China to Showcase Its J-20 at Zhuhai Airshow Next Week

A J-20 climbing up. Credit:

A J-20 climbing up. Credit:

In its report yesterday titled “China to unveil its J-20 stealth fighter at air show”, Reuters says that according to Chinese air force, China will make the first public flight show of its new generation J-20 stealth fighter jet at Zhuhai Airshow that opens next week.

Reuters says, “Air force spokesman Shen Jinke said the J-20’s production was proceeding according to plan and would assist in the air force’s mission to ‘safeguard sovereignty and national security’.

It quotes Chinese air force as saying, “This is the first public appearance of China’s indigenously manufactured new generation stealth fighter jet”.

Shen said in June that J-20 will be commissioned “in the near future”.

China says it develops J-20 for national security. That is quite natural as the US is now sending its aircraft carriers to threaten China and plans to transfer more navy and air force to Asia to deal with China. Since the US has F-22 and F-35 stealth fighter jets and quite a few stealth bombers, China must have its own stealth warplanes for its national defense.

Reuters, however, says, “The ability to project air power is key for China as it takes on a more assertive stance on territorial disputes with neighbors in the East China and South China seas.”

No Chinese neighbors will have stealth fighters except Japan, which will not use them against China unless the US wants it to support US attack at China. Why shall China incur such huge costs in developing and deploying J-20 if there is no US threat? According to a Chinese expert in charge of the development of most advanced Chinese warplanes, a J-20 costs 500 million yuan ($83 million).

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