China Worries about Trump’s Choice of Anti-China Scholar as Advisor

This is clearly shown in China’s official media China Daily’s editorial yesterday “Alarm bell ringing due to Trump’s new pick on trade” on Trump’s choice of Prof. Peter Navarro as his top economic advisor.

Navarro is a well-known hardline anti-China economist. He has written quite a few books to advocate his hostility against China.

The editorial says that Navarro’s appointment “is another sign of the confrontational approach the incoming Trump administration seems intent on taking in relations with China.” It expects that such confrontation will cause losses to both the US and China and warns Chinese companies to be on high alert to a more difficult business climate.

Source: China Daily “Alarm bell ringing due to Trump’s new pick on trade”, full text of which is reblogged below.

Alarm bell ringing due to Trump’s new pick on trade

China Daily | Updated: 2016-12-23 07:27

Because it is so emotionally charged, populism can be easily guided for a purpose. One example of this is the campaign rhetoric of Donald Trump about how foreigners have “raped” the United States by “stealing” many of its manufacturing jobs.

At the time, many Chinese were willing to laugh away such accusations against China as just more of the usual rhetoric-though more extreme-that has come to characterize presidential elections in the US. Now, however, there is real cause for concern as the president-elect has named economist Peter Navarro, known for his anti-China alarmism, as his trade adviser.

Trump in a statement announcing the appointment of Navarro as head of a newly created White House National Trade Council, praised the clarity of Navarro’s arguments. Which is perhaps not that surprising given the University of California-Irvine professor was the mastermind of the rhetoric Trump adopted during his campaign, and it had a similar tone to the apocalyptic language Navarro has used when accusing China of wiping out American manufacturing jobs and waging what he claims is an economic war against the US.

His appointment is another sign of the confrontational approach the incoming Trump administration seems intent on taking in relations with China.

It is an indisputable fact that China has not stolen jobs from the old manufacturing towns in the US, for those jobs were taken elsewhere by US companies who found that US consumers weren’t willing to pay the price for made-in-America products.

A point that was highlighted again on Tuesday in a Bloomberg report, which said American-made Macs have become an “albatross” for Apple since it started assembling them in the US in 2013 to “score political points” and some engineers are now pushing to move production “back to Asia”.

And the so-called economic war Navarro claims China is waging is the competition that has risen as China’s economy has moved up the value chain. Indeed the revelations of Edward Snowden showed that it is the US that has been using unfair means to gain an economic advantage.

That individuals such as Navarro who have a bias against China are being picked to work in leading positions in the next administration, is no laughing matter. The new administration should bear in mind that with economic and trade ties between the world’s two largest economies now the closest they have ever been, any move to damage the win-win relationship will only result in a loss for both sides.

Still, Chinese companies in the US should be on high alert to a more difficult business climate.


11 Comments on “China Worries about Trump’s Choice of Anti-China Scholar as Advisor”

  1. Tyler Reber says:

    Good luck to America trying to manufacture in America. I’ve heard nothing but complaints from my fellow americans about fast food places making 15 dollars an hour, saying that its horrible because they have to pay more for their stupid burgers or because its more than they make even though they paid 40,000 dollars to go to college.

    Do they think its not going to be the same moving manufacturing jobs back from China?


    • Alfred says:

      You need to keep up with current events.Your information is old. In the future please try and keep up. The story below explains it all:

      Meet the Chinese Billionaire Who’s Moving Manufacturing to the U.S. to Cut Costs


      • Steve says:

        High end vs Low end. Its true that China is moving out its low end manufacturing to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, etc. Example: Cambodia wages 140 US $$/mth in 2016. Envisage a rise to $150 in 2017. China is now into high tech manufacturing. Glass making isn’t high tech. It’s his prerogative. The Chinese billionaire is probably migrating to the US with his family to live, being a sound reason, because if he isn’t, opening his glass manufacturing in Cambodia or Vietnam or even Philippines makes more sense. I do the same, good luck to him.


      • Tyler Reber says:

        I’ve heard that from my wife, perhaps it makes sense for some energy glut companies to make that transition if the US is their primary customer. But the same can’t be said for every company or every industry.

        Do you believe a Trump punishment incentive to move to America will provide each company the same benefits and the return as those chinese companies who based their decisions on math? Perhaps some if Trumps reforms happen.

        Further more, you have simply assumed that because a rich chinese man is able to make more money in America means that his product will be sold for less. Will his valuable American manufactured glass cost the same amount to the patriotic American?


  2. Steve says:

    Trump tweeted, “The US must greatly strengthen and expand it’s nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to it’s senses regarding nukes.” He is completely lost in diplomacy and far from being an astute politician. In fact, he is a dumb old fart who wants to threaten the world with nukes before he is even sworn in as the 45th President. How does the world come to it’s senses regarding US nukes.? With USA threat.?

    This tweet will present to the world that he is a highly irresponsible dumbhead, considering the US already possess over 7,000 nuclear warheads. The US, Russia, China, France, UK, India, Pakistan, Nth Korea possess nuclear weapons of mass destruction and this dumbhead is encouraging a nuclear and chemical arms race. When added up there are almost 20,000 nuclear warheads, enough to end the human civilisation several times over.

    He is threatening the world with nuclear calamity, but which country is he implying. He certainly cannot make US richer without the help of China and China’s astute politicians, economist and trade advisors will certainly challenge this dumbhead who has no self respect in his tweet.


  3. johnleecan says:

    Who says China is worried?

    China is just playing along.

    Trump’s mindset is still just like when he’s in his reality show wherein he can make everything happen the way he wants it. He thinks he can use his psychological methods to win everything. A dangerous president is an ignorant president. Let’s see how quickly America deteriorates and how quickly the world will come closer to war.


  4. Fre Okin says:

    People like Peter Navarro are just props Trump appoint to appease the conservative base. In Trump’s heart, he know P Navarro is nothing but a useless academic with zero real world business experience. He is the kind of people who have zero credential as a successful business person and it is very bad to trust his judgement. Trump knows that and just use him as a Good Cop Bad Cop strategy.

    Trump will more likely take the advise of other more experienced China hand and business people who don’t live in la la land like Navarro.

    Basically Trump’s strategy is to let this dog bark till he get tired of himself and seeing his advice go nowhere, he will resign in disgust at Trump. This is how American politics work!


    • Jane says:

      Peter Navarro doesn’t even understand economics. Harvard should be ashamed that it gave him a PhD.

      Matt Yglesias says: “the Ross/Navarro trade policy analysis is based on a mistake that would get you flunked out of an AP economics class.”

      Scott Sumner says: “Navarro’s claim is not just wrong, it’s nonsensical. Naming him to lead the NTC is akin to appointing an Energy Secretary who believes cold fusion can meet all our energy needs, or putting an astrologer in charge of NASA.”

      The fall of the Roman Empire began when the emperor Caligula made his horse a Senator. Trump has a stable full of horses.

      Trump’s environmental protection chief is a climate change denier. His Energy Secretary once said that the Energy Department should be abolished. Now he has picked a man who doesn’t understand economics to work on trade.


  5. Steve says:

    No sweat.! China holds the economic trump card against Trump and his new band of Alibaba threats. Professor Navarro has been wrong in his accusations of China stealing manufacturing jobs and spreading a tirade of abuses about why China should not be allowed to join the WTO, (falsely stating) because it weakens US economy and ability to defend it’s allies. He is a also fictional economist extending his economic expertise to military matters like aiding Taiwan in the development of submarines against China. He is a very divisive character and against the One China policy, which of course, is none of his damn business. Navarro should seriously consider writing a new book titled “BullCrap ‘R’ US”.

    America is too expensive to establish a high end manufacturing base and hopelessness in competition against the likes of China and Asian nations. The US will have problems in LatAm, should Trump abolish NAFTA. Mexico, Peru, LatAm are heading towards the Asia Pacific region for bilateral and multilateral trade partnerships.

    The USA is over $19 trillion in debt, Trump is not the most favoured President elect by Americans, any wrong move either politically, economically and militarily by the Trump administration can resonate into a sharp decline in Trump’s support base.

    Other than sponsoring wars, genocide and supporting terrorism in the Middle East, the US under Trump is running out of trump card or bargain chips.


    • quiet radar says:

      “..China holds the economic trump card against Trump and his new band of Alibaba threats. Professor Navarro has been wrong in his accusations of China stealing manufacturing jobs and spreading a tirade of abuses about why China should not be allowed to join the WTO, (falsely stating) because it weakens US economy and ability to defend it’s allies.”

      Answer: The major thing China holds is the deadly pollution that is killing its population. Just look at the pictures of the air in the capital!


      • Steve says:

        Indeed, U are a very confused Indian. Apples don’t grow on banana trees and bananas don’t grow on chilli trees and chillies don’t grow in your hot underwear. What a confused head.