US Cannot Rely on 3 ‘awesome missiles’ to Stop China’s ‘carrier killer’

Lots of DF-21D erected for volley

Lots of DF-21D erected for volley

I reblogged Logan Nye’ article “The Navy relies on these awesome missiles to stop China’s ‘carrier killer’” on December 23. Of the 3 missiles Nye mentioned, THAAD is land based and has limited range about 200 km so that US Navy cannot rely on it. SM-6 has to intercept the missile at terminal stage. Even if it hits the missile, the explosion may still cause damage to the carrier.

Only SM-3 is capable of intercepting the missile but according to a article, it is no defense against saturate attack of DF-21Ds. An Aegis destroyer can be armed with only 90 Standard-3 Block1B missile defense missiles that cost $10 million each and $900 million in all. With their maximum interception rate, the defense of all those missiles can be broken by the volley of China’s anti-ship ballistic missiles that cost less than $20 millions in all. As China’s anti-ship missiles are based on land, their launch system costs much less than an Aegis destroyer that costs $2 billion.

Therefore, due to the much lower costs, according to previous reports, China has 7 anti-ship missile brigades each with the capabilities of launching 24-32 anti-ship ballistic missiles simultaneously from their mobile launch vehicles. Together, they can attack with the volley of 168 to 224 missiles capable of sinking an entire aircraft carrier battle group. Moreover, they can reload for a second round of volley within hours as China has a large stock of the missiles due to its low cost. US fleet, if not sunk, cannot reload in such a short time and will be defenseless.

China has conducted a drill of firing dozens of DF-21Ds at the same target simultaneously from sites far away from one another and reloading the mobile launch vehicles within hours after the launch. Can US Navy rely on its limited number of SM-3s on a US aircraft carrier battle group in defending such saturated attacks?

Moreover, is the US rich enough to fight a war with expensive weapons against much cheaper but more effective weapons?

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on WE ARE THE MIGHTY’s article, full text of which was reblogged here on December 23.

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  1. Fre Okin says:

    All anti missile defense can be fooled. US presidents, neocons, neolibs should study electronic warfare. Computers are smart but also limited in ability to decode what is real and what is fake. A missile launch seen on a computer screen, speed and trajectory calculated, number of missiles, pattern of attack can indicate an attack but beyond that there is no way to know if they are decoys or real.

    China definitely have hundreds of much cheaper decoys to fool SM3 defense. Just enough fuel to go two third of way is fine and SM3 will fire like crazy. All US radars that detect the DF21D cannot be sure if it is a decoy or real. Decoys can be much cheaper with lower weight, cheaper missile container, no need to survive sharp maneuver, cheaper electronics, lower solid fuel cost.

    All China need to do is to make decoys to fire off First with trajectory and speed mimicking the real DF21D. Since USN won’t be expected to take any chance, her HIghly Automated Defense system will unload the SM3 missiles.

    Just to be sure USN radars don’t learn by artificial intelligence analysis, China should put in about 10% real DF21D in the mix of the Front Loaded batch of missiles to ensure an actual kill.

    China Count the number of expected SM3 missiles on each carrier group and trick them to match One Decoy for One SM3 missile. The American fool will unload All her SM3 and hit at the cheap decoys.

    After that the Chinese will simply put in a phone call to POTUS and suggest US surrender to save the lives of all her precious sailors and pilots. POTUS will be impeached if he don’t surrender. China tell POTUS nuclear war is not an option. SInce US treasure her men greatly, she will ask USN to raise White Flags on all US destroyers and aircraft carriers. Cool way to defeat USN without firing a real shot!


    • Steve says:

      Nice post — What about launching a electromagnetic bomb or missile first known as a weapon of electrical mass destruction, producing an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), an electro shock wave, causing irreversible damage to onboard (warship) electronic sensors, computers radio or radar receivers and rendering the weapon systems onboard inoperable. If the SM3 can intercept the electromagnetic missiles, it will help render the US warships and warcraft useless and defenceless, floating bathtubs. China’s military maybe able to capture a couple of bathtubs/washtubs – an Arleigh Burke, Zumwalt or an Aircraft carrier with the US white flags flying at high noon.


    • Simon says:

      Following the defeat of America its navy should follow that of Germany in WW1 were they are tolled to a shipyard and scuttled. Likewise the American Pacific Fleet that challenge China will be scuttled at a Chinese shipyard after its defeat.


  2. Steve says:

    Great Post…


  3. Steve says:

    US warships are defenceless and financially bankrupt after firing volleys of $900 million missiles.