Russia Delivered 4 of the 24 Su-35 Fighter Jets Bought by China

According to Our City website of Komsomolsk, the city where Russia’s most advanced fighter jet Su-35 is produced, 4 Su-35 fighter jets flew from the city to China as partial delivery of the 24 Su-35s bought by China.

The contract of purchase was signed last year and Russia has to deliver all the 24 Su-35 fighter jets by 2018.

Source: “Russia discloses delivery of first batch of 4 Su-35 fighter jets to China: Experts say it’s an act of gilding refined gold” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


4 Comments on “Russia Delivered 4 of the 24 Su-35 Fighter Jets Bought by China”

  1. Simon says:

    China did’nt really need the Su-35 because its own fighter aircraft such as J-11D and J-16 are just as advance. China only really wanted to buy two to study it 117S engine for its thrust vectoring capabilities to add to the J-11D, J-16 and J-15 but not for the J-20 which requires a more advance and powerful WS-15 engines.


  2. Fre Okin says:

    This batch even though only four is critical to dare F22 to shoot first and thus expose their positions. Su 35 super maneuver capability more chance to evade being shot down. J10, J11 and J20 lurking nearby with long range PL 15 terminal hypersonic missiles will put F22 into the No Escape Zone.

    Initially Su 35 will be very useful in tandem with J10. J11 to patrol Chinese border, especially Hainan Island. US F15, F18 jets nearby will be too frightened to get close!


    • Frank says:

      How will Su-35 even detect the F-22 or F-35? How will the non-stealthy J-8s, Su-35s, J-10s and other Chinese aircraft EVEN achieve a lockon on the attacking F-22s and F-35s? And with the doctrine of networked warfare, a non emitting F-22 or F-35 can datalink the position of the Chinese to a ship or other platform lurking over the horizon and that platform then acts as the shooter. The Chinese would never know who is shooting at them.

      Remember this: “As long-range missiles are radar-guided, stealth fighters are not particularly vulnerable to them. The same cannot be said for non-stealth aircraft. An F-15 or Su-35 may attempt to avoid missiles with evasive maneuvers and counter measures—but doing so will disrupt whatever they are doing, and an opponent is likely to fire more than one missile.”

      There are many ways to thin out attacking Chinese aircraft that will be attempting to rise up and oppose you!!


      • Cancun says:

        To detect and first aircraft penetrating Chinese airspace, China will have to overcome this first:

        “A revolutionary approach to air defense has been extensively evaluated recently.
        The approach is a new Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) that allows combat
        systems to share unfiltered sensor measurements data associated with tracks with rapid
        timing and precision to enable the battlegroup units to operate as one. The CEC system
        and the program for Fleet introduction are described. Further, the results of recent
        testing as well as new CEC concepts applied to multiwarfare, joint-services, and Allied
        operations are discussed. The role of the Applied Physics Laboratory from conception
        through our current leadership efforts is also highlighted.”