Who Fears US Seawolf Submarines that Use 1990s Technology.

 USS Seawolf conducts Bravo sea trials. Wikimedia Commons/Public domain

USS Seawolf conducts Bravo sea trials. Wikimedia Commons/Public domain

I reblogged US military expert Kyle Mizokami’s article “Why Russia and China Fear America’s Seawolf-Class Submarines” for readers’ information as Seawolf is the best of US submarines that readers must be interested in. However, I got a reader’s comment, asking “So where’s the mentioning of fear coming from the Russian and Chinese side?”

True, Mizokami gives quite detailed description of Seawolf’s good functions but no reason why Russia and China shall fear it.

Seawolf uses 1990s technology. It is 2016 now. Lots of new technologies have emerged in the two decades since then to enable China and Russia to make better submarines. As far as I know, China has succeeded in making a prototype of its fourth-generation nuclear submarine using magnetic fluid propulsion. Such new technology makes the submarine much quieter and faster with great maneuverability. It takes a few years for China to improve the technology and be able to begin series production of the new submarines. However, we are sure that due to fast development of technology, Seawolf-class submarines will soon be outdated as they use the technology two decades ago.

I wonder what is the satisfaction in boasting about 1990s technology.

Moreover, the writer must be sad that the US was not rich enough to make enough number of its advanced submarines when it succeeded in developing Seawolf. US financial situation is much worse now. Will it have the funds to compete with China in developing new submarines with state-of-the-art technology?

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Kyle Mizokami’s article on National Interest, full text of which was reblogged here yesterday.


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  1. Joseph says:

    Well, just like our house parrot T-50 said, what else would make anyone fear America? As on right now, the American is the one doing the fearing than to be feared. Fear of China, fear of Russia, fear of police brutality, fear of Mexican immigration, fear of GFC, fear of losing Aleppo, fear of ISIS, fear of losing Asian hegemony, fear of Trump, fear of Hillary and so on and so on. For a country who has so much to fear, the stench of fear is so thick. It is not surprising that they want everyone to fear them for something at least. After all, fear is all they know. For the American, it is either be the terrorists or be terrorized.

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  2. Steve says:

    Kylie Mizokami’s articles from the past to present are pro US, anti China. In past articles the author propose war with China before China gets too powerful. I just ignore her fictitious novels.


    • Joseph says:

      She is a writer for National Interest. Would you expect her to write something pro-Chinese and anti-US? She’ll get fired for sure.


      • Simon says:

        It is a he. Kyle Mizokami is a half Jap who co founded the defense and security blog Japan Security Watch.

        What do you expect?