Russia-China Cold War Camp Takes Middle East

In this photo taken on Monday, August 15, 2016, a Russian Tu-22M3 bomber stands on the tarmac while another plane lands at an air base near Hamedan, Iran. © AP photo/warfareWW

In this photo taken on Monday, August 15, 2016, a Russian Tu-22M3 bomber stands on the tarmac while another plane lands at an air base near Hamedan, Iran. © AP photo/warfareWW

Russia media Sputnic says in its report “Washington’s Conundrum in Syria: Russia, Iran and China Team Up” today China has recently announced that it will provide additional training to Syrian Assad government’s force and increase its humanitarian support for Syrian people.

In addition, Russia is using Iranian airport to bomb Syrian anti-Assad force as well as ISIS terrorist force.

This blogger believes that the include of Iran and Syria in Russia-China anti-US Cold War camp has greatly expanded the camp as the camp has in fact taken the Middle East. It is especially so when the US is putting pressure on Israel and Saudi Arabia, its long-term allies that ensures its influence in the Middle East.

China with Russia as its de facto ally has taken the entire Asia except US allies Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. Why China has succeeded in doing so?

China makes friends through win-win cooperation and avoids creating enmity.

China even tries to improve its relations with Japan in spite of the misery Japan has caused to Chinese people when it invaded China and with the Philippines in spite of the arbitration it has filed to greatly harm China’s rights and interests.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Sputnic’s report, full text of which can be viewed at


6 Comments on “Russia-China Cold War Camp Takes Middle East”

  1. valiant says:

    what about this small double face country, singapore what would be her rightful place, half asian and half american or half breed.


  2. Simon says:

    America might lose Phillipines because Duterte has lost patient and planing to pull his country out of the UN and wanted a refund of donation. Duterte even ask China to form a rival international body for Phillipine to join. If Phillipine leaves the UN it surely means they will forfeit its rights to claim 200nM EEZ around its shores under UNCLOS making way for China to take over sovereignty of all Phllipine claims in the SCS.


    • Steve says:

      Awhile back, I stated that China should establish an ACLOS (Asian Convention on the Law Of the Sea) and I believe this is what Duterte meant, he is a lawyer. This is too good to be true and a fairytale for President Xi JingPing’s Chinese Dream. Philippines will not leave the UN until this ACLOS manifest and if it does, the PCA award will be irrelevant. President Duterte has a very good point, but the initial establishment of an ACLOS should be between just Philippines and China before inclusion of the other claimant states. Joining SCO will be another serious option for Duterte.


      • Simon says:

        The PCA award is not will be but is already irrelevent even before it even arbitrated. No country has ever endorsed it rulings be it in the past, present or future and it tried to misrepresent the UN which the UN has already distant itself from it. Nobody believes the PCA is relevent apart from the idiots brainwashed by Western media in its double speak.


        • Steve says:

          As the saying, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. From China’s point of view (including mine), the PCA award is illegal, irrelevant, law abusive and one-sided because China refuse to be part of it under article 298 UNCLOS. From the point of legality and the Philippines side of the Permanent Court of Arbitration is still a legal instrument, but has no enforceable powers. It has nothing to do with the UN and ICJ, as it is not supported by the laws, by-laws and constitution of the UN.

          China was asked if it would challenge the PCA ruling, China says No. The reason is because the PCA award is a legal instrument and since China did not participate in the arbitration, China should avoid any conflict of interest. Should China challenge the PCA ruling, China will lose and legally bound to abide by the ruling. Only yesterday, China was seriously upset by Singapore requesting that China should Abide by the PCA ruling. Another good reason why President Duterte requested China to set up another rival international body as I mentioned “ANCLOS” is to avoid using the PCA award because it is a legal award.


  3. Steve says:

    I believe it is fair to say that the Japanese leadership suffers from a lack of covert self esteem and superiority complex. Japan has long being ‘married’ under the authority and protection of the USA and yet oozes an attitude of superiority over China that conceals emotions of inferiority and and failure due to China’s phenomenal success as an economic and military powerhouse and it’s barbaric savagery in the slaughter of Chinese in WW11.

    In spite of Japan’s delusion, China has extended an olive branch to improve diplomatic relations but to no avail. China should seriously consider that Japan is a lost cause. China should instead reel in the Philippines under the Duterte administration for the next 6 years to become a serious partner, especially when President Duterte admits he is a Socialist. China’s win-win, friendliness and partnerships in economic prowess will draw in a round of applause from all over the world.

    In the meantime, China is wise to establish ‘business interest’ in the Middle East via humanitarian aid and now training of Syria’s armed forces. The next step would be a military post in support of the triangular de facto alliances between Iran, China and Russia, if say, a military confrontation arises with Israel and Saudi Arabia supporting the US alliances.

    The de facto triangular alliance of Iran, China and Russia will be stronger than the triangular alliance between the US, Sth Korea and Japan.