China Needs Only Weapons for Active Defense Not All US Weapons

US B61-12 smart nuclear bomb. SCMP photo

US B61-12 smart nuclear bomb. SCMP photo

SCMP says in its report “United States’ first ‘smart’ nuclear bomb signals new arms race with China and Russia: analysts” yesterday that China may intensify its arms race with the US in developing such nuclear bombs. It warns China that if China follows the example of the Soviet Union in conducting arms race with the US, it may also be bankrupt and collapse.

I have described China’s arms race with the US for quite a long time but not stressed that China’s arms race with the US is quite different from the Soviet Union.

China’s arms race is to obtain equal or better military capabilities to resist US attack instead of seeking world hegemony like the Soviet Union.

China needs but the capabilities: 1. to resist US attack from near it; 2. to prevent its trade lifeline from being cut by the US; and 3. the conventional deterrence to utterly prevent US attack.

With the above focuses, China may win the arms race with much less spending.

China has developed sufficient air force, navy and anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles to prevent attack by US aircraft carrier battle groups and built artificial islands in the South China Sea to deter US submarine attack from the South China Sea. When it has satisfactorily developed its J-20 fighter jet to grab air supremacy from US stealth fighters, it will have achieved capabilities 1.

Its One Belt, One Road initiative, if has succeeded, will ensure its trade lifelines to its west. It can ensure its trade lifelines to its east by building 2 to 3 float artificial island battle groups, each consisting of two conventional aircraft carriers and a number of conventional submarines. That will not cost too much as the islands may bring income from tourism, fishery and fish farming and even from exploitation of mineral and energy resources from sea bottom. That is for capabilities 2 while the float artificial battle group may also constitute capabilities 3 with the ability to attack US homeland if the US attacks China.

One float artificial island battle group will not cost more than one sophisticated US aircraft carrier and two US attack nuclear submarines.

The third and most expensive and complicated is the development of aerospace bombers capable to bomb US homeland within a couple of hours. The aerospace bomber project at maximum will not cost more than US B-21 project.

As for other US weapons such as the expensive B61-12 “smart” nuclear bombs why shall China need them?

They are useful for the US to achieve world hegemony, but useless for China’s active defense. For active defense, submarine launched or aerospace bomber-fired precision cruise missiles can do the job satisfactorily without the smart bombs. The ability of such weapons to cause destruction to US homeland is quite enough to prevent US conventional attack of Chinese homeland.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP report, full text of which can be viewed at


2 Comments on “China Needs Only Weapons for Active Defense Not All US Weapons”

  1. Fre Okin says:

    China need plenty of Mobile Floating Platforms to hang out between 200 – 500 NM of Guam. They should carry teetered aerostats, able to see B1, B2, B52’s the moment they take off. These aerostats should carry supersonic or hypersonic missiles to attack Guam before the bombers take off. Of course missiles from the Platforms will do the job as well.

    Divine Eagle HALE may work as well , especially midway between Guam & Hainan to take out F35, F22, tankers, AWEC, bombers flying below. China need plenty of these too, flying just to the south and east of the Philippines to patrol the sea there.

    The Mobile Floating Platforms should also carry dozens of Haiyan UUV’s capable of HaraKiri suicide mission against US subs lurking nearby.

    China militarisation in International Water, Air Space, near US bases in Guam, Okinawa is needed to further protect herself as US now look for more long range precision weapon to harm China.

    Take the fight to the enemy!


  2. Steve says:

    Great Post Excellent Analysis