US Aircraft Carriers Doomed Facing China’s J-20 Fleet

A J-20 climbing up. Credit:

A J-20 climbing up. Credit:

According to Russian military observation website, China is producing J-20 faster than US F-35B and F-35C to ensure China’s air superiority in long- and super long-range air battles.

A regiment of 30 J-20s is enough to quickly and effectively intercept US early warning and manned and unmanned reconnaissance aircrafts, turning US military blind in areas near China.

With the production capacity of making 36 J-20s a year, China will have a regiment of J-20s by mid 2018.

In addition, 2 J-20 regiment (60 planes) plus dozens of DF-21D are enough to drive away US and Japanese navies. The US may develop better missiles to intercept DF-21D and even DF-26 as US AN/SPY-1A/D multi-function radar can detect the ballistic missiles. However US radar cannot detect a fleet of 10 J-20s conducting stealth attack at US navy with their radars turned off. The 20 YJ-91 supersonic anti-ship missiles carried by those J-20s are enough to sink a US aircraft carrier.

China is now developing hypersonic microwave electromagnetic warheads and stealth warheads even more difficult to intercept. China will have 500 J-20s by 2026, which will enable it to have advantages over others’ navy in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Source: “Russian media: US aircraft carrier battle group doomed facing fleet of J-20s” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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    Just as the Americans enacted the notorious and infamous Asians Exclusion Act in the 1800s, East Asians should now unite to EXCLUDE American military power from East Asia.

    Since the former is already a fact in history, it would be sweet revenge to have American military excluded from East Asia ad a historcal fact also.

    Koreans, Japanese, and Vietnamese should NOT forget how much disdain the American white “gods” bombed indiscriminately to kill ALL “anything Korean that moves on the ground” decimating 10-15% of their population, or the 3-5 million “gooks” killed in Vietnam by an America which wanted to retain colonization of that country against the will of its people, as it did also in Korea, and how atomic bombs were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima even though there was foreknowledge Tokyo was ready to surrender unconditionally to the Americans.

    The rest of South East Asia should annually also stand in remembrance of their war dead caused by America – Cambodia who suffered the genocide of millions caused by a Pol Pot regime supported and armed by the Americans, the Laotians who suffered massive American B52 bombing in their country killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Laotians, the Filipinos massacred by Americans who wanted Philippines as a colony and a forward base to contain China, the massacre of Indonesians due to Washington machinations, the ostracization of Burma and China shutting them off from the world.

    Verily, America has NOT been good for East Asia and East Asians. The price paid in blood, lives destroyed, families separated, millions dislocated, and so forth, was and is unacceptable. It is America who should offer an apology to East Asians for their downplayed, suppressed, undisclosed news of horrific acts of murder, killings, and maiming in recent East Asian history.

    The question now is – Is America a sore loser like Obama, Hillary, and the neocon Democrats who won’t accept a Donald Trump election – read American people’s – victory? How will it withdraw from East Asia? Gracefully, statesmanlike or disgracefully, and a bad sport if not plain sore loser?

    East Asia is a matured society now. They will know how to cooperate for their own interest and benefit. It does NOT need the tensions, altercations, betrayals, sellouts, division, quarrels, and conflicts formented by America and its goons squads from their neocon politicians, military/navy officers, and CIA funded “respectable” institutional mouthpieces.

    Will planet Earth be an oasis of peace or will it continue to be torn asunder because of one greedy country desrious of total domination, power, control and wealth?


  2. valiant says:

    wow! China is real.


    • Joh says:

      Lets see China bring out these J-20s and start patroling the East and South China seas. Otherwise its all just talk. Its time for China to put up or shut up. Can you hear me China?
      The Chinese may be surprised at how easily their ‘stealthy’ J-20s are detected.


      • Tyler reber says:

        Yeah, China. Your j-20 pales before our stern looks and fist shaking. Oh, you didn’t notice, huh? That’s because it was the stealth version!