China Greatly Improves Accuracy of Its Rocket Artillery

Firing of China's PHL-03 300mm long-range precision rocket artillery

Firing of China’s PHL-03 300mm long-range precision rocket artillery

According to CCTV, a certain Chinese artillery regiment conducted drill of accurate attack with its Chinese homegrown PHL-03 300 mm long-range rocket artillery and successfully hit the center of a 30-meter target more than 100 km away. The brigade used Huolong-140 extended-range rockets in the drill. The above is the photo of the firing of the rocket artillery in the drill.

In mid June, Belarus conducted acceptance test of the 20 sets of A-200 long-range rocket artillery imported from China. The tests prove its accuracy of less than 15 meters at a range exceeding 200 km.

Source: “China’s has heightened accuracy of its long-range rocket artillery, making it comparable to short-range missile” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)