Independence banners hung at HK universities in defiance of China: media

A banner which reads "Hong Kong Independence" is displayed at the University of Hong Kong on China's National Day in Hong Kong, China October 1, 2016.  REUTERS/Apple Daily

A banner which reads “Hong Kong Independence” is displayed at the University of Hong Kong on China’s National Day in Hong Kong, China October 1, 2016. REUTERS/Apple Daily

Around a dozen Hong Kong universities draped large banners calling for the city’s independence on China’s National Day, defying authorities with demands for the Chinese controlled territory to split with mainland China.

Large banners reading “Hong Kong independence” were strung up across the financial city on Saturday, local broadcaster RTHK reported.

The statement said it was not clear who put up the large red and white banners but before lunchtime, the banners at Baptist University and City University in Kowloon Tong had already been removed.

Schools in the special administrative region are becoming a new battleground in a nascent campaign for the city’s independence.

The free-wheeling business hub has been on edge over the past couple of years over a campaign by some residents to preserve and promote their city’s freedoms in the face of what they see as a bid by Beijing to curb them.

The former British territory returned to Chinese rule in 1997 under a “one country, two systems” pact meant to safeguard its ways but the refusal of Beijing to give ground on a demand for full democracy has sapped many people’s faith in the formula.

Debate on independence was once unheard of in Hong Kong and for most residents it remains a youthful dream rather than a serious proposal that Beijing will ever consider.

But the fact that it is being debated illustrates what many in the city consider a sea change brought about by 79 days of student-led pro-democracy protests in 2014.

Since then, many city residents have decried what they see as increasing Beijing interference in various sectors to stifle dissent, including in schools.

(Reporting by Farah Master and Joyce Zhou; Editing by Christian Schmollinger)

Source: Reuters “Independence banners hung at HK universities in defiance of China: media”

Note: This is Reuters report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.


14 Comments on “Independence banners hung at HK universities in defiance of China: media”

  1. Joseph says:

    Those Hongkie activists should research what fate awaits them once their insurrection is over. In 1960s Indonesia, the American also made use of young Chinese Indonesian student activists who were willing to sell their soul either for ‘better future of democracy’, or for more selfish goal. All were fanatics and commited to their goal. And they did succeed. Indonesia was at the hand of the American. It was a total victory. And what did these idiots get? While their relatives were being systematically prosecuted, their name and their contributions were systematically erased from history book before they themselves joined the prosecuted, no one was spared. Only their leader Lim brothers, also known in their Indonesian name as Sofyan and Jusuf Wanandi got awarded mere US greencard as CIA operatives, to the life of small convenient store in the US, just like the one Gary Locke’s parent had. While Jusuf was happy enough to tend his small convenient store, Sofyan came back to Indonesia to open business. Fast forward thirty years to 1990s, Jusuf was still safe and rotting in his American convenient store while Sofyan had made some fortune, no thanks to his CIA connection as even being prosecuted, the Chinese Indonesians were still able to manage to find loopholes to do business with the Indonesian, and even with Western exploiters. The pro-American regime had a fall out with their American master. Fearing losing legitimacy, they tried to find scapegoat in the Chinese Indonesia. The older Sofyan, now with business interest to protect, tried to point out his contributions to the regime 30 years earlier. But his claim would only threatened the regime’s legitimacy as American puppet, and worse, the Chinese Indonesian was made aware of what he did thirty years earlier and wouldn’t want to have nothing to do with him. Indonesia would undergo drastic and roller-coaster evolution on its relationship with Chinese Indonesia for the next 20 years, fortunately for the better. But Sofyan, old and bitter, was always the traitor and alienated, both by the new regimes after and by his fellow Chinese Indonesian. L To leave Indonesia would mean that he has to leave his assets that are much more lucrative than an American convenient store. To stay means that he has to face the scorns of people around him. There’s even a hearsay thay no Chinese would want to be buried next to him when he dies. We don’t think it is a good end for such a successful activist, but it is fitting end for such a traitorous person. Sofyan Wanandi of Indonesia may be a figure only known to Indonesian. No one outside of Indonesia would care about him. There are other more world well-known activists/traitors such as Wang Dan, Wuer Kaixi and that blind lawyer. But they all suffer very similar disappointing end of being abandoned by their American master. They might have genuine faith in democracy, but in the end it didn’t really matter as they were just pawns. In Indonesia, we tell the tale of Sofyan Wanandi to prevent others from having a thought of such selfish and despicable acts. In Hongkong, there may be nobody like him, yet. But those traitorous activists are wise to learn from him and other traitors of what fate await them, both if they fail, or worse, if they succeed.


  2. Simon says:

    My sister in law who is from Mainland China and now living in the UK for the last 12 years no longer has romantic views of the West in contrast to when she lived in China. Her nephew joined the “Umbrella movement” in HK and participated in the riots recently visited us in the UK and provoked tense argument with his aunt over political views. Her nephew was born in Mainland China and came to live in HK at the age of 12, took part in the riots against Chinese rule at age 20 he is now 22yrs old. This idiot don’t even now who he is and what he represent but he calls himself an Anglophile, don’t like to eat Chinese food and devote fan of films such as Transformers and the Marvel superheroes, also Harry Potter. I said to him has he ever grew up with Marvel comics, saw the early Transformer TV shows or read any of JK Rowlings books? To truely appreciate what you enjoy about Britain you need to understand their history and completely submerge in their culture through years of growing up amongst its people and way of life. In his case he was living in a illusion about the West and Britain as superior to China in every way without even trying to understand. He did not even know Teresa May was moved into power by 100 Tory MPs and was never democratically elected, the Chief Executive of HK has a better democatric mandate than the UK prime minister.

    This is the delusion young HK activist hold about the West, until they live in the West and see how undemocratic it really is. I lived in HK briefly post 1997 and this part of China I find compleyely lawless. There are many things citizens there do every day that would have got them arrested, fined or even jailed if it happened in the UK such as open prostition, theft, lax trading standards and standard of behaviour.


    • Steve says:

      Just call him an Anglophile Dickhead….An Anglophile can’t think with the Brainhead above his shoulders, only with the Dickhead below his waist…


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hong Kong can never be independent because it does not even have its supply of fresh water. Therefore the call for HK’s independence is against the will of God.


    • Steve says:

      HK has lots of reservoirs including drinking water. Quite a fair number of reservoirs were built during British occupation.


      • Joseph says:

        Those reservoirs were only for show and might have rusted over time. When Margaret Thatcher tried to play tough cookie with Deng Xiaoping on refusing to return Hongkong to China, Deng simply threatened to cut water supply from Chinese reservoirs. Some said that he actually did just before the talk took place, to make point. This was the event where the infuriated but helpless Thatcher trembled and slipped on the stairs after the talk. In the end the ‘iron’ (lady) bended on the ‘wall’.


      • Jane says:

        Hong Kong gets 80% of its water supply from mainland China. The reservoirs are only there to save them some money on their water bill. It is impossible to supply Hong Kong from its own water sources.

        The British knew this, and they were careful to stay on good terms with China. These students are not even as smart as the British.


    • Steve says:

      Correct – Well Said


  4. Steve says:

    It is said Stupidity has no limits, sometimes it cannot be cured. This is a good example when the Buddha said, “First, One Must Not Be A Traitor to One’s Country”….Meaning – We should never harm society and our country, to be harmonious and accord with one another. Most Chinese have lost our spiritual and cultural roots of Confucianism and respect for the Elders (Govt.) and Teachers.

    During the British occupation of HK, these demonstrators would be jailed and quite possibly Shot, if they continue with such actions. The British would have imposed a curfew to prevent an uprising. About time, the HK police arrest these traitors and jail them for terrorism and separatism.


  5. Joseph says:

    Again, I find the dumbness of the Hongkies disturbing. What do they try to accomplish by doing such thing? Especially now when the West is on the offensive toward Chinese as a people. And Reuters is there as a sign of treacherous by these collaborators. Say they are successful in whatever their goal what would the Hongkies’ role be but Western subordinates expected to follow directives, just like Phillipines even 50 years after its ‘independence’ or ‘friendship’ or whatever the American calls it. University is supposed to be a place of learning, a place to develop intelects. It is supposed to make people smarter, not dumber. They should be studying technology, not debating about independence or democracy or other unrelated issues. What is this idea that by siding with the West means the universities has fulfill its purposes? If that’s the case, those universities should closed down. They would be a waste of money, time and talents anyway. Not that Hongkong universities produces quality graduates anyway. Anybody heard about Hongkong university achievement anyway? Apart from treacherous mindset, of course. Even smart Hongkies would rather send their kids to study elsewhere than to Hongkong universities for the prospect of better employment even in Hongkong. Of many countries in the world that benefit from China’s economic generosity, Hongkong as a part of China was ‘left behind’. Of all thriving China’s cities, Hongkong alone is in economic trouble, and the Hongkies do not even have the capacity to analyze what’s wrong with them. In reminisce to Hongkong, Western countries whose universities produce useless graduate through their bluff tertiary education programs, also experiencing economic trouble, and there is nothing those bluff graduate can do or think to make it better. All they can do is blaming everyone, especially China for their incompetence. If only Hongkong universities produce real educations to its students rather than unrelated mindset of insurrection, the Hongkies would be just as innovative as other Chinese people all around the sane world, and they would not be in their economic hardship they are in right now. They will have the capacity to assess what’s wrong with them and find solutions and they will not be compaining and blaming anyone else like those Western empty brains. So in this case, it is actually a good idea to sack those useless university deans and academic, and replace them with real educators to return the universities back to be a place of learning. After all, back in when Hongkong was still subjugated by British in the 1950s-1980s, Hongkong once thrived economically. Back then, even the idea about democracy was forbidden by the British. All they could rely on was their Chinese ingenuity, and that’s all they need in place of their present-day misguided idea of democracy. The one place that the Hongkies should seek help from is not the West, but Singapore. As one of the most insignificant place in the world with no resources, they manage to put themselves on the world map prominently, and all they have is Chinese ingenuity. It is one of Chinese ingenuity and doctrine that education is paramount. The correct education, of course, not misguided education. And Singapore manages to use education to great effects. Of course Singapore is not a place famous for its democracy. Insurrection idea is largely taboo in its academic community. Hongkong would be wise to learn from Singapore success.


    • Simon says:

      Throughout SE Asia and increasingly the rest of the world Chinese communities and people of ethnic Chinese ancestory are the most successful and prosperous. We see that in Thailand, Malaysia, Phillipines and also in Australia and America compare to indigenous ethnic groups. It has nothing to do with being associated with Western idealogy but entirely to do with being Chinese.


  6. johnleecan says:

    This news is trash. Most Hongkongers know without China, they are doomed. Hongkongers are envious of the success of mainlanders although they won’t admit it. They know the mainlanders can and will always beat them in almost every aspect.

    This is just another desperate attempt by the Americans to stir up trouble.