Vietnam police halt anti-China protest over islands

Police in Vietnam’s capital stopped an anti-China protest within minutes on Thursday at a ceremony to commemorate a clash between the two countries in the South China Sea more than four decades ago.

Vietnam and China have a longstanding dispute over the South China Sea, nearly all of which is claimed by China. Four other countries have claims in the sea, through which an estimated $5 trillion in trade passes each year.

The protest in Hanoi started after a peaceful commemoration for soldiers of what was then South Vietnam who were killed in 1974, when China seized the Paracel islands, which it still holds.

Police dragged about 20 protesters on to a bus after they ignored a warning to disperse and began marching with banners and chanting “Demolish China’s Invasion” and other slogans.

The government and police made no comment and state-controlled media did not report the protest.

Tension between the two communist countries peaked most recently in 2014, when China moved an oil rig into disputed waters and protests broke out across Vietnam.

Relations have since improved, although a quiet military buildup continues in the region.

China and Vietnam last week pledged to manage their differences and safeguard peace in the South China Sea during a visit to Beijing by Vietnamese Communist Party chief Nguyen Phu Trong.

The potential for the busy waterway to become a global flashpoint was highlighted last week when the nominee for U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, told a Senate hearing that China should be denied access to islands it has built there.

(Reporting by Hanoi Newsroom; Editing by Clarence Fernandez)

Source: Reuters “Vietnam police halt anti-China protest over islands”

Note: This is Reuters report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.


9 Comments on “Vietnam police halt anti-China protest over islands”

  1. Mad Max says:

    The Vietnamese government is now aware of the covert subterfuge and undermining of foreign governments by the US by its CIA and USAid which funds protestors to destabilize the county and for whatever socio-politico agenda. Not only the Vietnamese and Chinese governments are aware of these dark side of the US government behaviour but the whole world also. Amerika’s agenda is world domination and any government who believes the sweet words of the US government is a fool. Like in the second world war, the world needed to be united against the imperialist powers of Japan and Germany. So the same now for the world against an imperialist US. Vietname and China have got their chess moves correct.


    • Lazarus says:

      Can someone please explain why China ran like a whipped dog when they attempted to attack tiny Vietnam in 1979?


      • Hulk says:

        Repeating a lie and fake info gets one nowhere. Besides what is the relevance here? Unless, the American government CIA/Pentagon is trying to salvage their name by diverting the issue. Pathetic.


      • Watcher says:

        Is it believable the Americans bomb the Afghan hospital in Kunduz, another hospital in Yemen, another one in Aleppo including a school, and the Syrian army ib Dier el-Zior, by mistake?

        Recall how the brash overconfident American soldiers fled in sheer terror and panic, and in cowardice when the Chinese made good their words when they attacked the US soldiers when they continued their reckless march towards the Chinese border during the Korean war?


      • My Lai Hanoi says:

        Don’t forget how the cowardly Americans nuked Nagasaki and Hiroshima, murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent children, women, and men. That was premeditated genocide.

        The U.S. should be hauled before the UN Criminal Court to face charges for mass murders and genocide. So many in their short 200 years history. That state should be dismantled and cease to exist.


  2. Dom says:

    Now as Vietnam rearms with modern state of the art military equipment the question is can the PLAN retain the Parcel islands? In other words can the PLAN take a punch? The Chinese are weak in ASW. This is a known fact.
    Quiet Vietnamese submarines stalked the the PLAN aircraft carrier (CV-16) during its recent cruise into the South China sea and have conducted mock torpedo attacks to test its defenses. The PLAN now worries that the next time could be for real.


  3. Steve says:

    If the protest is peaceful and legal, yet the Vietnamese police halted and arrested the protestors, indicates that diplomatic ties has greatly improved between China and Vietnam.

    Vietnam should be an iron brother of China, both communist brothers, supporting each other in all fronts, economically, politically and militarily.


  4. Simon says:

    China did not seize the Paracel islands, it drove away illegal Vietnamese settlement to what is historically Chinese territory. The Communist North Vietnam who eventually took control with the help of China supported the Chinese claim to the Paracels and its leader sent an official letter recognising Chinese claims.