With New Breakthrough, China May Build Nuclear Fusion Power Plant

According to SCMP’s report on December 8 a nuclear fusion facility on a peninsula in Dongpu Reservoir, Hefei, Anhui, China has recently set a new world record in having stable burning of hydrogen plasma for more than one minute at a temperature higher than the center of the sun.

China is now absolute world leader in nuclear fusion. The US is also advanced in that area. Its Alcator C-Mod fusion facility at Massachusetts Institute of Technology set lots of world records during its 23 years of operation. It even set a record of highest plasma pressure on the last day of its operation. It was a pity that the facility closed in October due to lack of funds.

China has abundant funds for fusion research. China achieved plasma burning for more than 100 seconds long ago, but the burning was uncontrollable.

Now, the burning is controlled in highly stable H-mode for more than one minute.

Scientists believe that the breakthrough in having stable plasma burning proves that China is developing fusion technology at much higher speed than any other countries and made them fall far behind.

Chinese researchers have applied to the government for the construction of a nuclear fusion power plant (CFETR). They plan to put CFETR into operation in 2030 with initial power generation of 200MW, which will be increased to about 1000MW in 10 years.

By that time, China may be able to get helium-3 from the moon as fusion material. (See my post “China to Get Energy Hegemony by Taking Nuclear Fusion Material from the Moon” on June 20, 2014)

Source: mil.huanqiu.com “China has made major breakthrough in nuclear fusion with burning temperature higher than the sun” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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