China’s New Rocket Artillery with Unique Penetrating, Bunker Buster Functions

China's 4th-generation rocket artellery

China’s 4th-generation rocket artillery

China has developed its 4th-generation long-range rocket artillery since its imported and imitated Russian one as its 1st-generation of rocket artillery.

Rocket artillery is China’s major weapon for export. The range of the export version shall not exceed 300 km due to international restriction.

China’s rocket artillery has long exceeded such range, but China cannot export such long-range one. What new functions can China develop for its export version people would ask when they visited recent Zhuhai Airshow.

For that question, Global Times reporter visited Chinese experts. Wu Xuesen, chief designer of China’s A300 rocket artillery told the reporter that China’s new types A200 and A300 rocket artillery are China’s 4th-generation products with unique function. They can reprogram the trajectory of their rockets to penetrate enemy rocket defense as their warheads can proactively separate from the rockets.

In addition, the warheads can be controlled to hit their targets perpendicularly to penetrate meters of reinforced concrete. The artillery can be guided by Chinese and Russian navigation systems in addition to GPS.

Moreover, GATSS data receipt unit has been added to A200 and A300 rocket artillery to enable them to hit moving targets.

Source: Global Times “China’s 4th-generation long-range rocket artillery has unique best function in the world: Its warhead can proactively separate from the rocket” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)