CCP Has Sole Exclusive Power in China’s CCP Dynasty

Deng Xioping invented the idea that there shall be a core in the collective leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) who has the final say. His Southern Tour showed that he as the core had omnipotent power to fire any official who did no conduct his reform and opening-up though he had no official posts in either the government or the party.

As the core has the power as omnipotent as an emperor in China’s feudal dynasty and as the core is CCP’s, I called the new Chinese political system initiated by Deng as the CCP Dynasty in my book Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements.

I point out in my book that with the third of his Three Representatives, Deng’s successor as the core Jiang Zemin turned CCP into a party of the whole people instead of the proletariat while Hu Jintao, Jiang’s successor as CCP general secretary has made CCP a party that adopts Chinese sage Mencius’ democratic doctrine of “putting the people first” with his Scientific Outlook of Development.

As Deng Xiaoping theory (about the core), Three Representatives (about CCP being the party of the whole people) and Scientific Outlook of Development (about putting the people first) have all been written into CCP’s constitution, when Xi Jinping has successfully succeeds Jiang as the core of CCP’s collective leadership, CCP Dynasty has firmly established.

According to American great statesman Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gattysburg Address, in a democracy there is the “government of the people, by the people, for the people”, I regard CCP Dynasty as a democracy with Chinese characteristics as there are two factors of democracy in CCP Dynasty: government of the people (the third of Three Representative) and for the people (putting the people first in Scientific Outlook of Development).

In China’s feudal dynasty there was the well-known saying: “Everywhere under the sky is ruled by the emperor”. Now, in CCP Dynasty, “everywhere in China is ruled by CCP”.

If one knows that China’s political system is CCP Dynasty, one will not be surprised by Reuters’ report today on China’s Chief Justice’s statement on Chinese courts not independent from CCP and rejection of Western constitutional democracy and separation of powers.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Reuters’ report, full text of which is reblogged below:

China’s top judge warns courts on judicial independence

China’s courts must firmly resist the western idea of judicial independence and other ideologies which threaten the leadership of the ruling Communist Party, the country’s top judge was reported as saying by state-run Chinese News Service.

People’s Courts at all levels must disregard erroneous western notions, including constitutional democracy and separation of powers, Chief Justice Zhou Qiang was reported by the news agency as saying at a Supreme People’s Court meeting on Saturday.

China has in recent years unveiled legal reforms such as those aimed at giving judges more independence and limiting local official’s influence over courts, but courts are not independent and ultimately answer to the party leadership.

Since he took office in March 2013, President Xi Jinping, who has a doctorate in law, has vowed to put “power within the cage of regulations” and called for judicial independence under the party.

Zhou’s comments on Saturday come after the country’s anti-graft watchdog said that a mechanism independent of the Communist Party to keep officials in check cannot exist in China.

At an annual meeting earlier this month, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) pledged to create a national supervisory commission and a corresponding national law, as part of a move to reform the oversight system for thousands of party officials.

But the reforms would stop short of placing power outside the party, CCDI officials said at a briefing on Jan. 9.

(Reporting by Nicholas Heath and Lusha Zhang; Editing by Jacqueline Wong)


One Comment on “CCP Has Sole Exclusive Power in China’s CCP Dynasty”

  1. Steve says:

    It’s the only way, with 1.3 billion people and the only lasting civilisation in the world, China need a core ruling governance with Chinese characteristics to resist polluted ideologies and disregard Western notions detrimental to China’s culture and political wisdom.

    According to records, the first Meritocracy was implemented by the HAN dynasty, which introduced the world’s first civil service exams evaluating the merit of officials, rather than ties to politicians or political affiliations. In Ancient China is known as the Imperial examinations to it’s present day Government civil service exams. This concept originates from the work of Confucius including other legalist and Confucian scholars. Confucius is a Sage was born 2567 years ago and has influenced China’s political culture until today. Meritocracy and Socialism will always be inculcated into China’s CCP, along with democracy with Chinese Characters.

    Meritocracy as a concept spread from China to British India during the seventeenth century and then into continental Europe and the United States. The CCP has done exceptionally well in the last three decades and with reformation from within, China’s core governance will easily outpace any other form of political ruling.

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