China Makes 90% Engines for Its Major Warplanes: Air Force Insider

On September 4, super pilot Senior Colonel Wu Guohui, a professor on air force equipment at National Defense University, told Beijing Times in an exclusive interview that China has made great progress in developing aircraft engines. At present, China-made aircraft engines are used in more than 90% of China’s major warplanes including J-11, J-15 and J-16 fighters, H-5 and H-6 bombers, JH-7 fighter/bomber, Y-7 and Y-8 transports and Z-8, Z-9 and Z-10 helicopters.

Prof. Wu believes that the establishment of China’s aircraft engine group corporation will make engine research and development independent from aircraft design and concentrate the management and resources for research, development and production. That will greatly speed up China’s aircraft engine development to enable China to catch up with world advanced level within 5 to 10 years.

Source: Beijing Times “Super pilot’s insider story on air force major fighters: 90% engines China-made” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


4 Comments on “China Makes 90% Engines for Its Major Warplanes: Air Force Insider”

  1. Steve says:

    Looks like the leaps and bounds have already started. China’s made jet engines used in over 90% of the nation’s warplanes is a very high percentage and to be at par with world advanced level within 10 years would be an incredible achievement.


    • Joseph says:

      The leaps and bounds started long ago. Metallurgical report suggest that the Chinese has made progress on developing new type of engines. Of course they are not going to boast around their progress on Western media. To do so will encourage technology theft and espionage by Western agents. Clueless Western media would speculate to make themselves comfortable that the West themselves made no progress on turbofan engines. The F-35 program is such a victim of such progress stagnation. Myanmar has long relied on Chinese-made jet engines with no complaint. When the American gave Myanmar the ‘chance’ to buy American war planes, the American expected that Myanmar would jump into this ‘opportunity’ to diversify the ‘poor quality’ Chinese made planes with ‘good quality’ Western planes. But Myanmar turned down the offer on the base of reliability. Before the American decided to get cozy with Myanmar, Myanmar had inspected Indonesian American-made F-16s for possible diversity purchase. They didn’t even show any interest as they thought that American jets were as tough as the Chinese-made ones, a slap in the wrist for the American. In the end, they chose Russian-made MiG-29 for diversity, and kept their Chinese-made J-7s as their Air Force backbone. Lately, they are reported to seek to purchase the JF-17 Thunder, which is basically the upgrade version of J-7. Unlike Western media speculation about their choice of Russian engines, they are reported to negotiate the JF-17s with upgraded Chinese engines rather than Russian RD-93s as Chinese engines would be compatible to upgrade their existing J-7s.


      • Steve says:

        True – The latest China’s JF-17 Thunder scored 2nd place against the Russian Su-34 in the Aviadart (i think that’s the spelling) competition. China actually beat the Russian in almost all aspects of shooting strategy and interception, but only lost on manual shooting. The performance of the JF-17 according to reports spooked the Japan’s airforce because the ‘Thunder’ was technically better than the SU-34. Actually there was no difference overall in performance. But this is with the latest Chinese technology. No wonder the Myanmar airforce prefers China’s JF-17 not Pakistan. The US F-15/16s are fast becoming outdated. The Indonesian airforce bought refurbished F-16s. Waste of money. They even bought Korean submarines, I suppose the know better. Since, China is willing to sell the J-10s and JF-17s, Asian countries wanting to buy a Jet fighter should not cross the Pacific…. South China Sea (China) is best shopping spree for Asian airforce. So far, Pakistan and Thailand are the latest buyers of Chinese Submarines.


        • Joseph says:

          Actually, Indonesia bought 12 brand new F-16s in 1989. But US embargo quickly put those overpriced tin cans into junks. The Indonesian put the F-16s on sale. They still do now. Many inspected, none would buy. Especially those who had experience with Russian and Chinese planes. Later, Indonesia bought Su-30 surplus from Russia. The pilots loves the Sukhoi. They said Su-30 to F-16 was like Ferrari to Suzuki. And Indonesia never even look at American planes anymore. In 2014, the American tried to sell F-16J ‘Viper’ to Indonesia. The American even offered to strap the F-16J with composite to make it ‘stealth’, for a price. But the traumatized Indonesia scoffed at the idea of buying another F-16. They joked that F-16 with composite would be like flying asphalt barrel.
          Indonesia bought Korean submarine because it is license-built German submarine. As indonesian submarines are German, they will be compatible to incorporate. But the torpedoes are Chinese, as so are other Indonesian navy new weapon systems.


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