Where Is World Leader the US?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russia's President Vladimir Putin (C) and French President Francois Hollande attend a meeting on resolving the Ukraine crisis at the Kremlin in Moscow February 6, 2015. REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (C) and French President Francois Hollande attend a meeting on resolving the Ukraine crisis at the Kremlin in Moscow February 6, 2015. REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev

Before elected, Philippine President Duterte wanted to hold talks on Philippines’ disputes with China with participation of the US, but according to Reuters report yesterday, now Duterte wants to have bilateral talks with China as required by China. He even said that he would not mention the Hague arbitration ruling that World leader the US has vigorously supported.

Why world leader the US will not take part in the talks to give its instructions?

Now, according to Reuters another report titled “Kremlin says Putin, Merkel, Hollande to meet to discuss Ukraine at G20 on Sept. 4-5” yesterday, the US, though has been leader in putting pressure on Russia over Ukraine issue by sanctions, will not take part in German and French leaders’ discussion with Russian leader on Ukraine issue on the sideline of the coming G20 summit.

Why US President Obama will not participate in the discussion to give world leader’s instructions when he is there to attend G20 summit?

US powerful European allies Germany and France find it better to resolve Ukraine issue without US participation. Even US weak ally the Philippines has finally decided to hold talks with China without US involvement.

It seems that no one but the US itself regards the US as world leader.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Reuters’ reports, full text of which can be viewed respectively at and http://www.reuters.com/article/us-southchinasea-ruling-philippines-idUSKCN10Y19E.


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  1. Joseph says:

    Philippines president Duterte has been known to vent to his frustration against all Western political correctness for interfereing his country’s affairs. He is known for not holding back of using popular English swear language ‘fuck you’ on press conferences, and some said to US ambassador to Phillipines and other US dignitaries. Their ears must be burning. I imagine they would want yo swear back or slap Duterte with sanctions they no longer have, but could not afford to lose Phillipines too. Duterte called US ambassador to Phillipines ‘that son of a whore’ for trying to interfere his China’s damage control effort, where the American tries to steer it into North Korea-style deadlock. Duterte’s attitude represents how much American’s prestige has gone down since the American started the crisis. Even Arroyo was not this blunt.
    In European theater, American’s jealousy toward Germany, do not go down well too. The American always resents Germany’s special relationship with China that makes Germany the strongest in the EU. All they can do was to parody German’s chancellor Angela Merkel, an East German, as female Hitler, American traditional enemy. With there is no sign that Germany would revert back to its NAZI past, the American taunting make US prestige is Europe jump over the cliff. In fact, there are a lot more Neo NAZI in America than in Germany. With the American alway unhelpful attitude to deal with their Frankensteins, ISIS and Ukraine, there is no point to include the American to find solution. One does not bring petrol to extinguish a fire. Russian Putin is more pivotal to bring solution to American mess, and Obama’s attitude toward Putin is definitely big problems. Ironic that American historic first ‘Black’ president would bring American prestige down so low to his drug-addict level. I can’t wait how low the American sinks under its historic first female president. For a small woman, Hillary has a big shoe to fill. After all, she has to compete with the paramount Angela Merkel, American traditional rival. And so far she has no outstanding achievement other than being a victim, a first lady cheated by her president husband. I am not surprised if American prestige would sink to victim level, cheated by everyone else.


  2. Sentinel says:


    “US powerful European allies Germany and France find it better to resolve Ukraine issue without US participation. Even US weak ally the Philippines has finally decided to hold talks with China without US involvement.

    It seems that no one but the US itself regards the US as world leader.”

    Interesting view but there is another possible one.

    The real power-that-be behind the scene is barack “emperor/shogun of chaos” obama. Ms angela merkel and francois hollande are only fuedal vassals or daimyos. Powerless figureheads that they are. That they were allowed to hold talks with President Putin does not mean they have the power and the authority to decide what is to be. Nay, it’s all a ruse to make Mr Putin look foolish indulging in wishful thinking and hopes. After fishing out President’s Putin’s positions and agreements on any proposals thereby raising his and his merry men’s hopes, obama, the destroyer-of-hopes will dash it with a “no” – as the final arbiter, like a stern father admonishing, thus making, as mentioned, Mr Putin looking and feeling rather foolish and wet-blanketed and small in front of the eyes of the world.

    Should President Putin talk with merkel and hollande? Perhaps, if they have the backbone to stand up for their own interest and against neocon obama and america’s “interest”. Yes, if President Putin were to just listen but commit nothing since merkel and hollande can bring nothing to the talks. They do not even have the power or the b*lls or “conjones” to halt their stupid sanctions against Putin’s Russia. They are fearful of obama’s wrath if they are disobedient and terrified of the smears and actions to cut them down to size or destroy their political careers.

    This is not the first time merkel and hollande had talks with Mr Putin and they have really got no where. Not only have they been inconsequential, but merkel’s germany now have armed forces near Russia’s borders and even accuse Putin and Russia of aggression against poland, ukraine and the baltic states. It is a waste of time really, for President Putin talking seriously with these two useless and unpopular heads of states. President Putin should not indulge them too much in that unfriendly low-life barrack obama’s political trap set-up disguised as “talks”.

    As for President Rodrigo Duterte, he is probably aware obama the-incorrigible-colonialist, is laying out the ropes to let Mr Duterte hang himself; Not that he will. Duterte is aware of obama’s power, wiles, deceits, and blackmailing capacity, not to mention his underhanded subterfuges. He knows fully well, later obama the snake, will threaten him, his family, the country of Philippines with many potential consequences if he – Duterte – does not acquiesce to his demands. He knows obama could instruct his global media to rake up mud, lies, and falsities, or even half-truths and drag Duterte’s name in the mud in a global smear campaign conducted by his mass medias such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, the Washington Post, the Guardian, the Japan Times, the Yomiuri Shimbun, the Australian, the Bangkok Post, and even the South China Morning Post – given half the chance. He could use the unexplained (relatively miniscule) wealth of Duterte in the BDO branch in Manila to drag Duterte’s feet through hot coal; He could direct his Al-Qaeda terrorists to increase and expand their activities in the Philippines, setting of false-flag terrorist incidents such as bombs here and there in public places or more kidnapping maybe targeting Chinese nationals, to make Duterte look powerless and wimpish and unrespected. This principle-less, moraless, unscrupulous son-of-a-gun president of the usa is capable of doing anything to remove President Duterte as a “regime” he does not like. Let this not be understated. There are probably more options than these on his table to make life difficult for President Duterte.

    Then again, President Duterte has proven himself an intelligent, tough, capable political leader with huge citizen’s support behind him. Why, he might even turn the table on that detestable rat-of-a-president obama, and ally his country with SCO or whatever bloc or axis of Russia, China, Iran, and even North Korea and throw his lot with EURASIA, thus isolating Japan and the U.S. instead. He could even make life difficult for imperious obama and his China containment policy – unless obama or his predecessor cough up the money to enable them to maintain their military bases and pay off all the victims of unaccountable american servicemen’s rapes, murders and assaults, Duterte could make it expensive if not unwelcomed in the Philippines.

    Why, it is not even far fetch to visualize a situation where the Philippines simultaneously with the Latin American countries like Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Honduras take back control of their states and throw out the corrupt american fascists in their countries!

    Hope of the world is with President Duterte. The cheating who-rightly-was-not-should-not-had-been-nominated-presidential-nominee obama does NOT have the world’s votes. He bought over, the traitor Begnino Aquino. Will he be able to buy Duterte?


  3. Steve says:

    Quite possibly, both Russian and US leaderships has reached a stage of No Retreat No Surrender. All three Russian, German and French leaders are concerned of No retreat no surrender in Ukraine as it will affect Europe.

    As for President Duterte, he probably realised some rotten dealings between the US and former Aquino Govt. including corruption within the military, legal entities and administrators. It’s difficult to understand why the Aquino Govt. would allow establishment of five US military bases in the PH, allowing the country to become cannon fodder. The PH as no enemies, there is nothing worth robbing in the PH, except by terrorist group, drug lords and poverty.

    Informal dialogues between China and Philippines via diplomatic channels would have taken place constantly, otherwise Duterte would not have been openly warm towards Uncle Han and cooling off Uncle Sam.


  4. Simon says:

    Whoever becomes the next American president it will be a inward one with a reduce international role even more so than Obama.
    Trump want to pull American troops out of Asia and around the world believing it is unstainable and make peace with Russia. Clinton has health issues suffering from seizures and Parkinson disease, she cannot hold interview or debate without suddenly completely losing it and people around her want to keep her behind close door as much as possible and might even retire or die in office.


    • Steve says:

      If her disease has reached a stage of non reversal, she should immediately step down, otherwise it is a selfish act for fame and profit.


    • Joseph says:

      Quite colorful America. First they have first “Black’ president that is not really Black, now they would have female president with genetic disease known to affect mind. They just cannot choose a truly Black president with Black mind, or a healthy female president with clear mind.


      • Simon says:

        Trump speaks his mind but America might be unready for someone like him. America just cannot think out of a box but stuck in a cycle of past glory that was the Cold War and holding onto a utopia of an idealism that no longer relevent.