China’s Pivot to World Markets, Washington’s Pivot to World Wars

The website of Canadian Centre for Research on Globalization published Prof. James Petras’ article “China’s Pivot to World Markets, Washington’s Pivot to World Wars… And the Debacle of the Latin American Left” on August 20 that points out China is rapidly becoming the center of overseas investments in high tech industries with cooperation of technological powers such as Germany.

It says, “In contrast, Washington is pursuing a predatory military pivot to the least productive regions with collaboration from its most barbaric allies, like Saudi Arabia. China is advancing to global economic superiority by borrowing and innovating the most advance methods of production, while the US degrades and debases its past immense productive achievements to promote wars of destruction.”

Summary by Chan Kai Yee of Canadian Centre for Research on Globalization’s article “China’s Pivot to World Markets, Washington’s Pivot to World Wars…And the Debacle of the Latin American Left”, full text of which can be viewed at


5 Comments on “China’s Pivot to World Markets, Washington’s Pivot to World Wars”

  1. pflau says:

    The Rio Olympics has just completed. The NBC coverage of the games is the worst I have seen in years. NBC managed to destroy the last vestige of the Olympics ideal and turn it into nationalistic and commercial promotion.

    Can you believe that the NBC commentator said on air, The US is beating down the other countries like a bitch”? Ryan Lochte’s behavior is nothing but that of a typical immature American delinquent.


    • Simon says:

      More like American drug cheats conning other countries. It was said big American campanies threaten to pull out of sponsorship if their drug cheats are banned.
      Ryan Lochte’s behaviour is the side effect of drugs in the system.


  2. Simon says:

    America is the enabler of world terrorism. Formentator of discord amongst nations, ie shit stirrer. And the bringer of wars and deaths around the world. America is the “Evil Empire”, the “Dark Side”.


  3. Steve says:

    This short post is very well presented, especially with words like, ‘China is advancing to global economic superiority,… with technological powers such as Germany,….most barbaric allies like Saudi Arabia,’ But what about Israel, this nation has in store US nuclear bombs.?


  4. Fre Okin says:

    America hegemonic behavior is basically driven by economic structural flaws and neocon behavior who cannot accept the decline of US power relative to China. These neocons, ideologues have skins thicker than rhinoceros. They have no sense of shame. Basically they owe their jobs to China, for without China’s rise, they have no punching bag and thus they will be out of their job. So China actually put food on their table, feed their families. They make a career out of bashing China. Same with the Military Industrial Complex. They should Thank China. China Feed Them or they have to close shop since there won’t be an excuse for their economic activities.

    The structural flaw is the MIC running amok, Eisenhower warned about that, lobbying Congressmen to perpetuate Corporate America MIC. So in this sense Democracy Have Failed In America for all it do is threaten Global Order. War machines they produce Need to find action and most of them end up Pivoting To Asia. Take away their lunch, US economy will collapse. US is Too Dependent on this MIC beast or else the country will go into a massive recession.

    America’s warmongering posture is both ideological in nature and economic Corporate America profit motivation. Congressmen are lobbied to make the biggest baddest weapon, the newest aircraft carrier that cost billions but knowing full well they are sinkable. America is one sick, sick country, Borrowing money from China, Over A trillion And got the audacity to use this borrowed money to threaten her with Fake Security , Freedom of Navigation excuse.

    Democracy have went awry and future generations will suffer even if war don’t break out. They have a Debt/GDP ratio of over 1:1 and they have to live with a lower standard of living due to this war adventurism by MIC and neocons. The only way to fix America is for the younger generation to Vote and throw out the rascals older generation folks running Washington DC. Millennials are much less neocon than the older generation. Millennials should be very very wary of Hillary, old generation neocon eager to bomb and cause WWIII!