If Your Enemy Has Better Weapon, Copy or Steal It if You Can

J-20’s advanced diverterless supersonic inlet (DSI). Five types of Chinese fighter jets have such most advanced inlet while only one US fighter jet F-35 has it. I do not know whether China copies the US or vice versa.

J-20’s advanced diverterless supersonic inlet (DSI). Five types of Chinese fighter jets have such most advanced inlet while only one US fighter jet F-35 has it. I do not know whether China copies the US or vice versa.

I am really sorry for those pro-US readers who have been upset by my description of China’s advanced weapons.

They are especially furious that they find lots of similarities to US most advanced weapons in China’s.

Out of their fury, they have made some furious comments on China’s inability to invent on its own and showed their contempt in that regard.

I am sorry to hurt their feelings as I merely want to give readers information and if possible, entertain my readers. I am glad that they seem to have eased their fury by their comments as such fury is indeed harmful to their health.

Some of my readers are upset by such furious and contemptuous comments and have even argued that China has not copied US weapons.

As a Chinese, I am, on the contrary, proud of China’s ability to copy others’ best weapons as it saves China lots of costs and time to catch up and surpass the others in weapon development. In fact, China seems to be the only copy master in the world that is able to copy US most advanced weapon such as F-35 stealth fighter jet that the US is so proud of.

Other advanced Western countries and even Japan have to buy F-35s from the US at cut-throat high price in spite of their high technological capabilities.

China’s J-31 looks like F-35 and according to pro-US readers’ comments, there are quite many functions similar to F-35. They suspect that China copied F-35 as according to media report, hackers have entered relevant computer network and stolen quite a few documents about F-35. There is no evidence that the hackers are Chinese but since there are so many things in J-31 similar to F-35, it is reasonable for people to suspect that China has stolen some of F-35’s secrets through hackers.

I would rather believe that China has indeed stolen some secret information. I am proud of Chinese spies’ capabilities if they have indeed done so to enable China to catch up with the US in weapon development so quickly so as to make the US think twice before attacking China.

Use of spies is indispensable for a country’s national security. China’s gifted strategist Sun Tzu stressed the importance and gives detailed description of the techniques in using spies in one of the 13 chapters in his masterpiece “The Art of War”.

Why does the US have such a large department as CIA and incurred so much cost to spy on other countries? It knows well spies’ indispensable important role.

Snowden has disclosed that US spies even tapped German Chancellor Merkel’s mobile phone. Is CIA ashamed of that?

Copy if China can. Steal if China can when it has difficulties in copying its enemy’s advanced weapons and its spies need to risk their lives to steal some information or some parts or even the whole weapon to enable China to have weapons to counter its enemy’s weapons. We shall celebrate China’s achievements in copying and stealing its enemy’s better weapons for its national security. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Article by Chan Kai Yee


18 Comments on “If Your Enemy Has Better Weapon, Copy or Steal It if You Can”

  1. Combo Jaxx says:

    As Pablo Picasso said, “good artists copy, great artists steal”.


    • Steve says:

      Well quoted…just like any house builder, one learns the intricacies of design and construction from all builders, architects, trades and son on. Even patents and copyrights don’t last forever. Similarly, the intricacies of economic policy or decision making are either shared in a forum or copied by other nations. It’s called survival.


  2. Unknown-V says:

    Chinese can’t just steal and copy it. They should make it better !

    BTW J-31 has twin engine while F-35 has single engine, although J-31 looks like F-35..


  3. Steve says:

    It’s called the contentious Chinese Hand … it’s subtle, it’s deceptive and yet it’s masterfully (or in Chinese Sifully) executed …. Now you see, now you don’t …. China’s world renowned fastest computer is tantamount to the Chinese Hand….but did China actually copy the F35 F22 stealth jet via cyber espionage.? No, because Obama did confirm that the US stealth jets blue prints are safe and sound, it has not being hacked.

    Did Obama pass a secret Chinese password when he said, “Yes ‘we’ can” and hence, secretly delivered the plans to China under the cloak of blackness.?… But then, China’s J-20 is superior to US F35 and J-31 will grab greater market share than F35 F22. …. Really strange indeed, but this is a contentious issue … Could be anyone’s guess….

    Watch out America, China’s Quantum Communication Satellite has arrived. It cannot be hacked, but when U are hacked, U don’t see, hear or know anything….. Cheers.!


  4. Tyler reber says:

    Copy seems to be a loosely used term. In world war one when German tanks rolled over the trenches for the first time, other nations were quick to copy the advantages the tanks demonstrated. But no one waited for German blueprints so they could build the same model, they designed their own and proudly displayed their capabilities.

    That’s not the feeling received or the insinuation given when people say China copied. It’s used maliciously to attack and dismiss China’s capability to wild exaggeration. Most China fans find this frustrating because it’s not true to such an extreme measure.

    Like everyone else, China proudly displays its own designs and doesn’t wait for the us to give them blueprints. If China copies, it copies the capability. If china steals, it steals the capability because I have never seen a US replica in the Chinese military.

    At some point people will need to realize that copying and drawing inspiration from are two different things. Because I’m perfectly capable of using Leonardo Da’Vinci’s painting methods and art theories to paint something completely new that he hasn’t.

    Like wise, just because the j31 appears similar to the f35, doesn’t mean it’s not different enough to be its own plane. It’s unique enough. It’s a copy and it’s not.


    • Tyler reber says:

      And, No one needs to insult others when they post. I know I’ve insulted people on the internet before, but it’s really just poor character and disappointing to see personal attacks.

      They probably just form the opinion that ” those whacky Chinese guys can’t counter my argument and insult me because they know I’m right.” Which is what I would think if someone insulted me no valid point.