Motherland-lover v. Money-lover in Arms Race

With much smaller military budget than the US, China is able to develop weapons rival to and even better than US.


Chinese weapon developers are motherland lovers. They begin development of weapons they think useful for national defense with their own funds before asking for the government for funding.

That is why J-31 stealth fighter jets is being developed even when the government has decided to develop J-21 only. Development of a stealth fighter is very expensive, but J-31’s developer is willing to do so with its own funds.

The developer hopes the military will buy J-31 so that it can recover the costs, but it cannot be sure about that. Anyway, it wants to strengthen China’s national defense and believe that J-31 will be useful as long as it is successfully developed.

Some speculates that J-31 will grab quite a big market share from US F-35 and thus enable the developer to make big money. In that respect, the developer’s goal, again, is to benefit China in making money for the growth of China’s weapon industry and reduce the profit of the weapon producer of a potential enemy.

Whatever the developer’s goal, it is patriotic.

That is what a big weapon player has been doing.

There are lots of Chinese firms and organizations enthusiastic in developing unmanned aerial and underwater vehicles (UAV and UUV) for military purpose without government funding. That is why China is able to catch up with and surpass the US in UAVs and UUVs.

China is making big money in exporting UAVs so that other countries are helping Chinese patriots with funds in developing UAVs.

China’s weapon developers are motherland-lovers. A patriot is willing to sacrifice even his life for his motherland. He certainly is willing to take financial risk in developing weapons for his country. Experience tells us those who are willing to take great risk may make great money. That seems the case with Chinese weapon developers.

In the US, however, the military has first to ask Congress for funds before telling US weapon developers to develop weapons as US weapon developers are money-lovers instead of motherland-lovers.

They usually do not take initiative in developing weapons but wait passively for government funding. Sometimes, they do have some initiative in developing new weapons but only for the goal of attracting government funds for the development and production to enable them to make big money. As soon as it is clear that the government is utterly not interested, they give up no matter how good the weapons will be in strengthening US military.

If the situation remains so, there is no hope for the US to win its arms race with China.

Article by Chan Kai Yee.


12 Comments on “Motherland-lover v. Money-lover in Arms Race”

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  2. Steve says:

    With meticulous research and development, China innovates high technology. U only know how to lie thru your polluted and smoggy teeth like a stupid pisshead. Jealousy gets u nowhere.


  3. Tyler reber says:

    The US government has a procurment program to compensate companies for things they make. That is not a business or a profit which is as you say, not company interests. I’m sure it only applies to big business with ties in Washington.

    I recall 17 C-130 cargo planes purchased by Congress a few years ago that no one wanted or needed which landed them in a junk yard.

    One example of what you say is from Boeing wanting to build a missile support craft to back up the f-22 when it’s out numbered by enemy fighters. Military wasn’t interested so it was left as only a concept.


  4. Wei says:

    Do you really do not understand why? Just looking at the Chinese military gives the answer: China cheats and steals. China copies EVERYTHING that America does. Monkey sees monkey do. Take the Chinese aircraft carrier: The Chinese have copied every hand signal and deck procedure the American navy does, China has no originality what so ever!


    • Steve says:

      Look up above…


    • alking1957 says:

      So funny, an idiot who likes to hang around for what is to him bad news. For your health sake i suggest yu move on.


    • Simon says:

      China recieved its carrier training from Brazil, if the latter got the hand signal from America then you see that in Chinese carrier too.


    • Tyler Reber says:

      You see, the thing about copying is you do it to improve quickly. Thats why students have teachers to imitate, because it allows for quicker growth and understanding. Unfortunately for your argument you can’t copy what doesn’t exist, because America has no teacher for much of what China has been doing.

      Maybe if the US copied Chinas art of War philosophy, they wouldn’t lose so many wars. Instead the US copies people who didn’t live long enough to write a nice book about winning. Right now, the US is copying the Soviot Union by being grossly inefficient, which is what they were for a decade until their collapse. but that’s not copying, that’s just being naive and China doesn’t copy that.

      LOL, and you’re worried about original hand signals.


    • johnleecan says:

      Wei are you implying you’re a monkey? I guess you are! Just relax and cover your eyes, then ears and then mouth. Can you now imagine your brother chimpanzees? If you still can’t get it – See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.

      Now, do we really do not understand Wei? Yes, we don’t. Because it’s a monkey!


    • IQ175 says:

      Wei, Wei, don’t tell me. There is a NPR program by the title of ” WAIT, WAIT, Don’t Tell me” and I thought, Jesus, Wouldn’t you be the perfect person to host the show. One caveat, you need to show your IQ being above 5?


    • ChinKwaiLaan says:

      US did a lot of stealing and wholesale copying. The B2 bomber is based on German design. See

      For other USA’s thefts of technology, please read the following article from
      “The Germans in World War II were at the forefront of industrialized warfare.

      They produced the first jet-powered bomber, developed the first tilt-rotor plane, and discovered fission. In most cases, Allied scientists and planners struggled to close the technological gaps exposed by German advances.

      When possible though, they just stole everything they could find and called it a day.”

      China did take the cue for the design of certain features to save development time but give its scientists and engineers the credit for their ability to do reverse engineering.

      Check your facts. Western science took off from Eastern and Middle Eastern Science. Please stop disparaging China out of jealousy.