Japan Concerned as Chinese fighter ‘flies within 50km’ of Disputed Islands

Chinese Su-30 fighter jet conducting regular combat patrol of South China Sea

Chinese Su-30 fighter jet conducting regular combat patrol of South China Sea

In its report “Chinese fighter ‘flies within 50km’ of disputed Diaoyu Islands” today SCMP says, “Chinese jet fighters have approached the disputed Diaoyu Islands several times since late May, with one flying within 50km of Japan’s territorial airspace around the islets, a source in the Japanese government has said. Tokyo scrambled its Air Self-Defence Force (ASDF) fighters in response”.

In fact, such operations of Chinese warplanes are quite common as China regard the islets as China’s. SCMP says, “Between April and June, Japan scrambled fighters against Chinese aircraft approaching its airspace a record 199 times, compared to 198 times in the preceding three months, the Defence Ministry said.”

SCMP also says “Tokyo has also voiced concerns over Chinese naval vessels that have sailed in and around Japanese territorial waters in the East China Sea, including in a contiguous zone around the Diaoyus.”

Tokyo’s concerns are quite ridiculous since it respects Hague ruling that regard Taiping Island as a rock for lack of inhabitability. The Diaoyus known in Japan as Senkakus also can be regarded as not inhabitable according to Hague ruling’s standards. They are but rocks. What is the problem for Chinese ships and warplanes to operate near them?

That is quite different for China as China rejects Hague ruling; therefore, China is justified to fish and exploit oil and gas within its exclusive economic zone 200 nautical miles around the Diaoyus.

As for Chinese government ships sailing within 12 nautical miles of those islets, even if those disputed islets are Japan’s territories, Japan shall not be concerned as the ships are conducting freedom of navigation operations there since Japan supports such freedom of navigation operations of US navy in the South China Sea. Japan shall not protest even if Chinese warships sail within 12 nautical miles of Japan’s four major islands.

That is why I said in my post “China Stupid in Opposing US Freedom of Navigation Operations” that the US is stupid in advocating freedom of navigation of its warships within China’s territorial waters while China is stupid in opposing such freedom. When Chinese navy has grown strong enough, its warships can conduct similar operations within 12 nautical miles of US coast.

Now, Japan also advocates such freedom and Chinese navy is quite strong compared with Japan’s. It can send its warships within 12 nautical miles of Japanese coast, let alone the Diaoyus that China regards as its own. Japan shall welcome such freedom of navigation operations instead of being concerned!

One thing my blog mainly does is to point out the wisdom and stupidity in countries’ and politicians’ policies, actions, statements, etc. I hope readers enjoy that though my description of stupidity may sound offensive to their patriotic ears. Just make fun like US television audience who enjoy US TV shows that make fun of US presidents’ policies, actions, statements, etc.

Some of my readers’ comments may indeed be offensive but I allow them as they have freedom of speech in my blog. Do not read them if you do not like them. In fact, you have the freedom to refuse to view my posts or write comments to oppose my views when you have viewed them and readers’ comments.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report, full text of which can be viewed at:


9 Comments on “Japan Concerned as Chinese fighter ‘flies within 50km’ of Disputed Islands”

  1. Reader says:


    Perhaps if Beijing need to exercise that “wisdom of later generations” as mentioned by the late Deng Xiaoping to resolve the Diaoyuda issue, by getting Tokyo to mutually refer the case for mediation or arbitration as per the UN court used by Singapore vs Malaysia, and Malaysia vs Indonesia in relation to their disputes over the ownership of islands between the aforementioned countries concerned. I suspect the U.S. cannot have their cake and eat it. They do not say Japan has sovereignty over the Diaoyuda which is as good as implicitly saying the islands do NOT belong to Japan. If so, their defence treaty is null and void. You cannot have administrative rights over what don’t belongs to you nor conract a defence treaty based on spurious administrative rights.

    I strongly recommend taking the issue to the UN Court. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta should be able to provide further info and advice on the matter. If a conflict is to be avoided, this is the best course of action. My personal view is that Beijing has a strong case of ownership in this matter. Better still if Taiwan makes its case together with Beijing.

    Go to war and occupy the Diaoyuda if Tokyo refused to mutually refer the dispute for arbitration. Japan is currently in “possession” of the islands due to chicanery of Washington and Tokyo. Beijing can show its mettle as a country of character by going to war to defend its territory if there is no legal resolution to it.


    • Steve says:

      Good Point, but first and foremost the unification of Taiwan back to the Motherland as one nation would be a prerequisite prior to arbitration in the ICJ supported by the UN. It will strengthen the legal challenge 100%.

      Chances are, Japan will decline the dispute to arbitration because Japan has repeatedly said that there is no dispute…… War is definitely out of the unthinkable question. Why? The combined international threat to China leading to massive destruction in Japan and China benefits no Chinese nor Japanese. It would be suicide for China to defend against a combined international military alliance. China may destroy Japan, but an international military alliances will destroy China. Let’s say, if the US, UK, France ( 3 nuclear countries ) form an international alliance against China, which of the 3 nuclear countries will China bomb first..? None…because the retaliation would be unthinkable.

      Furthermore, the Diaoyu island will be classified as a huge uninhabitable rock without any land mining resources. The only way for China to capture the Diaoyu island is if, Japan fires the first shot, China will have definite reasons to retaliate and possibly capture the Diaoyu island because the US will only defend Japan if China fires the first shot. At this stage, I believe China is intimidating Japan into a confrontation, but Japan will not fall prey without US


      • Anonymous says:

        Chances are nobody, niether UK, US, France or Japan will fight over the DIaoyu if China launch an attack. Nobody will want to shed any blood over a few small islands that everyone regards as originally belongs to China. The reason why China would not use its military to take back the Diaoyus is because they do not want to be seen as a bully and not seeking peace to resolve disputes by other regional countries.
        An all out war between China and US with its lackeys would only happen if China launch an assualt on Japanese mainland first. Such scenario will invite the Russians. Very much doubt WW3 will happan over the Diaoyus.


        • Steve says:

          Good Point, but when the dogs of war are released it’s difficult to retrieve it. U are aware US has a treaty with Japan regarding Japanese administration of the Diaoyu island. If China decides on a military offensive to take back Diaoyu, the Japanese and US will not remain idle. Both are not lame ducks. A military confrontation will involve all three disciplines of Naval, Airforce and Army. It will spill into Both Mainlands of Japan and China because that is where the three forces are despatched. By then the Diaoyu is no longer relevant instead US allies will get involved due of defence treaties.

          Russia will Not get involve if China launch an offensive on Diaoyu. Both nations do not have a formal alliance, probably a de facto relationship, unlike with the US, it has genuine military allies. It can be seen that recent years of invasions in Iraq, Libya, Syria are illegal and yet western allies supported the US invasion due to political interest and military alliances.

          In the case of Diaoyu island, you are correct that UK, France and allies with not fight over rocks and small islands because its none of their business, but if China initiated the attack and as soon as it spills into both mainlands involving heavy casualties, the dogs of war cannot no longer be retrieved. Imagine just one sinking of a warship or a fighter plane shot down, the whole scenario changes.


          • Confucius says:

            Sorry to say but sounds rather defeatist.

            Reminscent of why China always accused of being spineless and cowardly. It is these type of dishonest rationalizing of one’s own fears and lack of personal social responsibility that ends up insidiously brainwashing simple innocent children and young adults people to grow up culturally and socially thinking such aberrated “sagely” adult reasoning is the correct way to think. Such dishonesty leads, or in this case, continue a society that could be described as decadent.

            Death is not to be feared if it for the right cause and in protection or defense of one’s loved ones and territory. God forbid any dishonest rationalizing “opinion” ever get into the ears of the policies and decision makers in this time of knowledge and wisdom. Otherwise the same cycle of 2,000 years of inaction, effete responses, and cowardice, continues and China will continue to remain a “sick man of Asia”.

            Sorry bud but that kind of rationalization reflects the malaise facing the Chinese. Nothing personal. Just relating to a general theory of what ails the Chinese society.


            • Steve says:

              Sounds incredibly super heroic, an unsung hero of the Chinese Revolution. Blow your bugle before U lead the charge and be certain that your family and kids are right behind you. U don’t want to leave them behind and recycle the 2,000 years of inaction, incompetency, cowardice and remain the sick man of Asia.

              From a hero of Worldly Knowledge, Transcendental Wisdom, Godlike Consciousness and Confucian virtue, U have transmigrated and deviated into a Demonic Warlord. Good luck to your super heroic dreams and don’t forget to blow your bugle in defence of the 1.3 billion Chinese and their relatives around the world. Such bravery are incredibly rare, U may need to smoke some opium just to confuse your mind before U lead the charge.


  2. Simon says:

    The Diaoyu is covered by China’s ADIZ. Chinese miltary planes often flies over the Diaoyu. Japan’s administration over the islands are in question and not determined therefore it is not resolved. In such instances the islands resources such as being a traditional fishing ground used by the Chinese are completely legal. Also FON and fly over by China is completely acceptible.


  3. Steve says:

    12nm is a bit too confrontational for any foreign warships travelling close to the shores of a mainland like China or US. It is better for China to reciprocate by not traveling within 12nm off the US coast should China insist that US not travel its warships within 12nm off China’s coast or islands. There is no benefit in sailing so close to each other’s shores. In fact, could be too risky for the undulating seabed including rocks.

    The Diaoyu island is a different scenario because China has historical claims and it was stolen from China.


  4. Fre Okin says:

    Tokyo should get advice from adm Harris, Japanese American who instigate Freedom of Navigation sail/fly to ‘within 12 NM’. Abe should hear from his comrade, born in Yokosuka, Japan and learn 50 km is nothing. It is way way away from the 12 NM.

    The Chinese are very courteous in their exercise of FON vs the Americans and Tokyo should use US behavior as template and stop making unnecessary noise.