U.S. panel urges probe on whether China weakening U.S. militarily

A U.S. advisory commission warned on Wednesday that China’s growing military might may make it more likely to use force to pursue its interests and called for a government probe into how far outsourcing to China has weakened the U.S. defense industry.

The annual report of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission pointed to a growing threat to U.S. national security from Chinese spying, including infiltration of U.S. organizations, and called on Congress to bar Chinese state enterprises from acquiring control of U.S. firms.

The release of the report to Congress comes a week after Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election. Trump, an outspoken Republican who has vowed to take a tougher line in trade and security dealings with China than President Barack Obama, will take office on Jan. 20.

The panel is a bipartisan body set up in 2000 to monitor the national security implications of the U.S. trade and economic relationship with China and to make recommendations to Congress for legislative and administrative action.

Its report also called on Congress to back more frequent U.S. Navy freedom-of-navigation operations in the South China Sea, one of the world’s busiest trade routes where China’s building of artificial islands with military facilities has raised concerns about future freedom of movement. Beijing and its neighbors have conflicting territorial claims there.

The commission said ongoing reforms of the People’s Liberation Army would strengthen Beijing’s hand and noted that China was close to completing its first domestically produced aircraft carrier.

“China’s pursuit of expeditionary capabilities, coupled with the aggressive trends that have been displayed in both the East and South China Seas, are compounding existing concerns about China’s rise among U.S. allies and partners in the greater Asia,” the report said.

“Given its enhanced strategic lift capability, strengthened employment of special operations forces, increasing capabilities of surface vessels and aircraft, and more frequent and sophisticated experience operating abroad, China may also be more inclined to use force to protect its interests,” it said.

The panel said that U.S. responses to the threat from Chinese intelligence gathering had suffered from a lack of a coordinated effort by U.S. intelligence agencies.

It said Congress should also direct the U.S. Government Accountability Office to prepare a report “examining the extent to which large-scale outsourcing of manufacturing activities to China is leading to the hollowing out of the U.S. defense industrial base.”

“This report should also detail the national security implications of a diminished domestic industrial base (including assessing any impact on U.S. military readiness), compromised U.S. military supply chains, and reduced capability to manufacture state-of-the-art military systems and equipment,” it said.

The commission’s report also recommended that Congress call on the U.S. State Department to produce educational materials to alert U.S. citizens overseas and students going to China to the dangers of recruitment efforts by Chinese agents.

(Reporting by David Brunnstrom; Editing by Cynthia Osterman)

Source: Reuters “U.S. panel urges probe on whether China weakening U.S. militarily”

Note: This is Reuters report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.


6 Comments on “U.S. panel urges probe on whether China weakening U.S. militarily”

  1. Eastern Looking Glass says:

    Before entertaining the fear-mongering raised by the American panel, what’s more important and urgent is to first indict members of the Bush and Obama-Hillary administrations with war crime. George Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Obama, Hillary, Victoria Nuland, etc. .. should e jailed if not hanged. There are more than enough evidence to imprison all of them. Perhaps the BRICS should set up an alternative UN that is beyond the control of and manipulation by the U.S.


    • Eastern Looking Glass says:

      If the German and Japanese war criminals can be tried and hanged, why shouldn’t the American and European war criminals be tried and hanged?

      They invaded, killed and destroyed Libya, in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, caused murder and mayhem in Indonesia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Xinjiang province, Ossetia and Abkhazia, Sudan, Mali, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Congo, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, etc.., etc.. They caused the deaths of the sailors in the South Korean frigate Cheonan, the Russian submarine Kursk, the passengers and crew of MH117, the missing crew and passengers of MH370, frame up and death of innocent people like the former PM of Serbia – Milosevic, the poisoning and cancer infection of former Venezuelan President Chavez, illegal deposing of democratically elected Brazilian PM, bullying, threatening, and humilating Bolivar’s President.

      First on the list to be tried and hanged should be Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, and Victoria Nuland. The have done more damage in their eights years in office than even George Bush and cronies.

      The world should now set up a new world order fronted by Mr Putin and Mr Xi and establish a United Nations for the people and NOT for the U.S and European ESTABLISHMENT. A new iinternational criminal court of justice should be set up to try and pass sentence on the American and European war criminals. Let the interest of the rest of the world be served; NOT the U.S.’s alone.


  2. johnleecan says:

    The west is the biggest mass murderer in human history. See how they topple legitimate governments, destroy their economy and infrastructure, created and support terrorists, brainwashed citizens, introduced biological organisms and call them new strain of viruses and bacteria, using biological warfare and many more. All this caused and is still causing millions to die.

    Russia, always wanting and desperate to be part of the west but being denied, thus pivoted to China and Asia. But if China indeed comes to war with America and the wily Wild White West offer of cooperation and alliance with Russia, Russia would pretty sure to quickly jump on their side. It is this scenario that is very dangerous not only to China, but to all the white race so called colored skin people.


  3. Simon says:

    Ah the master plan of the fiendish Fu Manchu plotting to take America 🙂

    The Yanks need to grow up.

    The rise of China is not something unimaginable. Napoleon knew that. China has been the richest and most powerful country in the world continousely for two millenia and only lost it place in the middle of the 19th century when the united powers of eight western nations invaded the country. What we see in this past few decade is a gradual reclaim of some of that power which is only natural because of the culture of its people to work hard, its tradition of governance with Chinese characeristics and the size of its population. Wesern empires rise and fall because of its reliance on hegmony becomming unsustainable. The Trump vs Clinton election reminds me of the dying days of the Roman Empire when the throne was being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Trump is the Emperor Commodus of Rome.


    • Joseph says:

      The Roman did use poxies, the Goth, the Vandals and the Franks. All turned against the Roman and played significant role in the downfall of the empire. The American follows the same path with the Al-Qaeda, Syrian Al-Nusra (which became ISIS), Japan and Phillipines, not to mention the various pro-American regimes all across the world. Al-Qaeda and ISIS have turned against the empire. The SE Asian nations have all openly challenged the American to US hegemony in the region, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and now the former proxy Phillipines. Even with the victory of another Western proxy Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar, she defies the American too. Really, it reminiscences the crumbling day of the Roman empire. Even the loyal UK and Australia follow the path of loyal the Greek, which made part of the fledgling and rotting Eastern Roman empire, surviving insignificantly for centuries only because nobody noticed them.


    • Eastern Looking Glass says:

      The American war criminals are like simple simon : they think they are the good guys and the Chinese the bad guys. Only aberrated simple minds turns black into white and white into black.