China Receives Largest Ever Weapon Order for Wing Loong-2 Attack Drone

China's homegrown Wing Loong-1 attack drone popular abroad.

China’s homegrown Wing Loong-1 attack drone popular abroad.

Wing Loong-1 fires a missile.

Wing Loong-1 fires a missile.

China's homegrown Wing Loong-2 attack drone that has received the largest ever order from abroad.

China’s homegrown Wing Loong-2 attack drone that has received the largest ever order from abroad.

China’s Wing Loong-1 drones have been intensively used abroad for tens of thousands of hours and launched life ammunition nearly a thousand times. Such severe experience it has undergone has proved its satisfactory functions and stable performance and made it very popular abroad.

Now according to its chief engineer Li Yidong, China has developed Wing Loong-2 with more powerful homegrown engine, larger fuselage and better pneumatic shape to increase its ceiling, speed, duration and load. It can carry more electronic equipment to enable combined use of photoelectric pod and synthetic aperture radar for longer range of reconnaissance and better identification of targets.

Wing Loong-2 has an internal weapon bay for 200 kg of weapons and can carry 480 kg of 6 weapons on its wings.

According to Li, a real prototype of Wing Loong-2 is on display in Zhuhai Airshow and maiden flight of Wing Loong-2 prototype will soon be carried out. However, China has already received an order for Wing Loong-2 of the largest amount ever in China’s weapon export history.

Source: “Chief engineer: Wing Loong-2 has internal weapon bay and won the largest export order in Chinese history” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


4 Comments on “China Receives Largest Ever Weapon Order for Wing Loong-2 Attack Drone”

  1. Joseph says:

    And Western ‘analysts’ can only comment that Chinese drones, like any other Chinese hardware, are ‘untested’. What true is, those ‘analysts’ would never be able to ‘test’ Chinese drones as they are far more expensive than X-Box or Playstation. The only place that attack drones to be used in battle is in the Middle East, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. The American surely would not want to promote Chinese attack drones as they want to market their own. Many Western arm dealers would complain about the lack of weapon orders from Iraq, even after they defeated the country. Even in the latest offensive on Mosul, the American has to ‘donate’ Humvees and weapons to Iraq and Kurds as they won’t buy American. As always, American ego got the better of themselves. The fear of Putin may beat the American to defeat ISIS has snapped their ego. And just as the WW2 landing in Normandy in 1944, which the American did at great cost of lives only to beat the Russian to reach Berlin first, the American are giving away the weapons they intended to sell to the Kurdish and Iraqi army so they can defear ISIS before Putin does. What an ego. Just as the Battle of Normandy, the Battle of Mosul is long with great cost of Iraqi and Kurdish lives. And even after two weeks, there is no end of conflict in sight. Perhaps, it is better for the Iraqi to use Chinese weaponry, including attack drones, to fight strategically, than to accept American unreliable freebies to attack head on as if lives are worthless.


    • Simon says:

      The Soviets took Berlin that is why it is within Soviet dominated East Germany. The whole of Germany would have been in Soviet hand had not the Germans made deals to surrender to the West.


      • Joseph says:

        Actually, the American only got half if Berlin because Stalin still honored his alliance with the West and shared the spoils. The soviet entered Berlin with tanks. While the American entered Berlin with bicycles, in which the riders sole task was to stake American claim on enemy capital. The Soviet could have easily killed these bicycle soldiers and blamed it on the Germans, but they treated these soldiers with respect as ally and kept them save. The American would not be so generous to its ‘ally’.



          Absolutely correct. The Russians fought and died to defeat Hitler and Berlin and takeover that capital literally. Where were the Americans? What bl**dy right have they to airlift their troops to Berlin in Soviet occupied Berlin to claim a half of Berlin? Moscow should really had responded and gave the Americans a bl**dy nose there and then. These Americans are really too hubris filled and can never be trusted.