Chinese Warship Seized US Underwater Drone to Show Its Capability

Reuters only says in its report “Seized U.S. drone issue to be resolved smoothly: China paper” that China seized the US drone, US demands its return and Chinese media regard that as an issue easy to resolve.

SCMP, however, quotes in its report “Drone snatch heralds new competition in South China Sea says think tanks, as US demands return of ‘unclassified’ ocean glider” Wu Shicun, president of the Chinese government affiliated National Institute for South China Sea Studies, as saying“China wants to send out a signal that if you spy on us underwater and threaten our national security, we have measures to deal with it… On the South China Sea issue, we took in humiliations with a humble view in past years. I think this era has finished.”

Then what will follow? It seems that there will be confrontation.

It is especially so as SCMP says, “US media quoted Pentagon sources as saying the (US warship) Bowditch was about to recover the glider when a Chinese Dalang III class Chinese warship approached within 500 yards of the Bowditch, launched a small vessel and snatched the drone out of the water.”

Obviously, Chinese warship has tracked the drone for some time but did not seize it until a US warship came to recover it in order to show Chinese navy’s capabilities in tracking and seizing US underwater drones.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Reuters’ and SCMP’s reports, full text of which can respectively be found at and


5 Comments on “Chinese Warship Seized US Underwater Drone to Show Its Capability”

  1. apple says:

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  2. John says:

    I could not resist commenting. Well written!


  3. Fre Okin says:

    It is Extremely Important for China to seize the US UUV operating off Subic Bay, near Scarborough Shoal. It has much less to do with Trump even though the timing seems to imply a punishment for him talking to Tsai.

    The Real Reason is USN is gathering Vital Intel to prepare for a Hide and Run submarine attack on Hainan island, China’s crown jewel sub, naval base. Remember the Ohio subs can fire off over 150 Tomahawk missiles in about 20 minutes and being slow, there is more chance to intercept if fired far away.

    So now the strategy is to find a Very Near Location to fire off the Tomahawks, Saturation Attack with a couple or more Ohios and also Virginia subs nearby of course. The best location is the general area near Subic Bay as US subs Could be hiding there.

    Duterte Must kick US out of PH EEZ Zone. USN is endangering the Filippinos if war break out even though China won’t attack Manila now. But China Could NUKE the seas near Philippines, like the Subic, Scarborough Shoal area. This will make fishes there unfit for human consumption and Pinoys will suffer greatly.

    China may have to do Saturation Nukes Into The Sea to Flush Out the Ohio and Virginia submarines conducting Hit and Run strategy In Order To Survive, all this in Under 20 Minutes.

    The UUV intel gathering is designed to collect salinity and temperature there so they can be fed to the submarines to best avoid being taken out by Chinese torpedoes from her ASW helios and perhaps her variable sonar towed array frigates with torpedoes.

    Different temperature, salinity affect the Refraction of Sound and Light travelling in water, thus US subs use the intel gathered to help avoid Chinese torpedoes. This is the real reason why China do not allow US intel gathering Near Hainan island. USN intel gathering near Hainan is a preparation for war and China Must do all she can to remove the UUV drones to avoid giving US an advantage. UUV’s are much more dangerous than sonar buoys dropped from P8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft.

    This incident is an opportunity for China to expose USN evil scheme against China.


  4. Steve says:

    Great post – first real life seizure of US terrorist drone by China’s special forces. The hegemonic scaremongers used to claim the SCS as America’s big backyard – Not anymore. Wonder if there was any US special forces hiding on board the Bowditch.


  5. Simon says:

    America cannot “demand” but ask nicely for return of their spy drone.
    If someone flys a drone and landed in your garden with the intention of filming you not only do you have the right to seize it for trespassing and invasion of privacy but you can take it apart and retrieve the film, make it inoperable and then return it back tp its owner in pieces.