Russian Sales of Expensive Best Weapons to China Mutually Beneficial

Russian test pilot teaches Chinese pilot how to operates Su-35

Russian test pilot teaches Chinese pilot how to operates Su-35. photo

China’s official military forum says in its report yesterday that according to the website of Russian Today Economy News Agency, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Russia and China has concluded contracts in military technology field worth US$3 billion. I said in my post yesterday that he regarded Sino-Russian military cooperation as the most important of all important issues.

At first, Russian military was unwilling to sell China its most advanced weapons S-400 air defense system and Su-35 fighter jets for fear that China may copy such weapons. Now, it is more than willing to do so.

Russian military expert Vassily Kashin says that it is natural that China will copy Russian weapons to improve its weapon technology. However, the weapons sold to China are very expensive. It enables Russia to recover the development cost and have funds for development of even more advanced weapons to sell China.

As a result, the weapon sales are mutually beneficial. China will obtain advanced weapons cheaper and quicker than it develops on its own while with the profit from such sales, Russia will be able to develop more weapons to sell to China.

As for the US, it is not willing to sell China any advanced weapons. China has to use spies to steal US advanced weapon technology free of charge. Russia understands that China will after all be able to develop advanced weapons similar to those Russia has developed. Why shall Russia not sell China to enable China to save while Russia to make more advanced weapons to keep on the sales and making profits?

For China, since the weapons are available and China has enough funds to purchase, why shall China steal? There has been no news whatever about China stealing Russian weapon technology.

In fact, the US may sell advanced weapons to China at excessively high prices. For example, it can sell its F-22 with the profit of more than US$100 million each.

That is a price China will accept as proved by China’s purchase of 24 Su-35 at the excessive price of US$2 billion. China only wanted 2, but agreed to buy 24 to get the technology through reverse engineering. In fact, Su-35 perhaps includes some technology that China already has or does not need but China has to pay for them.

That is also the case with F-22, China will buy it for defense, its penetrating strike capabilities are useless for China, but China has to pay for them if it buys F-22. It needs only 2 F-22, but has to buy 24 so that the US may earn excessive profits.

The problem is that US government will not be benefited from the sale. Unlike Russian government who owns the weapon producers, US does not own any of the weapon producers. The sale will only enrich those producers, who will not reduce government’s financial burdens in providing it with advanced weapons. As usual, they will be reimbursed by the government all the R&D costs plus an increment of profit. With such a system, US government and people will be increasingly debt ridden in getting advanced weapons from weapons producers.

China on the other hand may develop J-20 stealth fighter jet to deal with F-22 at much lower costs as it needs some of F-22’s expensive capabilities or enable its weapon producers to make windfall profits.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on’s report “Russia media: Russian weapons indispensable for China: US$3 billion contracts signed in a year”


4 Comments on “Russian Sales of Expensive Best Weapons to China Mutually Beneficial”

  1. Steve says:

    With WW111 lurking round the corner, China and Russia are now the inseparable de facto alliance of the new world order against the hegemon US. The F22s F35s are fast becoming defunct technology. F35 cannot go alone, needs support of F22 plus all the other F’s that the US has on offer. It would be a great shame for China to buy the F22s, no longer in production because the plane makers cannot improve its weapon bay without making the jet any bigger. China’s PLAAF fighter pilots will be disgusted if China buys the F22 (if available), no more mock dogfights or confrontations with the Japanese at high noon above the ECS.

    In 2012, the German and American pilots conducted a mock dogfight in Alaska using the Eurofighter Typhoons and F22. A German pilot said, ‘Yesterday we have had a Raptor salad for lunch.’ Long story short — BVR (beyond visual range) – Advantage Raptor F22. WVR (within visual range) – Advantage Typhoons. China already possess such technologies against any of the F’s fighters US has on offer.

    As for Russian weaponry sales to China, the Russians should be extremely proud of their Southern Han brethrens R & D on engine, aircraft and weapon technology including submarines. According to a Russian expert, in the past several countries have bought Russian SU fighters and were unsuccessful in reverse engineering. China is the only country in the world successfully reversed engineered the Russian SU’s and produced the J-15, J-16.

    Sometimes I wonder if China passed its advanced hypersonic delivery of Mach 10 to the Russians. Maybe not Mach 10, but Mach 6.


  2. Fre Okin says:

    Masterful forward thinking move by the Russians, especially in selling the Su 35. The 24 Su 35 paired with J20’s will be a lethal combo to take out F22 and F35.

    Su 35 should be properly spaced perhaps 50 miles ahead of J20 to allow J20 to detect and fire on F22 once detected by her IRST.

    Su 35 is highly maneuverable and can serve to bait F22 to fire first. The high maneuverability increase the survival chance of Su 35. Then F22 position will be exposed and will be taken out by J20 and even J16 armed with VRAAM lurking just behind J20.

    Su 35, J20, J16 with VRAAM combo will make a killing field of F22’s and F35’s. Game Over!


  3. Simon says:

    Having lots of money to buy is not the answer. The important thing is able to produce the hardware yourself otherwise China will end up like India. Why is it important to make it yourself?If you can manufacture you are your own master. In times of conflict your are not under any pressure of arms ambargo and can build more. Classified information were other countries have no information about what you are making that might allow them to respond. If you make the hardware you know how to service them. Problem with countries like India or Iran were they bought F14 is they can no longer put them in full operation because the country that produces them can either provide limited support or none at all if there is a conflict of interest and India and Iran lacks the know how to reverse engineer to do anything by themselves.


  4. Simon says:

    Russia is cash strapped and is keen to sell China their lastest military hardware. The sticking point is they always knew China can reverse engineer Russian technology so part of any deal will involve not only selling the hardware to the Chinese but made sure it is sizaable enough to recoup the cost of technology transfer. Russia also fear that Chinese version of copied Russian tech may find it way in the export market competing against Russian export. For China’s part not all Russia’s best are actually any better than what China already able to produce. In recent years China have moved ahead of Russia in key areas but in areas were they are not the Chinese want to learn more so the buying of the Su35 to study is to aid development. I’m sure America would like to get their hands on a Su35 to assist in developing their future fighters.