Chinese Dream to Replace American Dream in Latin America

President Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan, far right, are welcomed to Peru by Second Vice-President Mercedes Araoz. Photo: Xinhua

President Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan, far right, are welcomed to Peru by Second Vice-President Mercedes Araoz. Photo: Xinhua

SCMP says in its report “China maps new road to Latin America to rival and check US influence” today, “President Xi Jinping’s week of state visits sets the course for developing ties in the region but may have targeted Washington and Taipei, too”

Target Washington? Certainly. That is China’s traditional wisdom.

More than 2,000 years ago, in order to contain the powerful state of Chu, another powerful state Jin sent experts to help Chu’s weak neighbor the state of Wu develop its economy and military. As a result, Wu became strong and to attack Chu repeatedly until it occupied Chu’s capital the City of Ying. Chu was finally rescued by the state of Qin, another powerful state.

Using the same strategy, Chu helped Wu’s neighbor the state of Yue develop its economy and military, Yue was thus able to conquer Wu.

The United States has become increasingly unpopular in Latin America that it regards as its back yard. The backyard is unhappy with US dominance but is not strong enough to counter the US.

Now, by helping Latin America develop through win-win cooperation, China will not only be economically benefited, but will also weaken the US geopolitically to counter US failed attempt to weaken China in Southeast and East Asia.

The US plays both military and economic diplomacies to contain China. Its economic diplomacy the TPP will soon be scrapped by its new president Trump. Moreover, Trump gives priority to bringing jobs home. From where? Not from China as the US is not able to. Apple’s CEO has given very convincing reason: The US simply lacks the skilled workers China has to enable Apple to bring back its production home from China.

Trump is going to bring back jobs from Latin America and first of all from Mexico by terminating US free trade area agreement with Canada and Mexico. In addition, he will build a wall to stop the tide of immigrants from Latin America who want to have a share of American dream.

The wall will wake their American dream and tell them to have instead Chinese dream through economic cooperation with China.

On the other hand, military diplomacy is entirely useless in Latin America as China uses only economic means.

The US is doomed to lose its back yard if Trump succeeds in his economic approaches.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report, full text of which can be found at

5 Comments on “Chinese Dream to Replace American Dream in Latin America”

  1. Simon says:

    Xi’s new “Pivot to Americas”.


    • Steve says:

      Just the opposite – the Americas are pivoting to Uncle Han. They need China much more than ever because the US (Trump) wants to contain LatAm and bring jobs back to USA. Trump cannot contain China economically because the expertise and skilled workers lies with China.


      • Simon says:

        Obama pivot to Asia has failed. Unless your version of “pivot” is different?
        “Pivot” is to “contain” and in Obama his pivot was to contain China’s rise. Now Xi is repaying America and Obama by Pivoting to Americas that is containe America’s rise.


        • Steve says:

          I believe we have misconstrued…Pivot does Not equal containment. Obama and his conmen used the word Pivot as a ploy to cover up his Military containment of China, hence pivoting 60% of military assets to Asia. Obama’s excuse was a routine deployment due to US political interest and support of Asian allies. In short, Obama’s military pivot is to contain China militarily in the ECS and SCS. It is Not a commercial nor economic engagement, but militarily.

          China has been pioneering in FTAs worldwide including the LatAm countries either in bilateral or multilateral agreements with individual or collective countries. It happens that the APEC 2016 was held in Peru, but this is China’s economic prowess in commercial and business dealings such as high speed railways, infrastructures, agriculture and so forth. Why should China have commercial ‘containment’ policy on the US when both nations import/export around $600 billion annually.

          If there is any commercial exclusionary or protectionism policy rather than containment would be the US led TPP (excluding China) or China led FTAAP (excluding US) or the trilateral trade agreement NAFTA between Canada, US and Mexico (excluding the LatAm countries).

          China did Not pivot nor deploy any military or commercial assets anywhere, other than engagement in FTAs either bilaterally, multilaterally or partnerships. China’s superpower economy don’t need to contain the US nor any other country. Most countries are pivoting to Uncle Han. President Xi only have to shake hands, smile and sign billion $$$ agreements.


  2. Steve says:

    Obama was in many ways Inept trying to contain China militarily with it’s Asian pivot, but now President elect Trump is trying to contain LatAm nations economically by opposing the NAFTA. This would cut off Mexico’s export revenue to the US market by bringing jobs back to American soil and inadvertently affect Peru, Chile and other LatAm countries. None of this makes any sense as the LatAm nations will establish comprehensive upgraded bilateral agreements with a very powerful China, hence the US manufacturers has no hope of competing against these cheaper labour markets. The jobs will not return back to US soil. LatAm nations will need to negotiate bilateral and multilateral partnerships with the Asian Pacific region such as RCEP.

    Whilst the US pivots its military to Asia and contain the LatAm nations economically by opposing NAFTA, Countries such as Peru, Chile, Mexico, etc will be pivoting to Uncle Han. The US GDP is less than 3% end of June 2016, it’s going to be a tough ask for Trump to oppose NAFTA. The US need to increase its GDP.