Highland Test of J-20, a Step Closer to Commissioning

Web user's photo of J-20 at world highest  airport

Web user’s photo of J-20 at world highest airport

Web User Su Xiansheng has posted the above photo of j-20 at Daocheng Yading Airport, Tibet, the highest airport in the world. The photo has roused much interest as analysts believe J-20 has passed tests at airports of common altitude. The tests at very high altitude may be some of the last ones so that the predict J-20 will soon be commissioned.

In a blog on May 31, Chinese air force denied the report about J-20 being commissioned, but said J-20 and Y-20 are being tested according to plans and will be commissioned one after the other not long afterwards. Y-20 was commissioned on July 6 one month after be denial; therefore, analysts believe J-20 will soon be commissioned after the highland tests.

Source: guancha.cn “J-20 appears at world highest airport to undergo highland tests” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


3 Comments on “Highland Test of J-20, a Step Closer to Commissioning”

  1. Sentinel says:

    India is exposed. Naked and vulnerable.


  2. Joseph says:

    Meanwhile the F-35 has reached a milestone that it can ‘fly’ and ‘land’ safely.


  3. Simon says:

    High altitude tests must have been thoroughly carried out long ago before China has committed to the design.
    I believe the J 20 is stationed there close to the border to South Tibet aka Arunachel Pradesh in response to report of Indian missiles station near the Chinese border. At a moment notice China using the J 20s can take out all Indian missile bases rendering them useless.