Duterte Well Aware of US Threat of Regime Change, but Not Afraid

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte gestures while answering questions during a news conference upon his arrival from a state visit in Japan at the Davao International Airport in Davao city, Philippines October 27, 2016.    REUTERS/Lean Daval Jr

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte gestures while answering questions during a news conference upon his arrival from a state visit in Japan at the Davao International Airport in Davao city, Philippines October 27, 2016. REUTERS/Lean Daval Jr

In its report “Philippines’ Duterte says drugs flow slows, vents at U.S. and Soros”, Reuters says:

Duterte invited his countrymen to protest if they disagreed with him.

“If you think America will be good for you, if you want to be a (U.S.) territory … if it is to your personal interest, go ahead and join the demonstration,” he said.

“And maybe you can convince me to leave the presidency. But at least I leave without being treated like a pig by the Americans.”

When the US is not satisfied with the regime in a country, it does its best to seek regime change there and even resorts to war. It sent its troops to Iraq and Afghanistan and has brought about regime change there but leaves the countries in chaos and their people in misery.

In addition, it sent its warplanes to conduct air raid in Libya to bring about regime change to bring misfortune to the people there.

That is not enough. It supports civil war in Syria. Together with the chaos it has brought about in Iraq, it has given rise to the cruel regime of ISIS. What a regime change!

The US does not care whether the regime change has brought benefits or disasters to the people there. It is happy as it has overthrown the regime it does not like.

Since the US is so fond of bringing about regime change, Philippine President Duterte must be aware that he is faced with US trick of regime change to bring down him since he has offended the US seriously. That is why he said what Reuters quotes in its report.

In fact US assistant secretary of state Daniel Russel has already given implied threat of regime change to Duterte in his recent visit to Manila.

In Doug Bandow’s article “Washington’s influence is not worth courting conflict with China” on The National Interest on October 24, Bandow says, “Indeed, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Russel publicly warned Duterte not ‘to underestimate the power of the public’s affinity for the U.S.’ Posing an even greater danger may be the security establishment, which is heavily dependent on the United States—and has not hesitated to speed the exit of past unpopular presidents.

The Philippines is a weak nation that the US regard regime change as an easy job. Even in world powers such as Russia and China, the US also wants regime change.

US media Defense One says in its report on May 25 titled “Pentagon Playing the Long Game in the South China Sea, Carter Says” that in US Defense Secretary Carter’s speech to sailors at the Naval War College, Carter says, “Our Asia rebalance isn’t ‘try it out for a little while.’ It’s a long-term kind of thing.” “The internal logic” of China and its society will eventually dictate a change.

Not internal alone. The US is supporting Falungong and others’ media’ propaganda outside China and Chinese dissidents inside China to bring the change it wants.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Reuters report, full text of which can be viewed at http://www.reuters.com/article/us-philippines-duterte-idUSKBN12Z223


3 Comments on “Duterte Well Aware of US Threat of Regime Change, but Not Afraid”

  1. johnleecan says:

    The Asia pivot of America is not going as planned is it Mr. Carter? Just like your war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. You thought it will be easy with your shock and awe. But in reality, you Americans are in shock and awful lot of debt.

    Now, American brainwashed soldiers are questioning the supremacy of American military and its strategy so you have to tell them the Asia pivot is a long term kind of thing. Soldiers are wondering why cheap, imitation, low quality and easily broken Chinese products can match American quality products. Yet, you Americans say China is a threat.

    The funny thing is, many countries feel the same thing as the American soldiers. They keep on complaining about Chinese products and always repeating their promise of boycotting Chinese products. Yet when they go out to buy, they can’t stop buying Chinese made products.


  2. Steve says:

    This speech of animosity towards the US clearly defines President Duterte’s views on the Evils of American hegemonism for world domination with it’s military supremacy. In other words, by hook or crook, lies or deceit, by genocidal extermination or illegal conquest and by the supreme authority of the White House, I shall hereby authorise a regime change.

    The whole world understands that the US are the profound Masters of chaos and creators of anarchy on foreign soil to control the nations government and foreign policy. Fortunately, for Duterte, it won’t happen, at least not by US military forces because the US will embarrass itself in the UN. Only people’s revolt and court action may impeach President Duterte. I doubt there will be a military coup.

    One thing for certain, there will be an Amerexit from the SCS. With Malaysia allied to China, both economically and militarily in SCS patrols and the Straits of Malacca no longer a choke point to China’s trade lifelines and strengthening of Vietnam diplomatic ties, the US has a huge gaping hole widening in its Asian pivot. Add in the tumultuous relationship of President Duterte and Washington, the days of US hegemonic domination in the SCS is slowly evaporating.

    Duterte’s cabinet is strongly united, but need to seriously engage China, since Philippines developments will have a major impact on the geopolitics of the SCS region. China will be wise to return favour economically and militarily.


  3. Simon says:

    Washington was behind the recent failed coup in Turkey with the help of pro American opponent of president Erdogan currently residing and financed by America.
    Vietnam will never be America’s true ally because to do so a regime change to end Communist rule will be an absolute must to at least wipe out the memory of its humiliating defeat.