China’s Homegrown Drones Better than US Global Hawk, Predator

Yunying drone displayed for the first time. Photo: Jun

China displays for the first time its Yunying drone and the weapons it may carry. Photo: Jun

China’s Yunying Drone is the best among the same type of drone in the world in height and speed of flight and range of strike and reconnaissance. It is as good in reconnaissance as Global Hawk, but stronger in attack.

As soon as it receives signal of task from ground station, it go to attack at high speed. Its integration of surveillance, reconnaissance and attack functions enables it to greatly shorten the time between discovering and destroying its target. It is able to plan attack route and fire at its target automatically.

Yunying and Fengying drones may coordinate with J-20 in combat.

Caihong-5 (CH-5) drone is better than Predator with its wingspan of 21 meters, maximum takeoff load of 3.3 tons, duration of 40 hours, range of 6,500 km, and ability to carry 16 air-to-ground missiles.

Source: Science and Technology Daily “China’s Yunying drone world advanced in functions may coordinate with J-20 in combat” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)