China’s Data link, Networking in 2002 Superior to US Ones in 2016

Fleet of China's Type 022 missile fast boats

Fleet of China’s Type 022 missile fast boats

National Interest’s defense editor Dave Majumdar is certainly a US military expert well informed about US most advanced technology. The problem is that he is ignorant of China’s advanced technology. As a result, he gives his article on US data link and network warfare capabilities the title “Game Changer: Combining Lockheed Martin’s F-35 and AEGIS Missile Defense” that gives the impression that the US is the first to have data link for network warfare to change the game of war.

The idea to have a stealth fighter penetrating enemy network of radar and other sensors to provide target information through data link is certainly advanced. A stealth fighter jet’s ammunition is limited, but after it has fired its missiles, the warships behind it can use the information provided by it through data link to hit lots of enemy targets.

That is US idea about the requirements for most advanced stealth fighter jet:

It must be stealth to penetrate enemy network of reconnaissance;

It must be fast so that the enemy does not have enough time to respond; and

It must have data link for network warfare to utilize the much greater fire power behind it.

Chinese pretty girl designer had such an idea much earlier. When she was assigned the job in 1994 to design a new type of Chinese fast boat to replace China’s old ones designed by Russia, no one had the idea what fast boat she should design. Advanced Western navies had not provided her any clue as they believed fast boats were not useful for advanced navy at that time. However, though very young at that time, she invented the idea that Type 022 fast boat she designed had to be stealth and fast and have data link for network warfare.

She has not received any training or education abroad. What she has achieved proves that China has native gifts and talents able to develop the best weapons even without outside help. Certainly, help from outside may greatly quicken China’s modernization. Her fast boat owes its great speed to Australian technology.

She made her fast boat invisible to enemy radar and video and audio sensors:

Its shape with lots of sharp angles greatly reduced the reflection of radar wave.

Its water jet propulsion avoids the noise caused by the air bubble in propeller propulsion to make it very quiet.

In my post “China’s Type 022 Missile Fast Boat Cannot Be Detected by Tens of Radars” on October 28, 2013, I said a reporter of Chinese Navy’s website was on board of a Type 022 missile fast boat to watch the drill of a flotilla of Type 022 fast boats. According to him, the boats’ stealth function is so superb that tens of radars cannot detect them while their coating is so wonderful that one cannot see them until they have come quite close.

— My post “Jane’s: China’s Type 022 Missile Boats Scare US
Military with Their Strength” on July 22, 2014

Compared with F-35, her boat is better stealth as F-35 can be detected by Chinese radar.

Like F-35 with high speed in air, her boat has high speed at sea.

F-35 can send target information through data link to Aegis destroyers to fire long-range Raytheon SM-6 missiles, but as the targets are out of the range of the destroyers’ sensors, the destroyers cannot guide the missiles to avoid interception and hit their targets accurately.

The girl’s boat, however, can not only send target information but also provide target information to an aircraft or warship through data link to enable the aircraft or warship to further guide the missiles the boat has launched to avoid interception and hit targets more accurately.

That will be much better. For example, after the attack of a volley of dozens DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles at a US aircraft battle group, a flotilla of 23 Type 022 stealth fast boats (one third of China’s 80 such boats) go quite close to conduct a second round of attack with a volley of all their 184 anti-ship missiles simultaneously at the group and then sailed away to avoid the remnant fire power of the group. Chinese AEW&C and Aegis destroyers have very powerful computers to guide the 184 missiles to hit the targets after receiving target information through the data link.

How many warships of the group can survive the second round attack?

There will be the third and fourth round attack from China’s other two flotillas of Type 022 fast boats if necessary. Moreover, the aircrafts and warships that have received target information through data link may fire their anti-ship missiles at the targets. As a result, none of warships in the group has any chance of survival.

The network warfare capabilities the girl has designed for her fast boat are much better than those that according to US Lt. Col. Richard Rusnok, the US has just started exploration.

The above is but the comparison of network warfare capabilities. It does not mean that I fail to understand the powerful capabilities of US stealth fighter jets.

As I have repeated times and again, only when China’s J-20 fighter jet can grab air supremacy from its US counterparts can China be able to effectively defend itself in conventional war.

Article by Chan Kai Yee


6 Comments on “China’s Data link, Networking in 2002 Superior to US Ones in 2016”

  1. Fu Man-Chu says:

    My humble hat off the young Chinese girl who engineered the remarkable data linking software program/system to enable the Chinese military to conduct an effective networked warfare. I hope her efforts have been appropriately recognized and compensated. Well done, young lady.


    • Indian ocean for India says:

      China needed Australian technology to build their so called stealth ship design. Proof here at the link. Their claims of networked technology is meaningless. Any body can copy.


      • Joseph says:

        And the source website was from ABC Australia. Why not just reveal the real source, the Chinese hater Lowy Institute. So what was the response of the Australian of the year Ian Fraser who stole his dead Chinese collegue, Zhou Jian’s journals ‘develop’ Australian ‘first’ breast cancer treatment? I believe, after he boasted his ‘achievement’ with Zhou Jian’s Chinese collegues who originally developed the process during his visit to China, he ‘shared’ credit for his ‘discovery’ with Zhou Jian’s collaboration. He apologized for not sharing the credit sooner, in which he would not share if he had not been busted. He forgot to mention how he ‘collaborated’ with a dead person. Through paranormal activity? Australian always loves to boast false claim, but would retract it when busted.


      • Joseph says:

        Sure, anyone can copy. Isn’t it what the American is doing now? Copying Chinese data link technology. But can anyone copy it without Chinese components? For the very least the US navy will have money to buy high quality Chinese components. The Indians have to make do with cheap low quality component rejects from Chinese component manufacturers, and forever complain why their computers always crash.


  2. Steve says:

    What is as good as China’s Data Link Networking in 2002 that is Superior to US ones in 2016 are China’s Data Link Networking Financial US Treasury Bonds Owning $1.2 plus Trillion. This is truly a Financial Stealth Destroyer of US economy without firing a single shot …. In Real Terms, China possess Four Great Arms – 1) PLA 2) PLAAF 3) PLAN 4) Owner and Creditor of US Largest Treasury Bonds.


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