China’s Homegrown New Type 095, 095A Attack Nuclear Submarines

China's new homegrown Type 095/095A attack nuclear submarine. photo

China’s new homegrown Type 095/095A attack nuclear submarine. photo. The same below.

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095 sub 7
China’s official military forum says in its report yesterday that Type 095 and 095A are China’s third-generation attack nuclear submarines. They have been developed by reference to Western design and have a single hull shell with small sound reflection area.

The following are their basic data:

Length: 115 m
Beam: 12 m
Draft: 11 m
Displacement: 7,900 tons
Operational diving depth: 250 m
Maximum diving depth: 500 m
Maximum underwater speed: 32 knots
Endurance: 80 days
Crew: 130

Their Armament:
8 533 mm torpedo tubes, capable of launching China’s homegrown conventional torpedoes and supercavitation speed torpedoes
Submarine-launched YJ-83 antiship missiles
6 connected submarine-launched Haihongqi-10 short-range air defence missile for shooting down antisubmarine helicopters.
Special for improved version Type 095A submarine: 16 VSL for submarine-launch of CJ-10 cruise missiles for precisiong ground attack

They are installed with China’s new reactor that needs no replacement of nuclear fuel or core during their entire service life. They use new-type single axis pump for water jet propulsion with significantly low noise between 100 and 110 dB.

Their sonar system contains a ball-shaped sonar array in theirow, multiple-line array noise distance measuring sonars by their sides and a seabed scan sonar below their bow.

Source: “Get some idea in advance of the excellence of China’s Type 095A nuclear submarine” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)