China’s orbiting quantum satellite links with ground stations

China launched the world's first quantum satellite on top of a Long March-2D rocket on August 16. Photo: Xinhua

China launched the world’s first quantum satellite on top of a Long March-2D rocket on August 16. Photo: Xinhua

SCMP says in its report on September 24 that the world first quantum satellite launched by China in August has satisfactorily established a quantum channel between the satellite and ground stations according to Pan Jianwei, China’s leader expert in quantum physics.

Initial results from the satellite is encouraging as Pan’s team had successfully passed photons, or particles of light, between the satellite and ground stations in Tibet and Xinjiang autonomous regions.

SCMP says, “The plan is to eventually send a quantum cryptographic key via the satellite from Beijing to Vienna to demonstrate that the technology can be used for unhackable communication.”

However, there are still lots of challenges such as preventing photon signals from getting lost in the atmosphere and protecting photons from the interference of daylight.

Source: SCMP “China’s orbiting quantum satellite links with ground stations”, full text of which can be found at


9 Comments on “China’s orbiting quantum satellite links with ground stations”

  1. Steve says:

    Are we supposed to be sharing this unhackable Quantum communication satellite technology with nations of enmity.?


      • chankaiyee2 says:

        What you said is about quantum radar not quantum satellite. China is the first to launch a quantum satellite. Please do not make a show of your ignorance. This is not a place to show my pity. I will delete your post as a favor next time.

        By the way, my previous report says China builds its first quantum radar not world first. You had to read with understanding before giving comments.


      • Steve says:

        U need to subdue your Ignorance Not promote it.


      • Joseph says:

        Did they make it work? From what i saw in the news? It was only small observatory in Spain and South America, monitoring analogue data only, basically alien’s radio transmission, if the aliens are using radio wave at all. Those things are 30 years old and desperately need upgrade. They are practically useless. The Chinese quantum observatory detect wavelength spectrums, and multi bands transmission digitally, enhanced with quantum satellites. It monitors pulsars and other space anomalies. There is nothing like that anywhere else in the works. There’s no one else could afford to build such observatory, not even half its capacity. Even Western scientists from NASA and ESA want to get their hands on it. They’re trying to gain access in the name of international cooperation.


    • Jane says:

      Austria is not an enemy of anyone.

      Austria has been a neutral country since 1955, when the Soviet Union and the United States agreed to pull out their forces as long as the country became neutral.

      The Austrians take their responsibilities seriously and will not allow foreign troops to be stationed on Austrian territory, When NATO aircraft violate Austrian airspace, the Austrians send fighter jets to intercept them and force them to leave.

      China should stand on the side of neutral countries like Austria. This quantum satellite is a good first step.


      • Steve says:

        Well Said…China promotes harmonious relationships and partnerships with All countries.


      • Joseph says:

        I am sure China is willing to share its resources with friendly nations as long as they are honorable and respectable. Look what China shares with Indonesia in just a few short years. It is beyond our wildest dream after being on American/Western side for so long. We even have confidence to participate bid on UN Non Permanent Security Council, with China’s backing.


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