America Shares Superpower Status with Others – Simply Nonsense

This morning I reblogged Michael Lind’s essay titled “Can America Share Its Superpower Status?” on National Interest that has drawn quite some comments.

The essay is quite interesting, but the title “Can America Share Its Superpower Status” is simply nonsense.

A country can gain or lose its status as a superpower, but cannot share the status with another country.

For example, if the US shares its superpower status with the Philippines, will the Philippines become a superpower?

When another country, namely China, becomes a superpower as its economic, military and soft power has grown as powerful as the only existing superpower the US in the world, it then becomes a superpower no matter whether the US shares its superpower status with it or not.

The US may be unhappy and unwilling that China shares the status of superpower with it, but it cannot help that. If it fights China whether economically or militarily, it cannot win as China is as strong as it. As a result, the US will fight in vain and there will still be two superpowers in the world.

If China has grown much stronger than the US and all other superpowers in the world, if any, then China will become the only superpower and others will decline into second-class powers. That will then be the reality no matter whether China wants or refuses to share its superpower status with others.

Comparison of strength is a reality that does not change due to someone’s willingness to share the strong status or not.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on National Interest’s essay “Can America Share Its Superpower Status?” that has been reblogged by him today.


4 Comments on “America Shares Superpower Status with Others – Simply Nonsense”

  1. Joseph says:

    ‘Phillipines the superpower’. What a joke. Even a share one. Is it what they dreamed of when they joined the American and Obama’s pivot to Asia? They should look at the mirror. They are not even technologicaly advanced to be self-sustaining country. So this is what the ‘superpower’ status has become, a franchise. Truly a genuine capitalist idea. So after the American vanquished the Soviet Union, they become the copyright owner of superpower status, and they can collect royalties from anyone crazy enough to attain superpower status like Phillipines or Japan or even Australia. So this is what the United States of America has been reduced to. A ‘superpower’ with a begging bowl, ready to ‘share’ the status it no longer has to live comfortably on the back of others. I guess the American would want China to ‘apply’ superpower status to the American in return of sustaining comfortable way of life. What a petty people. Isn’t it time for the American, especially the politicians, to grow up? Not just getting old and petty, grow up with mature attitude. But I suppose there is no other politician in the world make a stripped down naked video of themselves like that Weiner guy to seduce married women. It may be just a case of old chap behaving like 16 years old. But he really represents America in International arena, a militarily stripped down naked Uncle Sam seducing sore losers like Philippines and Japan. Of course with that ridiculously skinny muscle, he would feel like a superhero. Just like lean-muscle America who still hopes to play ‘superpower’.


  2. Fre Okin says:

    A superpower with no morality is no superpower. Just look at the people in Okinawa, Guam. They do not want US around even though some selfish politicians want them for economic reasons. US can be easily replaced there with Chinese or others who can develop their economies with no strings attached.

    In any case, US superpower is paper thin. It is just a Marketing of her invincibility which may not be reality. The fact is US superpower won’t last pass a week or so in a Short Sharp Conventional War. THEN after the smoke clear, we know In Fact China is the Regional superpower if a war happen in her front yard.

    Globally of course US is The superpower but nobody care if she do FON in the middle of an ocean. That kind of superpower power projection is benign and the whole world can live with that, but what a waste of US taxpayer dollars for this kind of superpower power projection to scare the fishes!


  3. Steve says:

    “Something To Be Seriously Considered But It’s Not Political Science — A Prophecy”

    ” true story ”

    Many decades ago, there was a Great Venerable Dharma Master Bu Xu – A Buddhist Monk.

    The Buddhist Cultivators then, were already concerned about China and the state of worldly affairs and requested the Venerable Dharma Master’s Vision of the immediate future.

    Venerable Master Bu Xu said, “In future the World will be in Three Divisions.”

    Decades later ( around late 1960s ), Buddhist Cultivators asked another late Venerable Dharma Master Hsuan Hua for an explanation of the meaning “In future the world will be in three divisions.”

    The Venerable Master said, “In the future our world will be governed (or ruled) by three superpowers.”

    The key words are Divisions and Superpowers…….Does it mean three individual superpower countries or a combination of an alliance plus individual countries.?———Food for thought.


    • Steve says:

      True — It is Simply Nonsense that Superpower Status cannot be Shared, but what about World Governance or Rulership.?