Top Indian Diplomat Tells Truth to Remove Misunderstanding of China

Shashi Tharoor addresses the media after meeting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi in June 2006, when he was the Indian nominee for UN Secretary General. Photo: AFP

Shashi Tharoor addresses the media after meeting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi in June 2006, when he was the Indian nominee for UN Secretary General. Photo: AFP

When Shashi Tharoor, a charismatic career Indian diplomat, lost in the election for the post of UN secretary general a decade ago, people in India quickly laid the blame on China and regarded it as China’s scheme to hold down India.

In fact, as disclosed by Mr. Tharoor’s recent article “China did not stand in this Indian’s way for top U.N. job” on SCMP, it was the US not China that used its veto to block his way for the top UN job.

Due to confidentiality, Mr. Tharoor has not until now come out to tell the truth in order to remove the misunderstanding.

He gave detailed description of his meeting with Chinese diplomats and China’s promise not to oppose him and how China has honored its promise. He disclosed the truth that it was the US that used its veto to block his way to the top UN job.

He cited the memoir of John Bolton the then US ambassador to the UN to prove that China “had voted for all the Asian candidates on the first ballot; China then abstained on my candidacy on subsequent ballots but, as it promised, it never used its veto against me. That was done by the United States, which, Bolton reveals, backed Ban to the hilt and lobbied on his behalf with other Security Council members.

He says, according to Bolton, “These three factors – the bilateral relationship with Korea, a perception of a lack of conviction on India’s part, and the Bush administration’s desire not to repeat the Annan experiment of a ‘strong’ secretary general – combined to ensure the US veto that scuttled my candidacy.”

It is sad that in spite of China’s great efforts, China has failed to make India its friendly neighbor. That gives the US and some other nations and media hope to have a rising India as a counterweight to China’s rise. However, Mr. Tharoor says in his article, “India firmly disavowed any intention of playing such a role”.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Mr. Tharoor’s article on SCMP, full text of which can be found at


5 Comments on “Top Indian Diplomat Tells Truth to Remove Misunderstanding of China”

  1. Why Take So Long To Clear Beijing's Name? says:

    Like the American neocons, the Indian neocons – of which there are many many more than Americans – cannot be believed – whatever they say or do. I have no great wish to see India rise for the day when it does, woe betide the world. It will be worse than the mad ISIS terrorist caliphate (Hitler is nothing compared). Expect the world to stir and bomb India to stone age when it gets too arrogant and hubris filled and attempt to expand their territory beyond their current boundaries. The world don’t need any more pathological neocons; Unfortunately, there are billions of these in India. And they control the show in India now. People like well meaning Shashi Tharoor probably suffer the consequences of bigger pathological neocons like those in in Washington and London.


  2. Joseph says:

    For the very least, he comes out and telling the truth, eventhough it is a decade late. It is a huge shift on Indian political attitude toward China. Normally the Indian eagerly attacks China whole avoiding to offend the American. It is either this person is an honest and respectable person seeking political suicide, or the Indian government has decided to follow the regional political current in line with China at the expense of its relationship with the American. If so, it is another bye bye America on another Asian region.


  3. Steve says:

    Shashi Tharoor shall be regarded as one good honest Indian still Alive.


  4. EMuse says:

    Well since everything is China’s fault, perhaps we can blame China for India’s poverty as well.


  5. Simon says:

    Indians are delusional and its leaders are spineless. They senior diplomats to America get strip searched and humiliated by American customs officials and even their leader Modi before he was PM was barred from entry labeled a terrorist by America. Clearly India want to be treated like a door matt by Western countries and adopted English as their national language.

    I do not hold any regret why India’s relations with China is not better one bit. Clearly it is India lost.