PLA Air Force to Keep on Patrol of East, South China Seas

Chinese H-6K bomber warplanes conducting regular combat patrol of South China Sea

Chinese H-6K bomber warplanes conducting regular combat patrol of South China Sea

I really wonder why the Philippines and Australia are worried by China’s deployment of defensive weapons on its artificial islands according to Reuters’ report today “China defends its right to ‘ready slingshot’ in South China Sea” that I reblogged less than an hour ago.

Does the Philippines or Australia want to attack China’s artificial islands?

If they want to worry, they have to worry about Chinese air force’s training in and patrol of the South China Sea. As China’s H-6K bombers are patrolling the sea fully armed, they may attack the Philippines or Australia at any time if they have received such orders.

SCMP says in its report “PLA air force vows to continue training and patrols over East and South China seas”, “The mainland Chinese air force said on Thursday it would continue training and patrols in the air space over the East and South China seas, following recently intensified drills that have rattled Taiwan and Japan.”

“Such flights have became more frequent since a telephone call between Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen and US president-elect Donald Trump on December 2,” says the report. Obviously, China is exploiting Trump’s use of Taiwan as a bargaining chip to pressure Taiwan and enhance tension to scare away the investment that Taiwan urgently needs.

A shrewd US president will soon replace stupid Obama. It is interesting to watch the competition of shrewdness between Trump and China’s Xi.

So far Xi is the winner. He is exploiting Trump’s trick to create difficulties for Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen in improving Taiwan economy. If Tsai fails to improve economy, she will lose to pro-Beijing KMT in the next presidential election.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report, full text of which can be found at


4 Comments on “PLA Air Force to Keep on Patrol of East, South China Seas”

  1. U.S. Militarization of The World says:

    U.S. Further MILITARIZATION of Middle East : Satellite Photo of Drone airport in Saudi Arabia hidden from world.

    Read this in Zero Hedge :


  2. James says:

    Well articulated Steve.👍
    Unlike America, China goes about accomplishing its objectives in a quiet and low key manner. No hubris pronouncement. As the saying goes, talk is cheap. What matters is what’s accomplished on the ground for all to see. Unfortunately, America talks too much but delivers little and in many instances to the detriment of many.
    If Americans are honest to themselves, their worse enemy are themselves. More particularly, their governing elites. Until that’s acknowledged, they are on the slippery road down hill. Trump should tone down and not use his mega phone to speak to the Chinese. Does not work and the CPC have already a set of tools to deal with him.

    As for China, u know what u have to do. Stay the course. Many nations are counting on you to have a fairer world. And never be arrogant. U were once poor..


    • Steve says:

      Wonderful reply James, especially the last two sentences – And never be arrogant, U were once poor. The USA has to be careful, the trade deals may soon be falling apart…


  3. Steve says:

    Insofar, President Xi and his cabinet are shrewd politicians by avoiding the use of force against any adversary, whether it’s silly Taiwan, lowly Philippines, Vietnam, Japan or highly provocative USA. China’s cultural wisdom can be found in the Chinese brush pen, no need for combative words or threatening the world with hypersonic delivery with nuclear tip warheads.

    Trump will encounter huge problems in trade. The TPP is dead. In the report why China is cosying up to Latin America, has raised questions in the US, which considered the region it’s backyard since it adopted the Monroe doctrine in the 1820s. Whilst Trump wants to scrap the NAFTA, China’s trade with the LatAm and Caribbean has multiplied 22 times between 2000 and 2013 reaching US$236.5 billion in 2015, already overtaken the EU to become the region second largest partner after the US.

    USA is very concerned. In 2000, China’s share of LatAm was 2%, compared to US share 53%. By 2010, China’s share has grown to 11%, while the US dropped to 39%. By the end of Trump’s first term of office, the gap would have closed. It is highly possible that LatAm will become the stage for a showdown between the hegemonic USA and China’s economic prowess.

    China is using its economic influence to win diplomatic allies and challenge the US in this region. Under President Xi’s Chinese dream of national rejuvenation, Xi wants to turn China into a maritime power, capable of projecting both soft and military. Also, China’s construction of the Nicaraguan canal will one day rival the US Panama canal.

    As for Trump, there is nothing shrewd about his political shrewdness. So far, he is just a gasbag blowing lots of hot air. USA is a declining military power and a fast reducing economic influence in America’s own backyard. Without the TPP, US has lost its economic leverage in Asia. How can one compare the competition of shrewdness between Trump the irresponsible old head and President Xi, the Chinese brush pen architect. The Chinese brush pen is mightier than the sword and bullets.