To Disclose or Not to Disclose, That Is the Question

US military is certainly not in such poor conditions as Hamlet who is troubled by the question of “to be or not to be”, but is also troubled by a question: To disclose or not to disclose the details of its new advanced weapons?

Disclose may scare its potential enemies, but neither China nor Russia has ever been scared. Russia invaded Ukraine and China built artificial islands knowing well that the US will oppose such moves.

The most serious problem is that China has soon been able to develop weapons with functions and performance similar to or even better than what US military has disclosed.

According to China’s gifted strategist Sun Tzu, one will not be in danger in a war if one knows both itself and its enemy; if one only knows itself or its enemy, one has only a half chance to win; but if one knows neither itself nor its enemy, one will lose each and every war.

Even if China is not able to develop weapons similar to US ones, China has more than half chance to win as it knows itself and has some vital information about US advanced weapons.

Therefore, the answer to the troubling question shall be no disclosing of US advanced weapons.

Still US military has to disclose. How can it get funds from Congress and support from media and public opinion for their huge spending in developing such weapons if it does not disclose?

To disclose or not to disclose, that is the question that constantly troubles US military!

Article by Chan Kai Yee


3 Comments on “To Disclose or Not to Disclose, That Is the Question”

  1. Tyler reber says:

    I imagine they have to disclose atleast just short of a mystery due to the need of corporations satisfying investor outlooks.

    Most of the secrets are likely to be in non-profit research centers like DARPA and draper labs. But they are likely to outsource manufacturing to people who need to instill confidence in investors. I can’t imagine a corporation getting away with saying something like, we have a contract to build 500 weapons at $80 mil a piece.


  2. Simon says:

    The Roman Empire did not fell because its military was weak, it did so because the empire was bankrupt by greedy corrupt officials and its leaders were decadent bafoons. Ultimately it collapsed because multicultural Romans lost its belief in the system that held it together and bits by bits moved away forming its own alliances and attacked its own country. This is happening know in America. I predicted long ago America will fall from within.


  3. Steve says:

    Disclose What.? It’s All done deal behind close doors. According to audit report, the Pentagon made trillion of dollars of accounting mistakes and often did not have receipts or invoiced to support it’s budget. Financial managers from the Pentagon cannot be trusted. The defence dept. budget for the year was 600 billion $$$, but accounting errors have run into trillions of $$$.

    According to audit, 16,000 files vanished from the computer system of Defence Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS). Another hideous example: In 2015, the audit conducted by the dept.of office of Inspector General, found that the Army erroneously made 2.8 trillion $$$ adjustments, but in 2016 the error amount skyrocketed to 6.5 trillion $$$. They blame it on computer glitches as the root cause of errors.

    Furthermore, the US military is supported by Chinese funds. All part of the 20 trillion $$$ debts of US treasury funds.

    To disclose or not to disclose is Not the question. To lie, not to disclose and being hideous to the American public is best strategy. To get funds from Congress is like watching a reality TV show with supporting actor celebrities from the Pentagon and military hawks.

    Philippines President Duterte said, ‘3 out of 5 Americans are stupid’. Is he right.? Who knows… …The Philippines were colonised for 495 years. They just woke up from their deep sleep.