Subduing the Enemy with Diplomacy Better than with War

A scarecrow stands guard at a Russian post along Russia-Chinese border post

A scarecrow stands guard at a Russian border post along Russia-Chinese border. photo

ABC News published an article titled “Analysis: Russia’s Far East Turning Chinese” on flood of Chinese immigration into Russia’s Far East.

Russia and China have a long history of hostility. The article says, “Russia took the territory in 1858 and 1860 with the Treaties of Aigun and Peking, respectively. Of all of the unequal treaties forced upon the Qing dynasty by outside powers in the 19th century, these are the only two China has not managed to overcome. China and Russia signed a border agreement in 1999, but the Beijing government has never formally accepted the Aigun and Peking treaties.”

The article describes Russia’s worry about Chinese illegal immigration into Russia’s Far East. In fact, those who know the history of Chinese immigration do not worry. In the 19th and 20th centuries, Chinese immigrants flooded Southeast Asia. They now dominate the economy of some countries there but have never turned those countries Chinese. Singapore people are more than 80% ethnic Chinese, but they are pro-America instead of pro-China.

However, there is indeed danger of war as lots of Chinese want a war with Russia to recover the 2 million square km of land in Russia’s Far East that China ceded to Russia under the two treaties mentioned in ABC News’ article.

Thanks to Obama, the war will be prevented as due to Obama’s pressure to contain both Russia and China, the two countries’ wise leaders have turned the two countries into good friends and indeed de facto allies with diplomacy that makes them strong enough to subdue the US with joint force.

Moreover, the diplomacy of win-win cooperation has turned potential enemies into good friends.

China follows its gifted strategist Sun Tzu’s teaching that subduing the enemy with diplomacy is better than with war. Putin seems also to have such wisdom. The two countries both turn a blind eye to the illegal immigration.

In fact Putin wants China to cooperate with it in developing Russia’s Far East as no Russians want to go there but Chinese people are fond of going there. Putin adopts the policy of allowing Chinese immigrants who have married Russian to naturalize. That will be good win-win cooperation.

Now, Putin has removed Russian border guards along Russian border with China in Russia’s Far East to allow Chinese immigrants free entry. The photo on top shows that a scarecrow is guarding the border at a border post.

Subduing the enemy with diplomacy is better than with war! Putin and Xi Jinping know that but Obama does not. I hope Trump does.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on ABC News’ article, full text of which can be viewed at


11 Comments on “Subduing the Enemy with Diplomacy Better than with War”

  1. Mad Max says:

    Sounds like the Democrats have started a propaganda campaign war to sow distrust and discord beteen the Russian and Chinese people. Poor Donald is going to be affected insofar as his foreign policies are concerned. That “Godfather” Obama/Hillary and their goons are disgusting.
    Russian and Chinese people ought to be careful and circumspect to avoid Obama/Hillary’s vile propaganda and not fall into their trap by behaving the way they want them to behave. Surely there must be a special place in hell for people like them.


  2. Steve says:

    None of the past two US Presidents (Bush & Obama) exercise friendly diplomacies. It’s a natural precedent for hegemonic mongrels to subdue the enemy by war instead of diplomacy. So far, President elect Trump and his henchmen especially Tillerson and Navarro has proposed trade war and real war. Their speeches are highly irresponsible and Unstatesmanlike. Definitely, not befitting a political leader whose integrity will win great respect.

    We should not think shrewdness in business equal shrewdness in politics. From a Karmic reward point of view, the President elect Trump, was destined to be a successful businessman, just as Mr. Li Ka Shing of Hong Kong was destined to be successful.

    Example: Several decades ago, a fortune teller (a good friend of Mr. Li) asked Mr. Li how much wealth do you think is enough for you to accumulate happily before you retire. Mr. Li said around US $38 million. During those days $38 million is huge amount equivalent to several hundred millions today. The fortune teller said to Mr. Li, that is not enough because you will be the richest man in Hong Kong. Why.? because Mr. LI’s Karmic Treasury in Destiny was full. In other words, no matter what he does will be successful. Bear in mind Mr. Li was a school drop out and his financial worth today is around US27 billion dollars plus.

    Confucius said, ‘Know your destiny’…. An astute politician is destined. Maybe shrewdness equals crookedness. Although destiny can be changed, but can Trump change US destiny. As it is, I doubt it, but will China under President Xi rise to the Zenith. Yes, I believe so.


    • Steve Canyon says:

      China will not share the resources of Siberia with Russia. In fact China has a secret plan to take all the resources for itself and cut European Russia off completely. Russia knows this and will try and make nice with China but eventually China’s greedy nature will prevent the sharing and once again Russia and China will come to blows.


      • white christian psychopaths lol says:

        Russia stole chunks of Chinese land but China is greedy. you deranged white “Christian” psychopaths never cease to amaze. hows your stolen nation treating you over there? where you at? stolen America, stolen Canada, stolen Hawaii, stolen Australia, stolen New Zealand, stolen South Africa, stolen Brazil, stolen Argentina, stolen Guam, stolen Diego garcia? hmmmm?


      • Steve Canyon says:

        Vast areas of Russian Siberia used to be parts of China. These areas are rich in timber, ores and most importantly oil. China was forced to give up these valuable parts of China by what is known is the known as the “Unequal Treaties”.
        As a result, China lost Outer Manchuria, as well as access to the Sea of Japan. China has vowed to recover these lands by whatever means necessary because it regards these treaties as illegal. Now as China grows in strength it will soon be able to take this territory back from a weakened Russia. China has a long memory of injustices committed against China.


      • Simon says:

        The Gwailos are the biggest theiving bandits in the world. You own nothing and stole everything.


      • Steve says:

        Such pathetic ignorance…Whatever resources, materials, land that belongs to China is none of your sticky beak business. U are not even Russian nor Chinese and yet U are farting thru your mouth. Russia and China’s geopolitical diplomacy is too complicated for a Retard. Go to your bathroom and play with yourself.


        • Knife says:

          The real questions are: Why does China covet the resources of Russian Siberia and does China actually believe that Russia will allow China to take Siberia without a fight? China can avoid war by leaving Russian resources alone and not risking war by trying to take what is not theirs.


          • Joseph says:

            There are similar American resources problem in Indonesia. Resources on Indonesian Papua province was reserved by the American to be exploited exclusively by American only. And Indonesian government ‘dares’ to sell exploration right. And the American started nonsense about ‘who do the Indonesian government think they are, dare to touch what ‘rightfully’ and ‘exclusively’ American. And the American started talking international about independence conflicts for Papua. We Indonesian would say who the American think they are, dare to covet control for our resources. Papua is a peaceful land, now more than ever, since the government initiative for reconciliation with local tribes going well. And the American would want to turn it into another Syria.


      • Tyler reber says:

        China funded over 2000 large infrastructure projects in Africa with interest free loans. They have even forgiven loans. Is this the level of greed you would expect from a greedy nation?


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