China Building 2nd Homegrown Aircraft Carrier with Steam Catapult

In its report on December 26, Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily quotes PLA Major General Jin Yinan as saying that China began building its second homegrown aircraft carrier as far back as in March 2015 at Jiangnan Shipyard.

The carrier has flat deck and uses steam catapult to help warplanes take off.

Source: “Hong Kong media: Construction of China’s second homegrown aircraft carrier has begun in Shanghai: The carrier is equipped with steam catapult” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


2 Comments on “China Building 2nd Homegrown Aircraft Carrier with Steam Catapult”

  1. Cancun says:

    I too was also wondering why China has decided to go with steam rather than more advanced electro-magnetic catapults. Maybe China has decided to play it safe with steam.


  2. Joe Dadi says:

    What about the endless comments about how China and invented a fully electric catapult? Complete with pictures of the “USA” actual catapult… This is the real reality of Chinese military capability.