China’s New J-10C Stealth Fighter Rival to F-22 in Dogfight

Taiwan’s CNA reports on November 15 that a new improved version of China’s J-10 fighter jet J-10C has recently emerged on Mainland web. There is rumor on the Internet that tests have begun in the test and training base of PLA air force and the new fighter jet will soon be delivered to PLA by batches.

According to the report, J-10C is better than J-10B in shape to reduce drag. Moreover, Hong Kong military analyst Leung Kwok-leung says that J-10C has stealth capabilities entirely different from existing stealth warplanes.

The report says that as J-10C allows radar wave to penetrate into its fuselage to be absorbed and weakened inside so that the radar wave will not bound back to the radar. J-10C is thus invisible to radar. That is a brand new stealth technology entirely different from existing one. Mainland China is the first to apply it.

Compared with F-22, J-10C is also a stealth fighter jet and has very good maneuverability not to lose to F-22 in dogfight.

J-10C makes F-22 unable to penetrate China’s air defense.

Source: “Taiwan media: J-10C will be delivered to PLA by batches, It does not lose to F-22 in dogfight” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


3 Comments on “China’s New J-10C Stealth Fighter Rival to F-22 in Dogfight”

  1. Walter Pino says:

    The military analyst was referring to China’s new stealth ‘layering’ technology which encorporates semi-conducting diodes and capacitors (which absorbs UHF radar) followed by sheet metal (fashioned in a geometrically stealthy shape) followed by a final layer of radar absorbing ‘stealth paint’. That’s 3 layers in total.

    Read about it here –


  2. Steve says:

    Looks like the gateway to China is now closed. China’s airforce has All of a sudden closed the gap. The F35 F22 seems to be getting further away.


  3. Simon says:

    The Yanks will be trying to steel it.