China Breaks US Dream of Attacking China with UUVs, Subs

An ocean glider UUV being recovered off the coast of Scotland. On December 15, a similar unmanned underwater vehicle was snatched by the Chinese Navy as it was about to be collected off the coast of the Philippines. Photo: AFP

An ocean glider UUV being recovered off the coast of Scotland. On December 15, a similar unmanned underwater vehicle was snatched by the Chinese Navy as it was about to be collected off the coast of the Philippines. Photo: AFP

Reuters says in its report “China to return seized U.S. drone, says Washington ‘hyping up’ incident” that the incident of China having seized a US unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) has been resolved smoothly as China promised to return the UUV to the US in the talks between China and the US.

China is able to detect and track small and silent UUV. It is certainly able to detect US nuclear submarines.

The incident proves China’s capabilities to detect and track US underwater equipment including submarines. The catch of the UUV is a significant show of Chinese navy’s muscle and tell US military that its dream to attack China with UUVs or submarines has been utterly broken.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Reuters’ report, full text of which can be viewed at


6 Comments on “China Breaks US Dream of Attacking China with UUVs, Subs”

  1. Joseph says:

    Isn’t it American habit to snatch other countries’ property in the international water? So what’s the fuzz? The American often snatches North Korean arm shipments. What does it make any difference with the drone ‘snatching’? It is a piece of military equipment anyway. Even the American claimed the area to be ‘international water’, so what does it make any different to picking up a piece of garbage in the street? Not that the American had any good faith to notify anyone that they were ‘testing’ drones anyway? Why does the US navy testing South China Sea for salinity, anyway? Are they preparing to mine salt in the SCS to finance their botched SCS operation? Or are they testing how the salinity of the SCS would affect their ships and submarines for rust damages? Isn’t it cheaper to do it with simple automated submersible? After all, no one would drive a tank or IFV or a troop carrier to McDonald drive through.


  2. Fre Okin says:

    USN will still try to do more UUV intel collection near China’s coastline. China should build a large UUV specially designed to swallow up US UUV. This is probably not autonomous, perhaps diesel engine powered, need to be fast and need a very long cable to hunt and swallow up US UUV’s. This is safer and USN don’t know her UUV is ‘eaten’ by the big Chinese UUV!

    Chinese Haiyan UUV’s should flood the Subic, Scarborough Shoal and Hainan area to patrol against US subs. Underwater spying with UUV’s will be the new game to drive out US subs.


    • Zikka says:

      Now that Chinese scientists knows what kind of transmission device is used in the USN’s UUV, it should be a cinch to track them and “steal” them again; Wherever they maybe in the SCS. What is the Pentagon going to do about that?

      If they don’t want their UUVs “stolen”, cease letting them out in the seas off China. Afterall, it’s finders keepers. Too bad for them if “whales” ate their UUVs.


      • Steve says:

        Capture rather than steal is a better description. To ‘Capture’ is inspiring fear, menacing and terrifies the opposition. Makes China a hugely formidable opponent against the hegemonic scoundrels trying to steal China’s maritime secrets. China is the SCS policemen with air combat and naval patrols…US/Philippines are the SCS Alibaba crooks, but President Duterte has since then, pivoted to Uncle Han.


  3. Steve says:

    Looks like the American underwater love boat in a bottle, I dream of Genie is finally shattered and the Genie has finally escaped. Also, I believe the Philippine military and Government are aware of these information gathering in their backyard.

    For Philippines and China’s government to increase their mutual trust, both militaries need to get involve hand in hand military training, similar to China and Russia military exercises. Malaysia and Thailand are now partnering China in annual military exercises to gain mutual trust and understanding.


  4. Simon says:

    Chian only agree to return the spy drone at their own pace after America amended its earlier demand from “don’t do it again” to “comming to an understanding with China”. Any nation can leaglly sieze spy drones that threatens a country’s national security in international water and airspace. If the American UUV is civilian operated and present no hostile military intention then why is the Pentagon and American navy involved in its operation? China could open up the drone and reveal to the public some of the data collected to show it hostile intention in gathering data on Chinese naval activitities as a precurser to attack China.