China, Russia Study Establishing Military Alliance – Russian Expert

Arrival of Russian warship at China's Zhanjiang Port to take part in joint military drill in the South China Sea. Apple Daily photo

Arrival of Russian warship at China’s Zhanjiang Port to take part in joint military drill in the South China Sea. Apple Daily photo

Yesterday, Russia and China began their joint military drill in the South China Sea instead of the area to the north of Chinese sea area and near Russia.

Like their joint drill in the Mediterranean, it has roused great concerns.

Russia does not take side in China’s disputes with China’s neighbors in the South China Sea but supports China’s stance in disregarding Hague arbitration ruling. However, the US opposes China’s stance and has sent two aircraft carrier battle groups to threaten China; therefore, there is the question: Does the joint drill target US navy?

It is a question similar to that about the joint drill in the Mediterranean: Did China take part in the drill to show its support for Russia in its conflicts in Ukraine?

Both drills have been claimed to be directed at no third party. Do you believe that?

In its report on the drill, China’s official military forum quotes Alexey Maslov, Principal of the Oriental College of the Research University of Russian Higher Economic School, as saying “This drill aims at testing the capabilities of the two navies in jointly resolving crisis in East Asia and Southeast Asia.”

The report says that Maslov believes that Russia and China are now studying the establishment of their future military and political alliance, but such alliance will not be a formal organization in form and law like NATO.

Source: “Chinese-Russian military drill rouses concerns: Russian expert: The two countries are studying the establishment of military alliance” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


2 Comments on “China, Russia Study Establishing Military Alliance – Russian Expert”

  1. Ari says:


    For Russia and China to be able to effectively challenge the Washington imperialists and hegemonist, and to protect their friends in faraway places such as in South America, Africa, or even the Pacific ocean, they MUST be capable of projecting their military; in this case, their navy.

    To build a fair and just world, they have to be prepared to send their military to protect countries like Cuba or Nicaragua or Honduras which were threatened and attacked by America. People have a right to choose the social-economic system they desire. It is not for Washington to impose their colonialist capitalistic-“free-market” system on them which in reality is nothing short of a advanced economy dominating and plundering the resources and market of that developing economy. A bully and tyrant and war-mongering genocidal country like Amerika cannot be allowed to have its way.

    The strong shall always protect the weak and here is where Russia and China comes in. Washington’s homily that they are a civilized nation because they claim that they, as a strong “protect and defend the weak” is nothing but mere empty platitudes. The world have seen through their lies and deception and have decided they will have no more of this; Thus the cheering and welcoming of Russia and China to protect the rest of the world from that psychopathic Washington.

    A Russian-Chinese military alliance would indeed BE a very good idea.


  2. Steve says:

    Of Course, but No, I Don’t Believe That…..firstly, any China Russia Drills are targeted against the Evil Empire of the Rattlers, Sneaks and Snakes known as the USA, built on the foundation of genocide and hegemonism. The supportive joint drills in the Mediterranean and SCS are directed against the third party USA – the one and only major sponsor of genocide and invasion of sovereign countries.

    A new world order abbreviated as the M.A.R.C., known collectively as the Military Alliance of Russia and China will be constitutionalised. This MARC will comprise only of Russia and China as two major Superpowers to govern the world Politically and Militarily against All forms of hegemonic evils and trouble makers — starting with the US and those Unrepentant Barbaric Savages (guess who.?).

    Such an alliance should be formalised similar to NATO where an attack on Russian Soil is an attack on Chinese Soil and vice versa. As the saying, ‘Soils ain’t Soils’ — only the Soils of MARC.
    There shalt be No other alliances within MARC except for MARC only.