With J-20, China No Longer Worries about F-22, F-35

Chinese air force commander General Ma Shengli tells reporter he is very much satisfied with J-20. Photo from Shenzhen TV footage

Chinese air force commander General Ma Xiaotian tells reporter he is very much satisfied with J-20. Photo from Shenzhen TV footage

On November 4, I reblogged the article on China’s J-20 stealth fighter jet titled “Opinion: Should US be worried about China’s new J-20 stealth fighters?” on CNN by RUSI (Royal United Services Institute) combat air power and technology expert Justin Bronk.

I believe Bronk’s analysis that J-20 is not so good as F-22 and F-35 in reducing its radar cross section due to its shape, but I don’t agree with his speculation “China also has significantly less know-how in terms of radar-absorbent coatings compared with the United States. Most importantly, it is extremely unlikely that the J-20 is equipped with anything approaching the F-22’s and F-35’s sensor suite.”

Bronk’s ground for the above speculation is China’s lack of experience as it is quite late in developing stealth technology. That indeed proves nothing.

China is late but able to develop a stealth fighter.

China is late in developing powerful turbofan engine but the air show proves that China has provided J-20 with very powerful engines.

The above are quite sound grounds to refute Bronk’s speculation.

As for sensor suite, China has developed its AEW&C aircrafts not inferior to America’s.

The greatest superiority of F-22 and F-35, according to Bronk, is that the sensor suites enable F-22 and F-35 to have “sensor-fusion capabilities” for “their pilots”.

However, CCTV says in its report yesterday on J-20 that J-20’s various functions rank among the best in the world.

In addition, Chinese air force commander General Ma Xiaotian tells Shenzhen TV reporter that he is very much satisfied with J-20.

That obviously means that having got J-20, Gel. Ma does not worry about F-22 or F-35.

Strange! The US does not worry based on its experts and British expert Bronk’s analysis. What is General Ma’ ground in being satisfied with China’s J-20 in spite of the weaknesses Bronk has pointed out.

Do not be surprised by that. China and US have different strategic goals in developing their stealth fighter jets.

The US has developed F-22 and is developing F-35 for global air supremacy; therefore it needs them to be better stealth to avoid being detected by enemy AEW&Cs and land-based radars.

China has developed its J-20 for regional air supremacy in airspace near it. As J-20 has the support of AEW&C aircrafts and land-based radars while the US does not as US land-based radars are all within China’s intermediate ballistic missiles while its AEW&C aircrafts will be shot down by J-20 if they come near China to support its fighter jets. Even the radars on US warships cannot support US stealth fighter jets as they too cannot come near China for fear of saturated attack of China’s anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles.

That is why data links between all the US stealth fighter jets are so important. That will be the only source of their information in the combat though their pilots will be under great pressure in analyzing the information while controlling their fighter jets to deal with J-20s.

J-20 pilots are much more relaxed so that they can focus on shooting down US warplanes. Their command center either on the ground or in an AEW&C aircraft obtains all the information from land-based radars, all Chinese warplanes and warships in the combat and all the Chinese satellites in space. China’s experts among the crew on the AEW&C aircraft or in the command center on the ground are able to make analysis with the help of much stronger computers to direct J-20s to hit their targets.

With such support, Chinese designer may sacrifice some stealth capabilities for better maneuverability in J-20’s shape.

US stealth fighter jets’ sensor-fusion capabilities are a poor alternative for support from ground, AEW&C and warships. US F-22 and F-35 pilot will find himself like a fly facing a huge net of spider.

That is why General Ma is so satisfied.

The US certainly shall not worry as China’s J-20 is utterly unable to threaten the US outside the airspace near China. The airspace J-20 defends is quite small compared with that outside, which will be dominated by US F-22 and F-35. F-22 and F-35 will help the US maintain its status as world hegemon. No worry!

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on CCTV’s report “Air force shows off establishment of systems of new high-tech weapons and equipment at airshow” and mil.huanqiu.com’s report “Air force commander: Very much satisfied with J-20’s performance: Time table has been set for commissioning of J-20” both in Chinese, and CNN “Opinion: Should US be worried about China’s new J-20 stealth fighters?”, full text of which can be viewed at http://edition.cnn.com/2016/11/01/opinions/chinas-new-j-20-stealths-opinion/


7 Comments on “With J-20, China No Longer Worries about F-22, F-35”

  1. Joseph says:

    I am amused with how much Western media is spooked by the J-20. The Zhuhai Airshow didn’t reveal much, other than fly-by by a pair of J-20s. Nothing more, but it is enough to get Westerners spooked that Western media is flooded by the barrage of comments of disadvantages, according to them, or course. From unreliable engines, aerodynamic and so on and so on, recycled old guessings but nothing new. One should wonder if the J-20 was so bad, and F-22/F-35 are so superior, what do they have to worry about. Many speculate and spook themselves that the J-20 carries anti-ship missiles, and having a debate among themselves if it does. At least the J-20 is not rumored to carry drones or be re-classified as ‘surveillance’ planes. Whatever the capabilities of J-20, whatever the performance of J-20, it is hardly matter. It has achieved success to strike the fear of potential Western adversaries. Otherwise, why bother to try so hard to denounce it? Perhaps the biggest advantage of J-20 its lack of released information. In the Cold War, the American lived in fear to Soviet weaponry because they didn’t know anything about it. They tried to acquire Soviet weapons and rewarding defector pilots who could bring along their planes. Even decades old equipment matters a lot. Yet even after acquired some hardware, they could not work out how to the systems worked. All these mocking of China reverse engineering foreign hardwares, at least China has the expertise to reverse engineer them. The American had little success to reverse engineer the Soviet hardware they acquired. That’s until the Soviet engineer Tolkachev defected and gave the American heaps of Soviet blue-prints. Those blue-prints, not inventive R&Ds, had enabled the American to ‘develop’ their signature weapons such as F-14 to F-22. Even American Apache helicopter looks a lot like Soviet Mi-24. Not surprising, after Tolkachev’s blue-prints ran dry following his execution, the American failed miserable to develop new plane, the F-35. The American assumed that because China uses reverse-engineered Soviet Technology, they would already know the technology. Therefore Western ‘analyst’ would build up guess analysis bases on stolen Soviet design. However China began adding new systems and upgrades that are not on Tolkachev blue-print, making the American to lose the Tolkachev advantage. The J-20 is the plane that is not developed from Soviet design, therefore the American is completely blind to its technology. All they can do is to speculate on the Soviet design based on Tolkachev blue-prints, thus gregarious comments like those made by RUSI ‘analyst’ Justin Bronk about that radar cross-section, among other things. Some are desperately confused about the nose section of J-20 which they said resembles American F-35. Perhaps they are puzzled, since it doesn’t work well on F-35, how the Chinese makes it works on the J-20. But until the American find a Chinese Tolkachev, I am sure they are trying hard to find one, they are completely clueless to the J-20 and its un-transparent-ness, and they will surely make negative speculative propaganda for J-20, to cover their fear.


  2. johnleecan says:

    With the impending deployment of THAAD, China should turn the targets of many of its MIRV nuclear missiles into South Korea. What’s the use of THAAD if there’s no missiles to intercept? Now, let’s see how China’s neighbors react.


  3. Fu Man-Chu says:


    Yes, I was thinking earlier of asking – Why are the Americans building OFFENSIVE warplanes for? Reading your comment has prompted me to underline this question to the Americans : Why? Since when are we a threat to you and your national security when we are 10,069 km away from Los Angeles?

    It is indeed disgusting to witness such a hypocritical situation when “Liar-in-Chief” Obama and gang used to accuse and question Beijing as though Beijing was building offensive weapons against the U.S.

    I strongly recommend to President Xi and his Administration that his future plans should be to design and build offensive warplanes, warships, and other weapons of war to threaten the U.S. near their shoreline and perhaps make their propaganda film – “Red Dawn” – one step nearer to reality. As it is, they represent America as nothing but “Neo Fascist Dawn” – a belligerent aggressive country ready to attack and invade any country in the world except their brethren and kin, the 5-Eyes member states.

    And China will NEVER be free from Washington’s bullying, threats, intimidation and aggression as long as it does not possess the nuclear parity ability to nuke America back to the stone ages. And if indeed China’s future is to be secured, this has to be the course.

    Consider : Japan is an unrepentant aggressive country – insofar as its 20% neocon or megalomaniacal militants continues to control its government and remains a vassal of Washington. Meanwhile a very large a sector of the American society remains hostile to Chinna and CHinese due to their being intensively brainwashed against China by their mass medias (witness even idiots like that brainless bigoted Alex Jones on YouTube pretending to front alternative news medium), schools, books, Hollywood, etc.. We all represent the “despised Orientals” in their eye UNLESS we behave like their good little small brothers and not follow or develop any socio-economic-politico system suited to our unique needs and exigencies.

    So, President Xi, may I respectfully suggest that you or your future successor or successors, ensure that China’s military becomes six times larger than the next six militaries combined and that your nuclear warheads and bombs soon equal or exceed the U.S.’s. China’s greatness can only be re-achieved when it’s military is the strongest and second to none in the world. That no one, not even the U.S. will dare to behave in that trouble-making pesky way as they did in the south China Sea recently or will continue to do in the near future.


    • Simon says:

      Its all them Fu Manchu movies current generation of political and military leaders brought up with watching when they were kids that influenced their warped attitude towards Chinese people. Former British PM David Cameron in his election TV debate in 2010 even went so far as to say that his country need Trident so that it can “defend itself against rogue state like China”. What he really meant was North Korea but the attitude that any yellow skin people are perils and if they don’t kow tow to white superemist countries must be ruled by Fu Manchu.


  4. Simon says:

    Remember the embarrassing episode earlier this year when a F22 were detected and escorted out of Chinese airspace with an option of shooting it down. America kept quite and it was the Chinese who broke the news. So much for American stealth technology and transparency.


  5. Steve says:

    Excellent Commentary – According to a latest report, the difference between the strategic goals of the J-20 and F35 is air supremacy (f35) and surface target supremacy (j-22). Since US enemies has No imposing aircraft carriers to destroy, the F35 was designed for air supremacy against enemy fighter jets. China has a huge opposition of US aircraft carriers to destroy. The J-22 was designed against such opposition with longer flight distance and bigger payload compared to the F22/35. The J-20 designation is the destruction of large surface targets like aircraft carriers, depots, installations and so forth.

    Just to side track, but relevant, the Russian navy commander Koroloev visiting China on an inspection with a view to buy China’s advanced warship because Russia is running low on funds to build and Russian modern warships are getting outdated. It is reported that on technical indicators,,, 052D missile destroyer power systems, radar systems, shipboard weapons, air capabilities are the best and second to none in the world. Russia is facing a dilemma which is a bit embarrassing, but luckily there is ‘Big Brother’ China (used to be small brother) just across the border down South.

    This clearly proves that the J-20 will be well supported by All state of the art technical indicators from warships (world’s best), super high speed computers (best in the world), world’s first and foremost not hackable quantum communication satellite and so on. Bronk’s analysis is a self centred report for his pro American stealth supporters, considering the fact that F35 is still ironing some teething problems.


  6. Fre Okin says:

    Excellent analysis! Foreigner idiots Have No Idea how the Chinese operates. Their Narrow Vision supposed the Chinese Think like them. Your analysis is a Gift to the warmongers in Washington DC to Educate Them J20 is Mission Specific to Defending China Only, not like the Gangster F22, F35 pack of hyenas going round the world threatening peaceful countries.

    J20 will be China’s primary fighter jet to put US to shame if she dare to attack China from bases near China. US will be spanked so hard with massive losses she will have to quit within 48 hours of war starting. J20 heading out from Chinese bases to meet US jets will not have to worry about stealth as much as the rear part is not visible. It will only become visible when J20 need to maneuver to attack US jets. By then it will be too late for the US jets to evade J20 missiles. Guess the foreign experts didn’t see this possible scenario.

    US should pretend she is superpower and not actually allow war to happen against China. If it happen, she will be exposed as a loser and never dare to boast she is one again as far as the Chinese theater is concerned. She can be a superpower elsewhere nobody cares.

    This article is especially useful for Hillary and her neocon advisers.