China’s Stupid Unrealistic Peaceful Rise

China has pursued peaceful rise for decades and reiterated times and again that it does not seek hegemony. As it was very weak in the past, no one feared that China would grow strong enough and become a hegemon.

However, China has indeed been peace-loving for decades. The islands and reefs within its nine-dash line have been taken by rival claimants much weaker than it, but it refrains from taking them back by force. On the contrary, it has been making great efforts to resolve its territorial disputes with rival claimants through peaceful negotiations.

The problem now is that Chinese economy will soon surpass US economy and thus China will probably replace the US as number one in the world.

The US certainly does not allow that. In his speech, US president Obama made American people very happy by telling them that the US will remain number one in the world for 100 years to come. Seeing China’s potential to replace the US as world number one, Obama started US pivot to Asia to contain China so as to ensure that the US will remain number one in the world for 100 years.

What about other countries?

They do not want China’s peaceful rise either as who can ensure that China will not bully other countries, especially its neighbors when it has become number one in the world.

There are historical reasons:

Russia is afraid that China may ask it to return the 2 million square kilometers of land China’s Qing Dynasty ceded to it. India is afraid that China may attack it to solve its border disputes with India. China attacked and defeated Indian troops due to the disputes decades ago. Japan is especially nervous as it has brought more than 8 years of misery to Chinese people when it invaded China and tried in vain to annex China.

To counter Chinese retaliation, Japan has decided to enhance its military strength and rely on US protection.

For China’s smaller and weaker neighbors, they may be economically benefited from China’s rise, but they are afraid that China may grow into a dangerous tiger living in their neighborhood. Better the US remains number one or at least a balancing rival to China.

From the above you see that China is surrounded by enemies when it pursues peaceful rise.

If China had continued its peaceful rise, it would have first of all been attacked by the US as China was regarded as a weak country for others to take it piece by piece. Even the very weak Philippines dared to drive Chinese away from Scarborough Shoal thinking that the US would have helped it. It was sad that it lost access to the shoal and the waters around it due to the Scarborough standoff.

The Philippines even dared to file a case of arbitration to entirely deprive China of its historical rights and interests in the South China Sea. It reminds China of its misery of being cut into spheres of influence by Western powers.

However, Chinese leaders have the vision to foresee US and Philippines’ conspiracy and have begun intensive arms race with the US ever since US declaration of its pivot to Asia.

As a result, China has grown strong enough to resist US military intervention. When, the US, Japan, Australia urge China to respect the arbitration ruling and give up its rights and interests to the South China Sea, China simply responds with its military strength. It sends warplanes including fighter jets and bombers to conduct combat patrol of the disputed waters.

US sends its warships to threaten China with the excuse of freedom of navigation operations. China’s senior admiral warned the US that such operations may end in disasters.

China’s strong military response has made its neighbors retract their support for the US in urging China to respect the ruling when their leaders met Obama in February.

Now, the situation is calm in the South China Sea because of China’s pursuit of military rise instead of peaceful rise.

All China’s neighbors oppose China’s peaceful rise. China was surrounded by enemies when it pursues peaceful rise.

You may have heard US politicians say that they welcome China’s peaceful rise, but who believes that? If the rise is welcome, why shall the US plan to transfer 60% of its military to Asia to deal with China?

Why shall the US be so upset when China has built artificial islands on the reefs in the South China Sea? The anti-submarine network on artificial islands and along Chinese coast will detect US submarines and the warplanes there will kill US submarines detected before and after they attack at China with cruise missiles launched from the South China Sea.

Why shall the US develop B-21 bombers? It is due to the bombers’ capabilities to bomb Beijing. Since US aircraft carriers cannot come within the range of China’s anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles and since US submarines will be destroyed by Chinese warplanes stationed on China’s artificial islands, the US has to have B-21 to attack China.

What about China stopping its rise to enable the US to remain world number one for 100 years? Lots of Western experts, writers and journalists want precisely that. They have been predicting China’s collapse for decades. China’s collapse means misery for a billion people, but they don’t care. They will be pleased if China collapses but are disappointed that their predictions have never come true.

China has a much larger population; therefore, its economy shall grow much larger than the US if it wants its people enjoy similar living standards as American people.

Therefore, China must become number one in economy. Whatever is China’s political system, Chinese government has the obligations to make Chinese economy grow larger than the US, i.e. make China number one in the world in economy. As the US is unhappy about that, China has to grow into number one militarily too.

Now, China’s correct choice is the pursuit of peaceful rise among friends and military rise among enemies.

Article by Chan Kai Yee on China’s policies of peaceful rise.


3 Comments on “China’s Stupid Unrealistic Peaceful Rise”

  1. Simon says:

    When Admiral Zheng He sailed around South Asia and Africa winning trade and guarantor of Chinese protection to all states winning peace and prosperity across the regions Zheng did not just use soft power alone. What ultimately made other countries respect and submit as client kingdoms to China was because Zheng brought with him a massive navy with the biggest deck and biggest cannons never seen before that was design to shock an awe. It was comparable to aliens with large motherships landing on earth. Soft power is great on a cultural level but having a strong military proves ones prowess to others and wins respect.


  2. Fre Okin says:

    Recently US try to intimidate China with massive show of B1, B2, B52 bombers jam packed in Guam. While this could be aimed at N Korea, it is unmistakable US want to deter China from declaring ADIZ over the SCS or even just turning Scarborough Shoal/Huangyan Island into another artificial island.

    It is clear US intend to be a gangster in China’s neighborhood which I said is primarily driven by her fear of Chinese submarines heading towards Hawaii and the West Coast. Hence US need Philippines, Taiwan, Japan very very badly and do what she can to try to bottle China up in the South China Sea using ‘security. FON’ fake excuse to hide her true intention. All these Asian countries are used by US and their leaders are selling out their own people.

    So what to do with this massive show of US nuke capable bombers in Guam? China should tell US NHEMP and neutron bomb can fly in international air space, Freedom of Navigation somewhere near Guam. These are unpopulated areas and if US bombers dare to fly and launch missiles at Beijing, all her pilots will die, all her bombers electronics will fry. Neutron bombs in particular will become very very necessary ‘in international air space’ as NHEMP may not take out hardened electronics in the bombers or kill enemy combatants.

    China’s peaceful rise should incorporate showing her military teeth, including the above mentioned scenario War Game Simulation as well to scare off US. I think the world will understand and tolerate China’s use of nuclear device in international air space exercising Freedom of Navigation to protect herself from existential threat from US nuclear bombers. It is far better to use this deterrence with no civilian death than a nuclear showdown with cities aflamed on both sides.


  3. Steve says:

    The Principle of China’s Political Wisdom of Peaceful Rise is the doctrine that has changed the lives of over a billion people, elevated over 700,000 of it’s citizens from Poverty, a ruling one party nation whose strength is beyond All measure and yet against All odds has produced an economic date exceeding 10% GDP for around three decades. China’s economic growth has made it an economic powerhouse, creating a very diversified ranging opportunities for trade and investments as in OBOR, FTAs, AIIB, Domestic and International Infrastructures (e.g., high speed railways, Bridges, etc), Advanced Education in Science and Technology (e.g., Tianhe World’s fastest Computer), Military Science and Space Developments (e.g. quantum satellite communication) These are the most important doctrinal roots of the nations development, without it China could Not have survived the external threat of military invasion and corruption of foreign military alliances eager to destroy the peaceful rise of this incredible one nation party.

    On the contrary, China’s pursuit of military superiority (peaceful warrior) Cannot be separated from it’s political wisdom of peaceful rise. Without it, How can there be any peaceful rise.?

    An Example: According to Professor Francis Boyle of Global Research said, the US/UK sponsored genocide against Iraq 1990 to 2012 killed 3.3 million Iraqis including 750,000 children. They were exterminated by economic sanctions and illegal wars perpetrated by George Bush. The slaughter, plundering and looting of the Iraqi economy and oil fields to the grave detriment of the Iraqi people.

    To put it simply, the military rise of Iraq was non existent. The army was backward and ignorantly dependent on the procurement of military equipment and weaponry from the US and it’s allies. Clearly, this proves that any rich nation’s peaceful rise without the way of the peaceful warrior is destined to foreign military invasion and corruption.

    China has been pushed to the limits by US, Japan, Australia, Philippines & it’s allies, but will the Motherland succumb to the perils similar to Iraq, Libya and Syria.? I strongly doubt it … Why.? Because China’s pursuit of military rise has Never being Apart from the riches of it’s economic peaceful rise. The way of the golden dragon will always be supported by the peaceful warrior.