philippines has to mend ties with China to be benefited from the ties.

I hope both sides will find a way to cooperate without losing face.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report, full text of which can be viewed at:


8 Comments on “Hague Ruling, Great Obstacle to Improvement of Sino-Philippine Ties”

  1. Fre Okin says:

    China should use Ramos visit as an opportunity to allow Filippino fishermen back into the Scarborough Shoal/Huangyan Island. China should show she is a big hearted country and not engage in petty behavior.

    Of course Philippines should Never mention PCA ruling in Ramos talk with the Chinese. Further Philippines should Freeze US base operations under the questionable EDCA law.

    Then China and PH can proceed to talk about joint oil/gas exploration in the Reed Bank and other cooperation. China should Buy Time with Goodwill towards the Philippines while strengthening her bases, especially around Mischief and Subi Reefs.

    China should make Very Clear to the Philippines they are there to Defend Chinese people and sovereignty and meant no harm to Manila. Philippines Must Not do Freedom of Navigation to annoy China or there will be no improvement in relation between them.


  2. Simon says:

    Actually I want the Filipinos to lose face. China is in a position of strength while the Phillipines are the poor beggers and you know there is a saying “beggars cannot be choosey”. For bringing forward an illegal tribunal against China instigated by America and attempt to humiliate China by making it out as if China has no historical rights to SCS I would punish the Phillipines to surrender all its procession and give up all its claims in the SCS before I let them even the chance gto begin talk about sharing resources. If China goes soft on Phillipines after what they did other countries like Vietnam will try the same trick and make their case with the illegal PCA who seems to proceed with any cases brought before them if they are bribed with heaps of money.


  3. Steve says:

    Simple – Accept Uncle HAN’s Proposal.


    • Simon says:

      A good proposal is the closure of American military base and submit completely to Chinese miltiary protection.


      • Steve says:

        Closing or suspending the proposed US military bases in PH is a necessity for the Filipinos. Aquino were hoodwinked by the US on China threat or just simply trigger happy. As it is, PH is cannon fodder. However, submitting to Chinese military protection is unwise. There is nothing to protect. The PH has being colonised by several european powers for almost 500 years and still do not have a mind of their own to chart their own destiny. Western style democracy has send them into the abyss of stupidity and indolence. Why give China so much problems. It’s better to educate the Filipinos and allow China to build infrastructures for a profit, at least they are learning some skills and the PH military strategist can come over to China for training and buy Chinese military assets. PH universities are ranked outside 2,000+.


      • Steve says:

        Since U are an Ex Hong Kong Tong Man, do u know who Ramos is seeing.? Seems to be quite secretive..