How Can US Block China’s Access when US Warships Are Driven Away

China's Liaoning aircraft carrier with accompanying fleet conducts a drill in an area of South China Sea, in this undated photo taken December, 2016. REUTERS/Stringer/File photo

China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier with accompanying fleet conducts a drill in an area of South China Sea, in this undated photo taken December, 2016. REUTERS/Stringer/File photo

There has been sensational news that U.S. President Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state Rex Tillerson said China should be denied access to islands it has built in the contested South China Sea.

It is equally sensational that China Party paper says no ‘provocation’ can stop its military drills, which is the title of Reuters’ report today.

In its report Reuters says, “The People’s Daily said no amount of ‘word bombs’, such as Tillerson’s South China Sea remarks, could stop China’s military drills. ‘These provocations, pressure, fantasies and over-exaggerations will not prevent the normal drills of the Chinese military,’ ” let alone access to China’s artificial islands.

Both Tillerson’s remarks and People’s Daily’s statement smell gun powder, but readers can rest at ease as the actual confrontations in the sea have, instead, not given rise to any war as neither side want it.

The best proof is that according to a report by China’s northeast Dandong City’s news website in December, 2016, when its reporter visited Chinese frigate the Dandong, Luo Xiang, the commander of the warship, told the reporter that when the frigate conducted its patrol around China’s Nansha (the Spratly) islands in May 2015, it received order to drive away a US littoral combat ship (LCS) that entered China’s territorial waters.

When the frigate sailed near the US LCS, it told the LCS to leave Chinese waters in English but the LCS did not and, instead, sailed around Chinese territorial waters. In order to drive the LCS away, the frigate sailed at high speed directly towards the LCS. To avoid a crash, the LCS gave a signal of erroneous entry and left.

Later, the frigate joined other Chinese warships in driving away US destroyer the USS Lassen.

At the reporter’s question whether he was not afraid in the confrontations as the US warships were the most advanced in the world, Luo replied that they were not as they had their motherland behind them.

US warships are clever in avoiding fighting as they know they do not have geographical advantages in a war near China.

To win a war, one must have good timing, geographical advantages and people’s support. According to Chinese sage Mencius’ teaching, “Timing is not as good as geographical advantages; geographical advantages are not as good as people’s support.”

China has good timing as it has already built seven artificial islands in the South China Sea that a US admiral regards as China’s Great War of sand there.

China has geographical advantages as China can deploy more warplanes on its artificial islands than at lease six US aircraft carriers. Moreover, the area lies close to Chinese coast where there are lots of advanced warplanes much more than those all US aircraft carriers can carry. In addition, the carriers will be within the range of China’s lots of advanced land-based anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles and air defense missiles.

The most important is that in the war Chinese people support Chinese military while American people do not want to fight a war far away from their homeland as the US will gain nothing but a long-term bitter enemy even if it wins the war but lose its world hegemony if it loses the war.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on’s report in Chinese “Official media reports that frigate the Dandong has directly dash towards a littoral combat ship in the South China Sea” and Reuters’ report “China party paper says no ‘provocation’ can stop its military drills”, full text of which can be found at


10 Comments on “How Can US Block China’s Access when US Warships Are Driven Away”

  1. Mad Max says:

    Looks like oilman Tillerson is thinking about the profitable joint ventures the littoral countries can make with the western oil companies prspecting for oil in the South China Sea. Its all about resources and it appears short sighted gains in Trumps’ America’s interest. If they can’t have it, neither will anyone. And that, would exactly be what that Sinophobe Navarro would like also.

    Trouble is the tuft war will spread beyond a battle of the navies and spread to America’s military bases in the Western Pacific and the South Asian regions including Diega Garcia.

    Russia and Asian countries will have to take sides. Indeed when the crunch comes, my bet on Asian countries becoming tribal and rally behind “Asians first”.

    Trump ultimately may become “Obama II”, maybe worse. A continuing warmongering American commander-in-chief.


    • joe says:

      Ally Philippines is no more? Japan and Korea will suffer “Anerican pivot to America” and exports from these countries to America will slow. Japan and Korea will think China and Silk Rd. to boost their economy. Can’t have it both ways.


      • Steve says:

        President Xi said in Davos, if US proceed with trade war, Xi will promote FTA. China is a huge market, an emerging consumer driven economy. China has factories in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and possibly open up Philippines market when the SCS code of conduct is finalised. The US is losing ground in LatAm and Mexico. In the mid to long term, US cannot compete.


    • Steve says:

      Agree – it’s about resources first, Asian war 2nd.


    • Steven says:

      After the sea lanes are interdicted China will be forced to rely on Russian Siberia for natural resources. Russia will of course resist Chinese attempts to drain Siberia and there will be conflict between China and Russia.

      Since the game has now changed and since (with the exception of its nuclear arsenal) Russia is now much weaker than China, China will soon be able to take Siberia by force to obtain its rich mineral wealth.

      It should be remembered that the mineral wealth of Siberia is much closer to China than the resources of Africa. And that European Russia is very far from Siberia. China could overwhelm Siberia long before Russia could do anything about it.

      Siberia is now opening up to greater resource exploitation due to climate change, and since it is lightly populated, Russia is now weaker than China in many areas. It’s likely that Siberia will become a major point of contention between the two countries in the near future, if isn’t already.

      Russia should be prepared to assume the role of servant to its new Chinese masters in the 21th century


  2. Fre Okin says:

    There is simply no practical way for US to block Chinese access to her artificial islands spread all over the Spratlys. Besides it is criminal behavior to interfere with FON in the high seas. Near Chinese islands, too shallow and no US ships dare to sail close except LCS and they are not designed for blocking Chinese ships, simply not enough LCS as well. US may try to conduct another FON, that’s all she can do.

    US LCS may try to sail near to express FON with US aircraft carrier in much deeper waters in SCS to warn China not to harass her LCS ships.

    However China may take the opportunity to bring the Liaoning and her escort destroyers, subs, UUV’s to conduct FON near US aircraft carrier group.

    Next thing we know, US conduct her FON, China also conduct her FON and both go home. It’s a draw. Now China gain more positive publicity for daring to stare US down.

    As a result, this USN FON in the SCS will be the last one as it weaken perception of US supremacy. Chinese aircraft carrier group will shadow US aircraft carrier group wherever she go in the SCS in the future. It will be Game Over for US after this FON as she will quickly learn China can also do FON at the same time in international waters very close to her carrier strike group.


  3. Simon says:

    Win or lose America will lose its world hegmony if it start a war in the SCS. Britian and her allies defeated Germany in WW1 but her empire perished on the Field of Flanders. Substantial destruction of the American navy will destroy America’s ability to recover to continue its world hegmony.

    Another thing is Trump does not have the support of American people. Yes he won the election but that because voters are turned off from supporting Hillary. Already Trump’s regime is in a fight with his country’s media over transparency, a conerstone of Western democratic value. If you not got that support Trump will find it hard to get any American soldiers and people to support him in anything let alone a war with China who can assure heavy damage to America’s military and economy.


  4. Steve says:

    In the last three decades, China has being able to use it’s economic prowess and political power to achieve a phenomenal result unmatched in the history of humankind. China’s GDP is about double USA, any trade war would favour China and will help China to achieve the status of number one super economy in the world. Historically, China has never being afraid to match US on the battlefields Korea and Vietnam. Militarily, China is the second most powerful in naval and airforce and will not step back from a fight against the hegemonic scoundrels. As it stands, Trump is not favoured as a preferred President.