Reveal Secret! China’s New Radar Can Detect Suborbital Spacecraft’s report on Zhuhai Airshow describes lots of China’s advanced weapons on display including J-10B fighter jet, H-6K bombers, M-20 missile, one of the only two fourth-generation ground-to-ground missiles in the world, PL-10 air-to-air missile able to kill stealth warplane, anti-stealth radars, etc. It provides photos of all of them so that I can provide photos of China’s anti-stealth radars in my previous post.

The report says that China’s new long-range radar can detect low orbit satellite and suborbital spacecraft, but provide no photo or picture of it.

If the radar can detect suborbital spacecraft, then it will be very useful for China’s missile defense as it can detect and track ICBMs in mid course.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on’s report “Disclosure of secret! China’s new long-range radar can detect suborbital spacecraft in space”