Air Force Chief Very Satisfied with J-20, Time Set for commissioning

Chinese air force chief General Ma Xiaotian gives an interview to CNR. CNR photo

Chinese air force chief General Ma Xiaotian gives an interview to CNR. CNR photo

In an interview soon after J-20 flight show in Shenzhen Airshow on November 1, Chinese air force chief General Ma Xiaotian told China National Radio (CNR) reporter:

1. He is very much satisfied with J-20’s performance;

2. It is inconvenient to reveal the time when J-20 will be commissioned, but a specific schedule has already been set for that; and

3. There is no plan for export of J-20 for the time being!

Source: “Air force chief: Very much satisfied with J-20’s performance: Time table already set for commissioning it” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


2 Comments on “Air Force Chief Very Satisfied with J-20, Time Set for commissioning”

  1. Joseph says:

    The commissioning of J-20 may spell the end of Western fighter jet industry. Although China will not export J-20, many countries would want similar aircraft. No one would one ‘modernized’ obsolete fighter jet anymore. No one would want old F-15, F-16 or Eurofighter anymore. And with the failure to develop F-35 and F-22 unable to solve it’s pilot-lethal problem, effectively there is no other comparable Western aircraft. It leaves only two market option of Chinese J-31 and Russian T-50. Already, Western aircraft industry is in panic mode. India was ‘reassured’ that its French Rafale jets ‘also’ have ‘some’ stealth features, which makes it ‘half-stealth’. The American is offering Indonesia, the ‘stealth’ F-16 Viper, at the blown-up price tag of F-35. Now more than ever, Western aircraft industries are in danger going stealth themselves, to be more exact, going ghost. It is not so surprising that they are now on the turbocharged drive to smear the J-20, eventhough they have to rely on obsolete age old ‘analysis’.


  2. Steve says:

    Being very satisfied means General Ma fully understands the flight quality, stealth and performance of the J-20 during the testing phase of all the prototypes. The less than a minute Zhuhai demonstration is only a small outlay of its performance. Most important thing is that the J-20 will be 5 years ahead of commissioning (2018) compared to Japan’s F-35 (2023). The J-20 will reach full maturity with new avionics, radar and weaponry and covers the whole of Japan including Tokyo and ECS should war breaks out prior to 2023