Obama urges China to stop flexing muscles over South China Sea: CNN

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks on the environment and climate change at the 20th Annual Lake Tahoe Summit at Harvey's in Stateline, Nevada, U.S. August 31, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks on the environment and climate change at the 20th Annual Lake Tahoe Summit at Harvey’s in Stateline, Nevada, U.S. August 31, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

China needs to be a more responsible power as it gains global influence and avoid flexing its muscles in disputes with smaller countries over issues like the South China Sea, U.S. President Barack Obama told CNN in an interview to be aired on Sunday.

Obama, who meets with President Xi Jinping at a G20 summit next week in China, told CNN the United States supports the peaceful rise of China but that Beijing had to recognize that “with increasing power comes increasing responsibilities,” according to excerpts released on Friday.

“If you sign a treaty that calls for international arbitration around maritime issues, the fact that you’re bigger than the Philippines or Vietnam or other countries … is not a reason for you to go around and flex your muscles,” Obama said. “You’ve got to abide by international law.”

China, a signatory to the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, recently lost an arbitration dispute over the South China Sea. A court in the Hague found China had no historic title over the waters of the South China Sea and had infringed on the rights of the Philippines. Beijing has rejected the ruling.

Obama said Washington had urged Beijing to bind itself to international rules and norms to help build a strong international order.

“Where we see them violating international rules and norms, as we have seen in some cases in the South China Sea or in some of their behavior when it comes to economic policy, we’ve been very firm,” Obama told CNN. “And we’ve indicated to them that there will be consequences.”

The U.S. president said China could not expect to “pursue mercantilist policies that just advantage” itself now that China has become a more affluent, middle-income country.

“Even though you still have a lot of poor people, you know, you can’t just export problems. You’ve got to have fair trade and not just free trade,” Obama said. “You have to open up your markets if you expect other people to open up their markets.”

(Reporting by David Alexander; Editing by Eric Beech)

Source: Reuters “Obama urges China to stop flexing muscles over South China Sea: CNN”

Note: This is Reuters report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.


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  1. Fu Man-Chu says:

    “Obama urges China to stop flexing muscles over South China Sea: CNN”

    How much more hypocritical can you be, Mr “War-Mongrel” Obama?

    Why don’t you first send your aircraft carrier groups back to Hawaii or San Diego first before you make such admonitions? Why don’t you send your destroyers home instead of flexing your muscles by violating Chinese territorial waters under your so-called “freedom-of-navigation” excuse? Why did you send your B-52s into Chinese ADIZ in Eat China Sea? What are your submarines doing skulking in the seas off China? What’s all these talk about about Air-Sea-Land battle strategy against China and now underwater drones and submarines against China not to mention stealthy strategic nuclear bombers against China? What about THAAD threatening China? Logistics arrangement with India, a country with severe ego and envy problems? Why don’t you just close your military bases in East Asia and accusing China of militarization of land that belongs to no one? Why don’t you just send your warplanes, warships, submarines, missiles, and nukes back to East of Hawaii where they belong. What are they doing here in East Asia?

    For a War-Mongrel, you really talk c*ck. East Asia was peaceful until you *rseholes decided to “pivot” here. What has China ever done to you in the first place? Why are you here, so many thousands of miles from your homeland threatening other countries and talking sh*t?


    • Zhang Yimou says:

      Obama is an incorrigible slick snake oil salesman. Every word that he utters is for the purpose of brainwashing his gullible listeners. If you believe any word he says, you are a sucker. His words, or lies rather, are calculated to smear and slander China. President Xi MUST find an effective way to counter this unscrupulous liar who will say and do anything to smear China before launching an attack on China. If the “mental” and “criminal” Hillary becomes president of the U.S. as rigged, more of the same lies and underhand tactics against China will continue. What will you do about that, Mr President Xi?


  2. Joseph says:

    So this is the stern response promised by Obama? Urging China to stop so that the American can gain prestige? One should know his place. He only has three more months in office, and for many Americans, he is not their president anymore. For someone who had behaved so grossly irresponsible with mercantilist policy that only benefit itself, now the American tries to tell other to be responsible? Not to behave like them? Isn’t it just like a thief who teach people not to steal so he can steal for himself? Or more likely a thief who worries that someone may steal the valuable first because he is unable to reach it at the moment.
    At least now China has a friend for not recognizing The Hague PCA. Australia, a US ally, has joined China to deny recognition to the PCA as well for their case against Timor Leste. Timor Sea is not even 200 nm wide and Australia claimed every bit of it, including former Indonesian oil platforms inherited by Timor Leste. Those oil platforms are less than half way closer to Timor Leste side, but the Australian do not give a damn. That’s money to be earned, and Timor Leste can expect their ‘benevolent’ through aids and charities. While the Australian obediently follows the American to honor thr legality of the PCA on the basis of ‘exploitable’ resources, The Australian denied the same legality argument of the PCA while on the way of robbing blind a new nation of their only resources. This is not ‘exploitable’ resources like in the SCS, this is established and earning resources. This is the price of freedom brought to Tumor Leste by Western capitalists. Ironic that similar practice is a thriving business in Australia, where Injury Compensation law firm will offer similar service for free to injured legal-blind workers, but kept most of the compensation for themselves. And by most, means they get up to astounding 95%-99%, while the injured workers only get 1%-5%. It is all about Western legality, either it is in Western domains, in SCS or in Timor Sea. But it is up to us, not them, to regard it in our own backyard.


    • Simon says:

      It is the typical Gwailo double speak “Do as I say but not as I do”.
      Was it not so long ago Australia along with its master and lackey America and Japan demanded China abide by the Hague PCA saying something along the line it is “legally binding under international law”, but now it is their turn and they completely deny the PCA has any legal authority to arbitrate.

      New Chinese proverbs “Those who pisses in the wind gets own back”.


      • Joseph says:

        ‘Legally binding’ is actually a term for something that is inherently wrong by common sense, but beneficial by a party. So this party makes laws, by obvious lobbying, to turn the wrong thing into legally ‘right’. That’s the language of big Western corporate lawyers, usually insurance and exploitation company. It is still wrong, but it gives the power to do the wrong thing. No one would say it is right, it is just ‘legal’, according their law. Of course every country has different interpretation of law, and Westerners like to assume their law is ‘international’ law and above all laws.


        • Zhang Yimou says:

          Correct. If you think about the TTP, it is a tool for colonizing its member countries, especially the third world developing countries. It empowers the large American corporations to plunder the resources and market of these countries. The “independent” arbitration court set up by the large American corporate players will see to it the local governments are powerless against them.

          Vietnam is being short-sighted. It sees jobs and markets for its goods but fails to see the attack by the U.S. conglomerates on its land, people, and resources. It’s a fool who fails to see the TPP for what it is and the intent by the corporate players behind it.

          Obama is just their errand boy. He will be amply rewarded, more so after his retirement. They will see to it. That’s American politics. CORRUPTION presented as “working in the national interest!”.


  3. Steve says:

    His speech is divisive filled with lies and deceit to deceive his American citizens. What can we say except to call him a lying ScumPeddler. Just this week Australia rejected Arbitration under Article 298 UNCLOS when the Timorese Government threatened to bring Australia to PCA court
    over sea resources. Australia also used article 298 UNCLOS exclusionary rights to avoid PCA arbitration on the Antarctic region where Australia claims 5.9 million sq. miles. Australian Government claimed historical rights over the region using their ancient British discovery. These pathetic Mongrels has no shame and yet joined their US counterpart to denounce China’s claims to relevant and historical parts of the SCS.

    China is on the right track with it’s modernisation and development of Naval Architecture and engineering of those islands. The air combat patrols has being China’s most aggressive deployment besides it’s naval and coastguard patrolling the designated SCS. It’s up to the US to counter, but knowing that China won’t be backing down, let’s see what will Japan/US do.


  4. Fre Okin says:

    This Dronebama clown POTUS is no better than Bush. By letting the Pentagon run amok in the Pacific, who is flexing muscles? Sending a couple of Ohio subs to the SCS over a couple of years ago to threaten China, sending three different type of nuke bombers to Guam, who is threatening who?

    Obama should have a Chinese news organization interview him, not just CNN, known to be biased against China. Let see how he answer some really tough questions like why it is necessary to have EDCA to threaten China. Why it is necessary to have logistic agreements with VN, India, Australia etc to threaten China. Who is Dronebama kidding? If he want to de escalate, he should de Pivot From Asia.

    If he want to talk with legal authority, he should get US to ratify UNCLOS and he should Tell The World, PCA is NOT a UN body like ICJ and thus is a Fraud to deceive the public.


  5. Simon says:

    Is Obama having a laugh?
    He want China to stop flexing its muscle to gain global influence. This is like asking a lion to behave like a pussy cat so the hayenas will keep out of the way. Not likely.

    China is a signatory to UNCLOS but the PCA is not a UN agency and the UN has distance itself from the PCA saying they do not have the legal right to act on its behalf under UNCLOS. Obama is therefore talking through his semi black arse. Also a bbit rich asking China to accpet an illegal arbitration whne America themselves never abide by PCA ruling or a signatory of UNCLOS even though UNCLOS has nothing to do with the PCA and America is neither. Speaking of export problems America is the chief architect, all the wars miseries and terrorisms around the world stems from America’s doing.

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