Confirmed: J-20 Uses Chinese instead of Russian Engines Now

Close view of J-20's engines. Credit:

Close view of J-20’s engines. Credit:

The above close photo of J-20’s engines shows that J-20 is using Chinese instead of Russian engines.

There are lots of conundrums around J-20 since it made public appearance in Zhuhai Airshow on November 1. Chinese general public’s major concern is about its engines, i.e. what engines J-20 is using now? There has been the above photo that shows that J-20 is using engines different from Russian ones.

For that question, CCTV-4 Chinese international channel phones CCTV’s special commentator well-known military expert Yin Zhuo in its Asia Today news program yesterday. Yin says through the phone that J-20 is using China’s homegrown engines now. China’s WS-15 turbofan is still being developed. J-20’s performance will be greatly enhanced when WS-15 enters into service.

Source: “Details of J-20 engines have been revealed: Are they really China-made ones?” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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  1. Combo Jaxx says:

    I’m told, some turbine blade parts are still imported from Russia as the Chinese still cannot master the complex metallurgical skills to manufacture them.